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Yes, of course I have an IQ of 756. I am GREAT friends with Stephen Hawking and we make fun of the peasants who don't understand the DEEP meaning of Rick and Morty. Every piece of dialogue can only be deciphered by the smartest of people. Me, an intellectual, understands that Rick's outlook in life makes sense and that nothong matters, unless you're ingenius like me. A humans purpose is, well nothing. Recently I got myself a "I'm pickle Rick" tattoo across my forehead, so everyone knows to bow down to me, an intellectual. Unless they are also as smart as I am, I will let them FEEL the Pickle Rick.

(P.S can anyone expand on this and make the structure better?)-i fucking can.
I stole this INTELLECTUALS font because IT asked me to. If theres ANYTHING season three of RICK AND MORTY has taught me, its to not misgender folk. Bill Nye's IQ is 10 billion. I wish Bill Nye was a guest star on Rick and Morty, maybe then Rick would see himself as the beta cuck wannabe scientist that he is. Bill Nye has taught us all to respect Ricks decision to wake up one morning and become a pickle. Some women insert pickles into their vagina therefor INCREASING the chance of Rick to ever have sex, since all the ladies(men, attack helicopters, and ITS too) want Bill Nye for his SUPREME intellectualism compared to Rick. Pickle Rick is more beloved because of his increasing ability to get vagina, and now since you can wake up and become whatever you want at any time of any day, Pickle Rick's chances to score vagina compare to Bill Nye is increased 10 fold, thank you Bill Nye. Rick may have a God complex, but he is a beta cuck to you.

Adding two instances of the numerical value of two to each other produces the sum of four.
Subtracting one from this sum results in the number three.
I have just demonstrated an example of the study of numbers done in a speedy fashion.

On each passing day the individual is located on the solid cube of hard material.
Ignite large organisms of the plant kingdom on fire and slowly inhale the collection of airborne particulates generated from the combustion.

I watch and observe that individual that identifies as the female gender in the area of natural space set aside for human enjoyment.
After taking everything into consideration I conclude that that particular female is an "uckers".

When the distinct inanimate object generated the sound similar to the sound ducks produce, exactly three times.
You, a male human being, were lowering your body quickly so as to hide yourself.

Human individual that chooses to identify himself as "Azsnee", please wait and do not perform any actions for now.
The fellow person of the male sex is the sole owner of the object I refer to as "pumpee".

Other fellow male human being that I own, please also wait a bit and refrain from doing anything.
The other fellow individual possesses a flat disc-shaped item that can fly long distances in the air when thrown with strength and given a spin.

I proceed to lure an entity into a planted device designed to catch it, three consecutive times.
And I do this on the piece of paved land designed to allow large vehicles to be driven on it.
I transport and set into motion the popular breakfast cereal called "Corn Flakes".

I now randomly mention the name of another well known cereal "Rice Krispies".
Just like I instructed the two previous humans, I also advise you, the person of the female sex that belongs to me, that goes by the name of "Whitney", to stand by and remain in readiness.

While on the paved route I am currently creating ten appendages that typically protrude out of the foot of animals that have feet.
I ask you to please enjoy and be fond of my pedal digits.

You, a masculine adult, held the belief that the water in my body had cooled down and changed its physical state to that of a solid.
I visually perceive a physically attractive female human being which causes me to assume an intentionally seductive body position.

If the said female human is not situated on the thing, then I quickly leave the premises as if I turned into an apparition of a dead person that can appear in the world of the living.
I laugh, but you should also direct your gaze towards the body part responsible for the sense of smell that projects above your mouth.

"Could you please repeat what you said?" I say in a loud manner.
"I choose to equate you with the distal tip of the male sexual organ."
Again, I instruct you to direct your eyes downwards towards the central protruding organ of your face, your nose.

The end-to-end distance of your nose is so long that it can be visually compared to a flexible tube that is used to spray water in a garden.
I now proceed to make an attempt at reproducing the sound that said garden hose makes when active, using my mouth.

I ask you to confirm whether you have in fact succeeded in attaining me.
I try to imitate the sound of a sudden gaseous expansion usually caused by a bomb.
The human person is planning to return back to his internal location.

