A new update is out! The Republic now includes rules for Gear and it's use including a short list of sample gear! Take a look, playtest if you can, let me know how you feel about it. Does it add a little more mechanical weight to certain fictional elements or is it annoying extra crunch?

I've also added a page at the end of the document with questions I'm interested in hearing the answers to from playtesters but all feedback is always valuable and welcome.

I'm confused by the basic die mechanic. It sounds like this is a "success-counting" system, especially as individual dice end up "live" or "dead" according to how they rolled. Yet a d4 somehow can reach 11-14? How does that work?

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Elemental Tags! Help me come up with some!

The list of elemental Tags in the current version of the rules for The Republic are largely gleaned from the Wikipedia descriptions of the Four Temperaments associated with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

I've been doing research on how the elements are related to chakras and tarot decks hoping to find more texts off of which to base descriptors but I'm mostly finding things related to personalities and inner lives and I'd love to get some more interesting tags in there.

What element is the nature of the undead? Is the military fire or air or Earth? What are some extra fun tags for self/universe/aether/akasha what else uses these five elements that we can look to for inspiration?

I'd love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and inspiration!
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