I have downloaded a world for use with 2 different classes in MinecraftEDU 1.7.10_22. One class accesses their world with no issue.

The other class is constantly kicked out of the server. I don't think it's a network issue. They are plugged into the network, not on wifi.

I'm not sure what I can do to alter the settings on the server to help with the connection issue.

I think it's the size of the world. It's a California mission world. I get a warning that it is too large. 

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ISTE Games & Sims Network and eLearning Consortium of Colorado hosts Game Based Learning, Social Issues and Multiculturalism Hangout Fri Feb 3 at 8 pm http://bit.ly/feb3gbl #gbl #NoBanNoWall

Join us for a Google Hangout on Games & Multiculturalism Hangout. We will be discussing the affective domain and using game based learning for raising students' awareness of multiculturalism.

These will include:
Japanese Internment Interactive Fiction
The Migrant Interactive Fiction
Papers Please discussion
Game Based Learning, Social Issues and Multiculturalism Hangout Fri Feb 3 at 8 pm http://bit.ly/feb3gbl
Hashtags to follow are #gbl #NoBanNoWall
Click on the link http://bit.ly/feb3gbl and come early, there will be a padlet https://padlet.com/abacuscapalini/Feb3GBL opened for your questions and comments.

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¡Hola queridos colegas! Les comparto:
El video intenta presentarles brevemente a los adultos, principalmente docentes, la cultura Minecraft, en la cual muchos de sus niños están involucrados, y su potencial en el ámbito educativo: https://youtu.be/zN3ow6KAC1Q
Cualquier inquietud no duden en dejarla por aquí mismo.
Saludos cordiales

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I'm sorry I didn't mention this earlier but the 5-week EVO (Electronic Village Online) session of EVO Minecraft MOOC is nearing the end of its 3rd week, and entering its third year as a viable community at this Google+ Community address

It's never too late to join and see what we are up to as we go on after the sessions end mid-February. We are archive our most recently streamed recordings here

I am using Minecraftedu (not education edition). Can the worlds and lessons that are popping up in the Education Edition arena be used or modified for minecraftedu? I don't think I am prepared to switch over but I am intrigued by the offerings.

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I am trying to buy 60 seats in Minecraft. It seems to be an impossible task! In the Microsoft store for business I only have the option to install trial.
I have reached out to Microsoft but it says my account doesn't exist (see photo) so I can't talk to a person! Any ideas?

I'm looking to have students create a project about Ancient Civilizations. Has anyone already created a project? Do you have instructions or a rubric you wouldn't mind sharing?


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How can I disable potions in MinecraftEdu?

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Einstieg in die Programmierung (ab Klase 5/6) mit MinecraftEDU und ComputercraftEDU.
Map zum Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwFXTdt9e8t2SXFvbE5rSnlJQms/view?usp=sharing
Video (Ton leider schlecht): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcaeE5p61fs
Grundidee ist mit dem visuellen Editor Aufgaben zu lösen und dann mit dem Code-Editor zu vergleichen, um so die Programmierbefehle zu erlernen. Ich lasse auch immer NICHTDIGITAL die erstellten Programme auf Papier notieren.
(Hoffentlich sind die Bugs weg)
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