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Name: Sakura Awaya Massago

Nicknames: None

Age: 19

Gender Identification: Female


Date of birth: December 21, 1997

Place of birth: Manchester, England

Sexual Orrientation: "Whats that? Can't I just love whoever I want whenever I want? CAUSE I LOVE EVERYONE! ^_^"

Zodiac: Saggitarius

Origin: United Kingdom

Languages spoken: English, trying to learn Dutch

P E R S O N A L:

Single/Taken: Single

Voice and accent: Soft british accent

Background: Dutch English Italian

Life quote: None

Other Quotes: "Roses are red, Bacon is red, poems are hard.. Bacon!"

Theme song: Castle by Halsey

Dere: Deredere

P H Y S I C A L:

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Complexion: Pale

Height: 6,4

Weight: 114 lbs

Blood type: O

Physical deformities: None

Bra size: B Cup

M E N T A L & P E R S O N A L I T Y:

Personality: Sweet, kind, sarcastic

Phobias: Wasps, ants, parasitic flies, birds, snakes, toads, rats, lizards, dragonflies and monkeys

Mental disorders: Thinks household objects are edible sometimes, and acts like she actually is a child a lot.

Likes: Friends, her crush, animals, books


Peeves: Fights

E X T R A:

Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite movie: Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2


Favorite music genre: Pop

Favorite flavor: Sweet

Favorite weather: Hail

Favorite animal: Cocker Spaniels that chase her around everyday

Favorite pastime: Books.

Favorite band: None

Favorite song: Sans Happy Song

and btw I copied this template from someone else and the photo was not made by me tyvm 

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(Name): Emily
(Age): 17
(Gender): Girl
(Type): Demon Killer
(Postion): Possesing Yuki..


anyone up for RP 

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Name : Retro
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality : Straight
Personality : Shy, nervous, and a little nerdy
Powers : Air and wind-related powers, mind conversating

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Name : Bree ((Retro's sis))
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexuality : Bi
Personality : Outgoing, carefree, and full of energy
Powers : Nature based powers which comes from her necklace

Hi im new and i just see +Chocolate Roset​ with his brother make an OC ar i make OC too??

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/ roleplay /
Location : mansion
Time: 22:00

(Walking down a hallway) Strange it seems as I- ... I know your there come out from hiding


"Don't Scream, or it will be worse"
"I am afraid of myself"
"Fly, little bird, or you will burn"

Basic Information:

Full Name:
Rob Hess
The Mad
The Ripper

Birth Date:
Real Age:
Mental Age:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Human

Theme Songs:
"Prince Charming - Metallica"
"Scream - Billy Idol"
"Ich Will - Rammstein"


Schizophrenic and Unstable. Very coward and lonely. He is also selfish, messy and exceptionally vengefully.
Creepy, stalker and cold. He is a bit shy when talking to girls. Always watching for a moment to relax with a book. Don't search for others and goes out when somebody comes. Capable of killing when he is mad. Afraid of everything new in his routine. He is completely incapable of harming a girl. But his Alter ego is the inverse of him, he's destructive, crazy, and merciless.

Likes: Fire, blood, muffins, ramen, killing, be alone, writing, drawing, programming and Chemistry.

Dislikes: Blood, Killing, places with a lot of people, sugar, coffee, new things, disturbing and show his arms.

High Insanity
High Tolerance to Pain
High Intelligence
Good Actor

Emotional Statistics:

Happiness: 4/10
Sadness: 8/10
Temper: 9/10
Emotional: 3/10

Kindness: 6/10
Fairness: 5/10
Trustworthy: 3/10
Rudeness: 1/10
Stubbornness: 9/10

Physical Statistics:

Combat: 9/10
Defence: 8/10
Dodging: 7/10
Swimming: 7/10
Jumping: 8/10
Running: 9/10

Physical Information:

Weight: 70kg
Height: 1,75

Always hooded, with a medium long black hair who covers a half of his face. Wears a black hoodie and mountain pants.
Also he uses black gloves and a wolf teeth necklace. Have a scarf in the right eye, who is covered by his hair, and another in his left arm. A detail, his right eye is also red. In the back of his hoodie there's a Anarchy symbol. If he took over his hoodie, there's another little detail in his neck, there's a wolf scratch.
He also has a silver pocket watch.


Sight: 10/10
Hearing: 9/10
Touch: 9/10
Smell: 10/10
Taste: 9/10


Job: Online Merc


He doesn't remembers his past.
He only knows what he always had a brother, guardian person with him, his alter ego, The Dark. He was found by a family in the woods, but to protect him, The Dark toke control of him and burned up the house, killing his adoptive family. After that day, Rob is afraid of him, but also likes him, as the brother he needs. He never had a girlfriend or contact with other people, no one can touch his necklace or his hood, he tried to had contact with many people.. unsuccessfully, they are all dead. Actually lives in an abandoned house near a forest. He survive by working as Online Merc, with a condition, first he's paid, he will accomplish the contract after the payment. He only failed one contact, kill the daughter of a

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Hi I'm Lily Malu the Vocaloid (but a not very popular one) 
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\Role play/

Location: City


- +The Joker​

- +Chocolate Roset​

-ask to join


"Rob was walking around the city when he noticed a group of friends behind him"
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