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In the Korean country side, people used to roast sparrows as a tiny snack. But in Seoul, there's a little joint in Jongno that serves 'em on a stick!
A rare find in Seoul, get some sparrow on a stick! They're bite sized and taste like chicken. Crunchy chicken!
#sparrow #exotic #food #Korean #Korea #Seoul #Jongno #unusual #serendipity #tradition

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The famous Myeong-dong Winter Street Food Tour video is here!
Winter in South Korea is probably the best time of the year for street food. It really is, trust me!

Myeong-dong is the #1 shopping district in Seoul, and because so many people go there every day (nearly 2 million people per day!), street food vendors line the streets to keep shoppers bellies full and happy!  You'll find the latest, trendiest street food vendors here!

Please enjoy this walking street food tour video! ^^

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This looks good. Anyone tried it? If so, how are the prices?

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Famous place in Hapjeong with great cakes :)

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My review of a nice little cafe in Hongdae that serves Dutch baby pancakes

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Map of Recommended Restaurants in Seoul
Feel free to add any restaurants that you think are exceptional. Just be sure to include basic information and a little review. You can paste pictures or links in, too, if you've got them. Share the map! Hopefully, we can build up a good resource here.
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