Could you please divulge your honest opinion on whether you do look on with favor to that?
Also could you please declare whether your bodily senses are perceiving that?

I proclaim that you have in fact done already known all along.
I am visually discerning that your superficial muscles are shaking uncontrollably as if you are frightened.
Please do not react in fear as if you have just witnessed an unexpected event, fellow male member of the Homo sapiens species.
You are currently guaranteed to be safe from any harm, the fact of which is typically referred to as being "protected".
But I also like to add another "ed" syllable at the end of this word.

I now proceed to mimic the sound produced in a violent explosion.
I present the suggestion that both you and I should depart from the place we're currently residing in.
For a second time I reproduce the sound of a fiery explosion.

Exit the vehicle containing four hinged doorways in one quick maneuver while holding a .44 caliber pistol.
The first four integers in the numeral system were all, in fact, in existence.

The temperature of my body is gradually becoming colder while I'm situated in a long roofed passage inside a building.
The male human individual whose gamete conceived you has been living in this world for at least forty-four years.

This same person is still using a modern telecommunications device to contact another human being and request the artistic production of a picture made with pencil and paper.

Please disclose to your male biological parent what I am about to say next.
As soon as said person falls within my visual field.
I will initiate the action of grabbing and quickly rotating horizontally the mandible bone in the lower part of his face.

I order you to retrieve a chocolate bar going by the name "Twix" belonging to the fellow male individual, using physical violence if necessary.
Please also order this same human to visit an establishment where goods are sold for financial profit, again using physical strength when needed.

The person of the female gender that belongs to you is correctly aware that I have full access to the semi-liquid substance that is typically added to a meal to add flavor.
I do not own any tomato-based condiment however.

It is only the same creamy fluid used for savory dishes that I desire.
This preparation is also pure and not cooked or processed in any way.

Now I'm going to reproduce the sound generated in an explosive blast one more time, say a short slang term used to greet someone or call for attention, and utter the non-existent and meaningless word "gah".

The object without a precise designation, often referred to simply as "thing", but which I pronounce without the letter "h", produces a vast array of sounds that I find very difficult to describe using just the English language. Therefore I am instead going to try to mimic the sounds with my own voice while making convincing gestures using my hands, arms and whole body. The sounds vary from those consisting of just one syllable to more complicated ones that require me to move and slide my tongue along the roof of my mouth very quickly and repeatedly. Some of the sounds resemble those caused by bullet-firing weapons while others are similar to explosive detonations. However, some people would say that they are actually unintelligible words and would classify them as gibberish. I have to admit that one of the reasons I am in fact making all these sounds is to produce a humorous effect by intentionally emphasizing the ridiculousness of it all.

I again repeat the fact that you have done already known.
As a unique individual I choose to identify myself using the name "Big Shaq".

Now I proceed to utter multiple monosyllables that start with the letter "y".

I'd like to inform you that there is a process of rapid oxidation of flammable material under way right now, which is releasing a significant amount of heat and light.
This is happening in the small compartment we are currently inside, and I choose to inform you of this exactly three times.

Could you confirm if you do in fact acquire me?
The male individual belonging to the Homo sapiens species has a temperature value which is not so high that it would cause him discomfort.

I explain this fact to the fellow female person by saying, "The male human does not in fact have a high degree of heat."
Again, I repeat the same thing to the same female, "The individual of the male sex is not perceiving a sensation of great bodily heat."

The human being identifying herself as the female gender requested me to remove my thick outer garment from my body.

I replied to her by saying, "Informal term that literally means a very young toddler but is typically used to describe a good looking female human person, the male individual is in fact not feeling as if his internal body temperature has a significantly high value."

I then proceed to shout "The human being of the male sex cannot ever have a high enough temperature that could cause a sensation similar to that of burning, not now or any other time in the future."

I will now say the formal term that describes the bodily process wherein fluid is produced by sweat glands in the skin of most mammals and is then left to evaporate, with the result of heat being dissipated off the animal's body.
I have also decided to add the slang term "ting" right after.

Next, I will mention the name of the brand "Lynx" that, among other products, manufactures several types of deodorants which are used to cut down on the unpleasant body odors that can be caused by excessive sweating.
I will also say the English word that describes a change which is a result of a previously performed action.

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