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So, I had a tasty treat waiting for me this morning! 

May I help moderate?

Whoa, hi everyone. I was just promoted to owner so. Yeah, there's that.

I'll be honest, I've not really looked at this group in a long time. How is everyone doing?

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Name: Moxxie
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Likes: partying, friends

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Name - Vixen "Mangle" Monica Muree Fox.

Age - Unknown...

Birth - Dec. 30

Sexuallity - Bi

Species - Fox.

Special info.


Loves Grapes.

Can....well...Sprout angel wings At any time

Can Hide things in her Fur.

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Name: Max
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Breed: Aussie
Bio: shy guy that sits at the back of the room with little to no friends.

Name:Jaiden Mcowll.
Sexuality:Pansexual (Male Pref)
Likes:Sneaking, Sex, Being Social, Groping, Spying in the boys locker room, And video games!
Dislikes, Most typical Jock Attitudes. Assholes, Bullies, and rude people. And pineapples. Definetly Pineapples.
Jaiden is a Science student, But not with the typical look of one, He's quite lithe, skinny, but with a good build, Looks like a fighter.
Want to know more? Just ask him!

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Name: Shadow Shepherd
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf and human (can switch to either one when ever he wants
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: guns ,girls, games,demon killing
Dislikes: asshole and demons
Bio:is a 16yr cop and is a descendent of the atlantians he can activate and build atlantian tech and hes also a demon hunter he kills demons and has a demon hunter crest which glows when theres a demon around,he is really good with guns and is also very secretive and is a mysterious guy no one knows his background or why he has the crest on his arm
Other:cars and music and guitar
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Bio:abandoned by my mother at age 7 I love messing with people's hair I like to hang with girls and like it when girls mess with my hair
(Last profile will be soon 

Um new here so what do you do for fun?
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