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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so confused about these two guys........ the first one i knew in seventh grade (he's a year older then me) and he was a jerk to me. he's a stereotypical pretty boy football type, but idk, he kinda grows on u after awhile. I'm in high school now and I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore. we have a class together and i get really nervous whenever I'm around him. i get really stiff and uncomfortable and intimidated and cover up by trying to be proud and disdainful. i used to be really uncomfortable and awkward around guys and not really talk to them AT ALL, but I've gotten better and have a few really good guy friends at school. Suddenly the guy starts hating their guts and putting them down all the time. he didn't do this before. my friends all say its cuz he likes me but I'm not sure.
And then theres the other guy......
He's my best friend's older brother. she's always complaining about people liking him so I've never told her. He's really handsome and funny. i carpool with them to and from school (we don't have a bus cuz we go to a homeschool tutorial 2 days a week). At home, he's really sweet and nice and caring towards his younger siblings and parents and he's REALLY overprotective of his older sister and his little sister(my buff) and practically murders any guy who maked=s a move on them so he's really kind and caring and he's a really holy/close to God guy, but i don't think he likes me. i think he only sees me as his little sister's best friend :*(
Overall, my life is crap from trying to figure out how i feel so please comment on what u think. don't feel bad, just tell me exactly what u think of all this bs

ok, well c wut u can do.... if u have no idea, I dont blame u. i dont have a clue either.....
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