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Fixed issues
Filters not respected when changing TRUE/BLANK properties" - This was a problem we didn't catch in our internal tests and existed in production from 2/24 - 2/28 (AM, EST). Thanks to +Matthew Lametta for reporting it! As of 2/28 11:30 AM EST this should be fixed in production.

Show in global contact directory field was being inverted on update - this may have impacted any user updates made from 2/26 - 2/27. Please re-import your users to be sure the values are as expected. This fix was pushed the afternoon EST on 2/27. Updates to your instance are automatic.
Brokenness of > 1000 user loads - this was fixed on the day of launch.

Google API Quota Exceeded - some of you really banged on the API a few weeks ago and it caused us to max out the API-requests-per-24-hour default project quota Google provides developers. We were able to negotiate a higher quota with Google so this should no longer be an issue.

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Announcing the arrival of V0.2.0 of User Gopher. Updates should propagate to users automatically. This release includes the following exciting features and improvements:
- Bulk domain group add / remove functionality, including the preview of all changes.
- Improved performance (speed and accuracy) of Sheets filter detection.

Another issue I ran into was with Global Contact Directory. I made sure that the "Include in Global Contact Directory" was set to TRUE before I uploaded changes, but after upload I couldn't access the new email by typing in the first letters of the email.

I love this tool, but what I noticed is that when I want to bulk update users email addresses. When I use the concatenate formula for changing email where I take the First Name and Last Name fields and use them in the formula and append a graduating year at end example: it actually capitalizes the First Initial and Last Initial in the email. I don't know if this is a big deal but usually the emails are lowercase throughout when I add new users.

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I keep trying to pull a comprehensive list of Active users in OUs containing "Archive", but UserGopher is not able to retrieve all 11000+ users in our domain before stopping.

Error screenshot after UserGopher retrieved 6500 users attached

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Came across an issue today while using User Gopher. I don't really believe it is User Gopher at fault, seems more on the Google end, but I was looking through user accounts trying to find accounts no longer in use by looking at date created and last login time columns.

I suspended a bunch of accounts that hadn't logged in since early 2016 and that was fine. I then went through and looked at the accounts with a last login time of "never". I found there were many accounts created in 2011 but had apparently never logged in. I set these accounts as suspended. Fairly quickly I heard from our techs that many students couldn't login to their accounts.

Is it possible Google or User Gopher is reporting 'Last Login Time' incorrectly? Again, my guess is incorrect info from the Google side but I figured I would post here just incase.

Would love a way to see if users are enrolled in 2-step auth and then force a password reset for the ones who are not.

Can I bulk suspend users? Would I just change their status column from active to suspended?
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