I remade mama trash recently but haven't taken a picture
+Prepare Your Anus

When you realize that you have over 12 different personalities in one body


the drink of his day at a party and felt his own thoughts about it and his family seemed to be okay for a reason to live and live for his children he was so far from that the couch is not as good because it is not for the best and worst things ever and i of a lifetime or may be he was the only boy who looked up at his home for his family who had not yet to come to a house he was a father to another one he was the only person to talk and all he had was the one he sighed when i walked towards his house the wall is not an easy one and a great app and i the fact is the one he sighed at a wall to go out on wall to house of wall to start up on my house to get my phone to my wall before work but it still is a fun game but the app doesn't even let the iphone play on a daily challenge when it was on my wall or i when he walked out and he was so happy and it looked good to the app he was not even on a friday.

thanks predictionss

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Distant Fandom Screaming

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Imagine you and all of your Google+ friends are in the same class. This is how your class will look...
By the way, if you are tagged, you are nominated.

A: Is always absent. +Genesis The Gotham and Undertale Fangirl
B: Is constantly being bullied. +Eyes of the Blazing Flames
C: Is the teacher's pet. +Cadence 483
D: Wants more homework. +Derpyface Memeclan
E: Is always sleeping. +Eyes of the Blazing Flames
F: Hates you. +Genesis The Gotham and Undertale Fangirl
G: Is the best student in class. +Genesis The Gotham and Undertale Fangirl
H: Thinks you are stupid. +I Have Quackophobia
I: Is a secret otaku. +Galaxy Ponys Inc
J: Knows everyone's secrets. +JustaSmile
K: Wants to scream like a lunatic. +Beta & Wink Productions
L: Is thinking of bombing his/her school +Freckles *thє flαrєσn* Lapis
M: Is worried about his/her grades. +MapledKanataLily
N: Hates school. +NO STEPHANO!!!
O: Is writing on his/her desk. +Oakflower the Attack on Titan fan
P: Wants to kick everyone where it hurts. +Paint The Calico
Q: Is the transfer student. +I Have Quackophobia
R: Is watching everyone like a creepy stalker. +Robyn Winchester
S: Wants to murder you. +ScутнєØfƤƖυтσ
T: Is eating lunch during class. +Genesis The Gotham and Undertale Fangirl
U: Has a secret crush on you. +Genesis The Gotham and Undertale FangirlJesus gen
V: Is eating paper because he/she is hungry. +Frank Varela
W: Is making a nuclear weapon. +WolfiGames 135This school is violent
X: Is flying paper air planes. +xxXXHarry loves TakasXXxx
Y: Is emotionally dead. +Cadence 483yeah.... how are you here tho
Z: Wants to kill his/her gym teacher. +Derpyface Memeclan

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I was thinking about maybe creating this community not DIS one, per say
Into a rp. Not a SERIOUS idea, but would u join it?

I have now relized I'm warriors trash I nick named my cats waterpaw and Grasspaw buttpaw >w<

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