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Are We Backing Our Life to Easter Island Story!!!!!!!???????

Humbug Living!!!!!!?????


In Easter Island Story People Life & Living Beings Life Ends by Stupid Numerous Creating Of Statues For Humbug Status & Wealth By Cutting All Trees For Moving Big Statues & Cutting Plants For Creating Ropes To Pull!!!!!!!!!!!

Now We Doing Same Things As Statues In Easter Island Story, Now High Rise Building For Humbug Stupid Status & Wealth To Show Countries Growth!!!!!!!!!??????????

Real Growth Is Not In High Rise Building Or Cars Or Modern Killer Weapons!!!!!, Were All People Gets There Basic Requirement Food, Shelter, Clothing & Healthy Pleasant Life, If This Is Achieved No Terrorism Will Be There, Even Then Few Percentage Violence May Be There For Selfishness Activities Of Few People, But They Can't Make It In Bigger Level Because No Supporters will Be There For Them As All People Gets There Required Basic Things



Lovable Earth Gods Nature Gift

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Finally All Mysteries of Earth Solved, Now People Should Get United To Live Pleasant & Peace Full Life For Ever

All My Invention to Be Implemented as Basic Rights of All living Beings,

Inventions Details List, Implementation Process Requirement,
Permanent Solution for Global Warming & Pollution,
Space Travel & Huge Population Migration to Other Earth like Planet,
Risk in Wrong Implementation



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Вот решил испытать пару модов.
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Всем глобальный привет, относительно меня тут давно не было.  И еще не будет около пары недель. так что ко всем вопрос. У кого что интересного?

Ну привет всем космонавтам)))

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Стоковый Super Heavy Lander на Кербин уже не вернется... 

Господа, у вас при стыковке и переключении через "[" " ]" ракеты часом не взрываются?  
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