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Hellooooooo community!!! Hi! How are you? Welcome to the amazing Animaniacs community!!!!!!

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You might die of laughter plus it if you did

And yes I made it

I know this is not part of Animaniacs but Toys R Us is closing down witch means there's no more Toys R Us

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I tried to draw a new teacher of Animaniacs she's really hot

So I combined her with Hello Nurse and Ariel

All About Her

Her name is Miss Larkhall
She comes from all the way from France
She is going to be the new teacher
Of the Warner
She was born in 1971
September 20th
So she is 45 years old
She Likes to teach and watch TV
And she's not Married, she's single
But boys goes all around her
When she met the warners the warners said HELLOOOO TEACHER

Dose wakko have ASD

This is a disorder what's effecting people around US and the UK
It stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder btw I have it too

You can see that wakko is crazier than his siblings, he would mock about and do Zany stuff. He is not really that smart but he has really good talents like playing on instruments and drawing at once better than others,
Wakko repeats things over and over again if I saw some episode of him doing that,
He really likes to wear his red hat and put the shading roof at the back (I made the Shading Roof up cause I don't really know what's it called) no one really knows why he really liked it that way.
Well he never bangs his head on the wall Repeatedly like Jeffy from SML
When he's called your a bad boy Wakko will get very Angry and Annoyed and throw tantrums

So the result is

Wait for it

Keep scrolling

Almost there

It's a no he doesn't have ASD he's perfectly fine he's only wacky

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GUYS I FOUND THE THERORY it wasn't a mistake, Yakko said the country again because Alger is the capital of Algeria šŸ‡©šŸ‡æ btw I spelt Algiers wrong oops šŸ™Š

Hey people in October the 12th it's gonna be my birthday so if you love to draw you can do something with my birthday but Animaniacs theme just to feel welcome šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜ŽšŸ˜Ž yup but don't do it now just around October

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What if wakko was in Minecraft

I made this
Photo. Wakko: seriously
Cats and dogs
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This one is extremely cute

Thank you for letting me in to this community and I guess I've got baloney in my slacks
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