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Current apps that you can sign up to beta test:

FontFix ― Install Free Fonts:
Busybox for Android:
BuildProp Editor:
ROM Toolbox Pro:
ROM Toolbox Lite:

Message to ROM Toolbox beta testers

As of March there is no beta version available. ROM Toolbox is a huge app and other apps will be updated and beta tested first. Please sign up to beta test other apps (they will eventually make it into the ROM Toolbox update).

This post will be updated when new apps are added.

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/ system / bin / busybox根访问

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Please can only discussions relating to JRummy apps be posted. Anything else is considered off topic and will be deleted. Regular spammers whom continue to spam will be banned pemanently banned from the community. Thank you for reading.


I know this has probably been asked before, I haven't seen an answer though.
Will ZipMe ever get any love again?
It was a great app.

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Can someone please tell me what this means. (Setuid attribute is not present )
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This is style how to support i hate not supported because i will work please kindly friend or brother shere this post comment and telling na how to support this styling i am crazy
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