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Tokyo mew mew fc I made

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My oc piper

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This was just copied and pasted from another social media site I posted this on but this took me so long to write I don't care.

So this is the Barker Gang, they are quadruplets and they are what I have so far for antagonists so far.

Please note the last two images of the image collection contains an old Oc ^^'

So with that said and done, let me give you a "brief" introduction to the brothers.

Rover (Image 1):
Rover is the leader of the barker gang, he's the one who makes the plans and puts them into action.
He's best with close range, brawling due to his power and speed, he doesn't look like it but he's also quite the tank.
Due to his fighting style he's not too good against stealth and range.

Rover is very short tempered and will indiscriminately snap at anyone in close proximity.
Despite this he will always be there for his brothers through thick and thin.

During his childhood he was physically bullied for an unknown reason, some say it's because he was easily wound up whilst others believe it stemmed from him being seen as odd or weak.

He eventually started to stand up for himself and miraculously he eventually beat his bullies, whilst he did get punished for his actions he saw it as a victory as the bullies left him alone after he won more and more fights with them.
Since then he has used intimidation and violence to fix his problems.

"Where were his brothers?" You may ask
All his brothers were there but they weren't with each other all the the time, they had friends and hobbies to tend to.

Bingo (Image 2 left):

Bingo is the business man of the group, he runs a small casino and will occasionally make bets with people or scam them.
-Bingo loves to play games and it's usually at the players expense or his own.

Bingo has various casino themed attacks which includes a certain amount of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds depending on which card and number he gets.

Diamonds are lasers, Clubs means he'a going to swing a club shaped object at you, Spades are projectiles and Hearts are explosives.

Bingos types of attacks makes him good for range and strength, plus it's unpredictable which can be either good or bad depending on how you look at it.
Bingo is not very tanky so it won't take much to knock him down.

Being the mischievous and goofy kind of guy Bingo rarely takes any situation he's in seriously unless it impacts the people he cares about.

Bingo's childhood mainly involved bargaining or tricking other people, whether it be to get something he wants or to stop his peers from bullying him.

Fido (Image 2 right):

Unlike the other members of the Barker Gang Fido will not physically attack you, instead he will use a weaponised security system to attack you as he's in charge of the security in the barker gangs home base.

During his childhood he enjoyed playing the piano, due to this the control panel for the security system is similar to that of a piano.
Unlike his brothers he's very creative, especially with his music.

His knowledge of the security system is his only attack and defence, outside of this system he's physically the weakest member of the barker gang.
Despite his personality Fido was surprisingly ignored by bullies, possibly because he never did anything that warranted him getting bullied but his passion for writing piano music, playing the piano and graphic design as well as the relationship he has with his brothers never drove him to socialise with anyone else.

Due to his love for music and graphic design he has gained an eye and an ear for detail and he's much more gentle and rational than most of his brothers.

Fido has low self esteem which many suspect is due to a combination of Rover being hot headed and Milo being over critical but this has nor been confirmed.

Milo (Image 3):

Despite Rovers hot headed personality he is not the least friendly character.
That's because Milo is the least friendly brother.

He's cold, blunt, harsh, condescending and overly critical of things, especially when it comes to inventing since that's what he specialises in the most though it's not personal since he's overly critical of himself too.
He seems to have a soft spot for nature however, especially beaches and meadows and he opens up much more towards women than men.

He owns a hoverboard which he occasionally is seen riding.
He will use it to get away from his foes or catch up to them.
His attacks are technology based similar to Fido however he will attack you directly and he has no security system he can hide behind however he can put up quite a fight, even without his inventions.

Milo's inventions includes (this list is not yet complete):

•The Spidervice (spider spy camera)

• Lil Kamikaze (an explosive device that homes on specific target)

He wasn't always cold towards people, during his childhood he used to have a close friend who was a hippie, she loved nature to the point where her home was littered with various plants, driftwood and quirky rocks and she would often bring Milo out for a picnic wether he wanted to or not.

They grew up together and rumour has it Milo even had a crush on her.
Milo wanted to do something special for her one day by making her a room that simulates any environment she wants.

Unfortunately the doors of the room malfunctioned and set fire, despite all Milos attempts to save his friends she quickly died of smoke inhalation.

The death of Milo's friend affected him in such a way it moulded him into the person he is today.

Fun Facts

- Their names are based on generic pet dog names

- I was listening to the song "who let the dogs out" whilst drawing Rover which is why he says that in his picture.

- Despite being having high self confidence Rover has difficulty dating, this is more due to him having a hard time talking to women than his hotheadedness.

- In comparison despite his mischievous and cunning personality Bingo is the best at dating due to his self confidence, the way he dresses and his overall energy.
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You guys ready to see my sonic oc in forces? Eek! I am so excited!

Comment below any oc pics you’d like to see as the banner

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