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Ok BBM we're going to make a yes rainbow, because idk!

So the rule is you comment 'Yes' once below the post and we get as many people as possible to comment. If you comment more than once or something other than 'Yes' your comment will be deleted.


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I'm starting something new, hope you enjoy.
This video is a fictional scenario to demonstrate social truths that occur within our reality. Watch as two ambitious fisherman fight to gain and keep the upper hand in 7 days of their planet's new "fair society".

Sustained meritocracy is somewhat paradoxical... and yet many Capitalists and other types of Variablists use its supposed existence to "legitimise" their beliefs.

If anyone needs a partner to do a collaboration, let me know, I am willing to join

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Why... But also why not?

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A community about politics but even talk and discuss about anything like economy or history

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I haven't been online for some time and I am busy with studying more about nations and languages, considering that I have made a video about Intermarium being reunited, not just a union, but as a whole country, and the same thing was applied to all of EU, and do not forget that those who live within the EU have to be cautious as Article 13 will soon get rid of new memes and probably the internet as a whole, and we will soon have to riot.


I am thinking of doing a third project which would be about what if Nazi Germany was reunited back into its 1941 land...

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I'm starting a new series which is using a load of strange original frameworks, ik part of it is bad quality but go on, give it a go ;)

I guarantee this is a type of mapping you will never have seen before. For better or for worse.

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I uploaded

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If any of you guys are doing this for a level history
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