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Great message(s) for students in our Minecraft Academy class this coming year!

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A small prelude to Chemistry (Alchemistry v0.6.1) in Minecraft 1.12.

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I'm confused about the mechanics of buying regular Minecraft for school use. Each student would need a unique account, for a one-time fee of $26.95. Students would be able to use their accounts on any Minecraft server. How do you address online safety issues? What costs are associated with running a server? How do you budget the $26.95 license fee?

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Hi to all. I am just starting here with minecraft ED, but see the powerful hook it has on kids. Please direct me to a great beginning lesson for third graders. ( or even more basic for me, the teacher...) Thanks!

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"Adventures in Minecraft" is now available...  Im so excited Ive changed my profile picture.

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Hello! Have 2 days to plan a Minecraft session as part of CoderDojo in Armagh! 3 groups, Junior (8+), Intermediates (11+), Project Team (14+).
Some will know how to use it.

Need advice....challenges. Should I go MinecraftEDU or normal.

Also, a guide to setting up the servers etc? Not asking much but high, crowd sourcing rock! 

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Another example of a student using Minecraft to pursue his architecture and design interests. With spectacular results!

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Here is a good example of "it doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy". A lot of my projects are from flat worlds because I just don't have time to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But I'm new, and gradually getting better. 
The assignment - write a multiplication problem with a number 4-12 AND 12. Then create an array to show your number sentence. 4th grade math. We've been studying breaking apart large numbers into smaller numbers and making arrays. 

A few tips for teachers. FLAT WORLDS ARE HUGE!! I finally learned to fence in my little kitty cats! I put a spawn block right in the center and built a border fence all around. ( I had 28 kids working on this for 2 days). Tip 1- FENCE THEM IN!!

I made a number block dispensary. I'll admit, so other newbies aren't embarrassed. I couldn't figure out how to make them spit out 1 number! Kids had to tell me to add a button ! 
I also made a sign dispensary so they could sign their name.

tip 2 - the kids know more than you do .. It's ok

A few kids of course went around either accidentally or intentionally breaking work so they students started making their own fences.
It looked like little gardens and farms so naturally I saved their work, then in teacher mode, went around dropping chickens in all their pens.
Just having some fun with teacher mode! 
Tip 3 Have Fun!
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