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I wonder if someone here can help me with a problem we are having running Minecraft Education Edition in our LAN setting. The problem is that students running Minecraft at the computers are not able to join each other's games. In some cases they cannot even see each other's computers, but in other instances the computers can detect each other (they show the user names of the students at other computers), but when the students attempt to join each other's games in progress, they get a communication error. We have checked in all cases that the students have enabled multiplayer, but they are never able to play in multiplayer mode.

Can anyone advise on what might cause this and how we can troubleshoot and repair the problem? Thanks if you can help :-)

I'm interested in starting a Minecraft enrichment class for my school. Is this something that is worth while? Has anybody done this before? What types of things have you done with your students?


Anyone doing any fun challenges for Valentine's Day?

New to Minecraft: Was wondering how we can create our own worlds that mirrors actual places like provinces/states etc with specific geographic landscapes. A teacher created an Alberta map using MinecraftEDU but it does not load on Minecraft Education Edition. Wanted to do something similar that works on the Education Edition.

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I'm trying to set up MC Ed on my computer using O365 account. When I go to sign in, I get the message below. When I go to the eligibility link, it says that "eligibility can be confirmed by checking your school email account at". I have an office 365 account. Also, where do you actually go to buy the subscriptions? I'm in Australia.

Running around in circles and getting no where . . .
Can anyone help me get a classroom setup with Minecraft Education?
I have an Office 365 account
I have a copy of Minecraft Education on my Mac
I need to be able to connect 10 Laptops in my class to Minecraft so that I can start using it.
I have 15 copies of Minecraft PE already working and it is going well. The issue is with the Laptop version for MAC. The website states that Education is only for PC and yet I can download a MAC version for myself as Admin for our school.

I don't have a lot of hair so pulling it out seems counter productive at this point.


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#Minecraftedu Code Creations - #Pikachu (Time lapse)

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Students participate in the Minecraft Academy's Historical Theme Park Challenge to create, collaborate, and learn project management!

Project Website:

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Great message(s) for students in our Minecraft Academy class this coming year!
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