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We've heard great feedback from folks regarding the time-savings User Gopher creates for all manner of bulk G Suite user operations, and we're thrilled to see more schools taking advantage of custom user attributes features we added several months back, to include everything from a private Student and Staff IDs to user-visible Homeroom values in student directory profiles.

One area we heard a need for improvement was around performance of updates at large scale (>1000 users in the update). The bulk Update properties & attributes feature forced a full preview, running a difference analysis against current admin console values. While this change simulation is fantastic in most cases, load times could become painfully slow for truly large jobs owing to Google API limitations.

To address this concern, we've made the difference analysis optional in the Update properties & attributes flow. You can now Skip difference analysis (see below) and simply push the values in the sheet to the admin console for selected columns without waiting for the preview step.

Here's a full helpdesk article with screenshots of the updated flow.

We use the 8-digit format of the students' birthday for their password (1/17/2008 = 01172008). I've tried using a custom format for the field (00000000) or formatting as text and the password will display correctly in the sheet. However, when using "Reset passwords" or "Create users", those with birthdays in January-September have the leading zero removed. Am I missing something obvious to retain the leading zero? I've had to resort to uploading new users to Google directly using a CSV as that process preserves the leading zero. Thanks!

I NEED HELP!!!!!! Yesterday I loaded a ton of new student into the system using the Admin Console. I imported them into the top domain level and moved them to the OUs they were supposed to be in. When I went back to check an account the OU said "null", so I put in a ticket with Google and they said it was a known issue and would take 24 hours to change OU's. Today, 24 hours later, my newly added accounts are still in the top domain level. I tired moving them with Gopher and it said only one account errored out, but when I go to look at the actual account it still says its OU is the top domain level. School starts tomorrow!!!! AHHHH!

Just wondering, I have the spreadsheet open and adding new staff to the create new staff tab. I am not done as waiting on my info, personal email address to send out the login info. Can I still go in and the other tab of users, edit that AND do a upload?

I have not really started using User Gopher so I am not very familiar with what it can do. I need to move students into a Summer School OU and they will be coming from all different OU's. I have a CSV sheet with all the students I need to move into the Summer School OU. Is this something that can be done with User Gopher?

Newbie questions :
How does one apply password change for just one student ?

When I filter the list to just one specific student and try to apply a password change , Gopher User loads all students for the password change .Am I missing something here?
Thanking you .

Have uploaded my first group of students and can say that I am very happy with the results . What a great timesaver User Gopher is!
Also , the customer service is excellent!

Are we able to automate user creation with user gopher?

Hello Guys

I am trying want to add an alias for a particular group of users so that I can better filter them using routing rules.

Right now my teachers have an account with their
In order to filter file sharing and emails from student to teachers I would like to add 3 letter and a dash (esample: before their full email as an alias but, trying to do that with User Gopher does not seem to be working.

I can do that manually one by one but that would defeat the purpose of having user gopher.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you very much


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Anyone else have trouble filter their results once the query is compete?
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