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Hi All.  I love Google Newsstand on Android.  Does anyone know if there is a desktop version or a Chrome Extension?  I'd like to access it on my laptop/Chromebook.

So, my Nexus 7 has been connected to the WLAN for at least 80% of the time during the last 7 days. But Google Newsstand hasn't updated any content. How the ** can you get it to auto-refresh? And yes, the checkmark is set under the google account options.
I really want this to work, but google refuses to play....

I have tried really, really hard to understand how google newsstand works. Any help telling where I go wrong is really appreciated.

Setup: nexus 7 1st gen with wifi. Updating everything that can be updated. Baffling me:

When does newsstand sync? When two crows fly overhead? When I make more than one but less than three cups of coffee in the morning? When newsstand feels like?
Why is there no possibility of setting an interval? Yes, there is a big fat check at Google Newsstand in my Google Account Settings

As mentioned, my nexus is wifi only. I thought newsstand would work like this: every x hours, it would grab material and i could read itat my leisure while commuting. Er, no, it doesnt. I seem to have to open Newsstand and force it to update the contents. Really?

I changed the settings to showonly downloaded articles. Now it presents me the headlines and it a lot of cases it will the tell me "the article has not been downloaded and is not avaiable offline" which is absolutely briliant as the app shows"only downloaded articles" in nice big letters at the top of the screen.

Am I the only one hoping newsstand would actually sync when you set it to sync and to only show downloaded material when you set it to show only downloaded material?

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Is there a way to remove items I haven't subscribed to in my highlights?

I currently see TMZ, and Now articles even though I haven't added them :-(

As I subscribe and download two monthly magazines my tablet fills quite dramatically. My external SD card is quite empty. there a simple method for transferring the magazines thus freeing space on tablet?
Thanks in advance.

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Newsstand and Producer FAQ
I've posted to the Newsstand and Producer help forums a FAQ about the product.
Google Play Newsstand and Producer FAQ
Despite coming preinstalled or having been downloaded on hundreds of millions Android devices, the Google Play Newsstand app is still a relatively little known and often misunderstood product.

To help shed some light on what it does, I posted a FAQ on Newsstand and its Producer publishing platform to the official help forums. I will update it with new questions and material. Read the FAQ here:

Image: Google Play Newsstand on my Nexus 5 phone.

#GooglePlayNewsstand #PlayNewsstand #Android

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Differences between Google News & Weather and Google Play Newsstand
The newly updated Google News & Weather app for Android generated some confusion over whether it duplicates the functionality of Google Play Newsstand. Here is what each app does.
No, Google News & Weather is not a Google Play Newsstand duplicate
If you think Google News & Weather duplicates Google Play Newsstand, you aren’t paying attention.

The newly updated News & Weather Android app generated some confusion, and many think Google is keeping similar products around. But these apps are actually different products. The similarities may be less than the differences. Here is what each app does.

What News & Weather does
News & Weather is a mobile app that provides the same content. It's effectively the Google News app.

You can see this by checking that News & Weather provides the same customized news sections you have on Google News. To make the similarity even closer, just change the settings to hide the weather card.

The app focuses on the latest general news, like a newspaper. It take stories from a selected group of free sources, typically journalistic ones, meeting a number of technical and quality requirements. The app only shows headlines and opens the stories in a browser.

And, of course, it shows the weather status and forecasts.

What Play Newsstand does
Newsstand lets you subscribe to and read free and paid curated publications (editions and magazines), raw RSS feeds, and topic-based collections of sources. You get personalized content recommendations based on your reading habits and preferences, not necessarily a newspaper-like selection of news.

Newsstand usually formats the text of stories for mobile devices and doesn't rely on a browser.

What about Google Currents?
Adding to the apparent confusion, some also think Google has gone crazy and is keeping yet another news app around, Currents.

Currents was actually discontinued, and Newsstand replaced it. If you launch the final version of Currents for Android, it just opens Newsstand. Currents is still available for iOS where Newsstand is currently unavailable.

Some confusion among users over these three apps is understandable. But tech bloggers and reporters should know better.

Image: Google News and Weather on my Nexus 5 phone.

#GoogleNews #GooglePlayNewsstand #PlayNewsstand

Is there a way to remove articles I've already read? Currents had the option to, but I'm not seeing a way to on Newsstand.

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How to promote your Newsstand editions

I posted these tips for promoting your Newsstand editions and magazines.
How to promote Google Play Newsstand publications
I put together some info & tips on how to promote Google Play Newsstand editions and magazines, and gain readership. I posted them to the Newsstand help forum:

How to promote Newsstand editions

Image: the Astronautica e Spazio Newsstand edition on my Nexus 5.

#PlayNewsstand #Google #Android

I'm new to Newsstand. Two points: Are the sources in 'Read Now' unrelated to one's preferred sources in 'My Library'? Is it possible to view one's sources in 'My Library' together in an aggregated form, or must they all be viewed separately? Thanks
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