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Do you like cute stuff? Are you open to try new things? Try a Poppin Cookin kit! These things are so cool! Most of the time, they're cute little gummies that you can make shaped like food like the sushi kit they have. Other times, they have things that taste the actual food! I've had a cake kit that you mix the ingredients with water then put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds or so and it tasted so good after decorating it with icing and little candies! Another kit I had was this fast food thing and it came with french fries, a soda, a cheese burger (bun, meat, cheese), and ketchup! IT ALL TASTED LIKE THE REAL THING! (well the meat tasted strange...)
Cute, fun to make with a friend, CHEAP!!! ($5 at max with usually free shipping and $2.50 at the lowest) 
The kits are a bit small, the instructions are in Japanese (but with easy to follow pictures plus, people often post instructional videos on youtube), and the microwave instructions are for Japanese microwaves (usually a lower wattage).  

I buy mine on Amazon but I'm sure you can find them anywhere.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Kits I Have Tried:
Panda Pancake (requires microwave)
Sushi House
Hamburger (requires microwave)
Bento Box
Cake Shop
[^ No idea why they call it that when it looks like ice cream]
Waffle Cafe
Nerican Land
Decoration Cake (requires microwave)
Oekaki Gummy Land

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This is sad and great at the same time. You know that unloved search engine by Microsoft called Bing? THEY PAY YOU TO USE THEIR SEARCH ENGINE! They even let you purchase Tango Cards and SwagBucks if you don't like their prizes! There is no risk in using this, I guarantee!

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Need extra money for clothes? Try Swag Bucks. Yes, I know. The name is weird but it works! I've gotten over $60 worth of gift cards for Amazon by doing easy things like playing games, watching videos, and using it as a search engine!
No you will not become rich from using this site, however, you will have extra pocket money for things you want.

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HDE Women's Fun Pattern Printed Tattoo Pantyhose Stockings
Color: Neko Cat with Purple Bowtie
Price: $3.99 + $2.99 shipping
Buy them at
>w< I LOVE THESE! I first bought a pair of these for my friend and I died when I saw them so I bought myself a pair! These mock thigh highs are great with about any outfit and my favorite part about them is the tails on the back of the knees! I want to buy more of these!!!

NOTE: I have only purchased the purple and red bow tie cats so I can not guarantee the quality of any other mock thigh highs on that page.

DO NOT buy the gun tights! Reviewers say that they are not printed correctly and the ink smudges
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