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I am the war I save ponys of them all

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Name: prince ghost

Age: same as twily

Race: alicorn and draquess hybrid

Weapons: my hoofs and my magic

Bio: before the fallout i was a happy prince with my wife twily and daughters nova, nyx but after the war started my alicorn and draqress powers disappear. But i have my magic and my pony powers i learn from my friends and with wife.
Like aj teach me super strength, rainbow teach me speed faster than bullets maybe, rarity teach me how to help everypony with my pony magic, my wife twily teach me how to use my magic in a fight, pinkie teach me how to surprise somepony,
Fluttershy teach me how to talk to animals. But one day my wife and daughters died but the war and i make a pinkie promise to them i will get my true power back and i will end the fallout war forever someday.

sex: stallion

Dislike: backstabers, and traitors

Likes: fights and having fun and sparing

Armor: none

Guns: maybe

Vault: none

Hometown: ponyvilla/ cantolot

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The time has come for a new series to arrive. Google Plus Presents. From the makers of the Multi Galaxy Crossover series. Ladies and gentleman boys and girls Welcome to the Fallout Equestra Crossover. Let the Adventure begin.

Music for this:

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Littlepip I found this in the TARDIS Library. I believe there is something that we have never seen or maybe cluses to figure out what had happen.

littlepip was just wondering the wasteland but when suddenly shes starving and feels tired but before she rest a raider sniped her in the leg she scream in pain crying for help and unable to fight back she was captured in there camps and they were gana murder her


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Welcome to the World of Fallout Equestreia
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