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A few pics on Lg G Watch with a watch face I built (Ksana Sweep Watch Face)

Ksana Sweep on Google Play
6 Photos - View album

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Hi all! This is the second version of my "MinimalClock" watch face. 
I hope you like this version too :)

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WearFaces runs now on the official watchface API

I rewrote the whole watchface engine to support the official watchface API. You get sweeping second hands, better ambient mode, battery improvements and customization directly from the Android Wear companion app.

Please be sure to have at least Android 5.0.1 on your watch.

Find all the watchfaces on:

Get the App free: (version 1.28)

Expect more in near future! 

Anyone know if there is a desktop application that can be used to create watch faces? While the several phone-based apps are excellent and feature-rich, I'd love to be able to at least prototype things on my laptop/desktop. Or would you simply use something like PhotoShop or equivalent to create the graphic elements then import them into the phone and assemble everything there?

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Submitting Cat Attack - built in WatchMaker.
The cat jumps whenever you wake your watch!
You need WatchMaker 2.5.0 and then import the .watch file below :
Animated Photo

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