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*Asteria is walking, searching for someone to teach.  Eventually, she spots someone that looks like a good candidate*
Hey, kid!  Are you, by any chance, looking to become a hunter?
((Closed for +Nevin Henry))

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Name:  Aya Kurta
Gender:  Female
Age:  16
Race: Kurta
Nen:  Conjurer
Rank:  Hunter

Anyone want to roleplay?

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oh shit
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Killua is so humble. 

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name: Alaina Drake
Gender: female
Nen: Specialist
Abilities : flame control/can melt metal, athletics, dragon-like strength, can transform (only animals)(blood control in dark mode, the dark mode can also only be killed if it is stabbed in the heart) (crystal control only in light mode) (If she transformed into light mode the dark mode is more likely to get out because there's nothing guarding it, so she hardly uses them)(dragon transformation is available in both forms), very good with animals
Weapons: kunai and a big scythe (in dark mode)
Likes: battles, spicy food, her friends, adventure
Dislikes: the cold, losing control, hurting others, girly things, pink
Personality: short-tempered, caring, kind ,(is actually motherly but thinks it's a weakness) /killer psychopath (she has a second dark soul in her body that sometimes takes over)
Bio:I am the heiress to my clan know for being assassins. When I was born a second much older and darker soul also took residence in my body as well as a light one. That soul is constantly trying to take over. It's only ambition is to kill everything in the world for it was wronged in the past. The one time I got so angry that she got out, I killed the man I was supposed to capture, put two of my teammates in a comatose, and broke my cousin(and only friend's) arm. After that I began to hide my red hair that (due to legend) signified me a heiress. (Since then I have become more comfortable though) the light soul tries to suppress the dark one.(both second souls are dragon mspirits)

Second pic: Dark mode
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Hi. * smiles * It's nice to meet you guys

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Name:  Leon Olivier
Gender:  Male
Age:  15
Nen:  Enhancement (When I get my nen that is)
Rank:  Rookie
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