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Many are called but few are chosen. Today you have been chosen to make a change in your life.
Your Tax Deductible Pledge can help us with our campaign for Belize Medical needs
                                                                      Summary Grant Proposal
Building A Better Belize For The Next Generation
Corozal Pride is a non- profit organization that works in Belize, a North and Central American Nation where we are engaged in sourcing and allocation of medical equipment for the country. The main items we are focus on are, basic lab items, point of care analyzers, chemistry analyzers, incubators to more complex medical items such as defibrillators, Dialysis Machines, Radiation machines, MIR Machines, X-ray machines, EKG Machines and even cancer screening and therapy machines. Our goals are to help provide a better medical care, in the country of Belize. It would be great to have the latest and more reliable medical items, however, not all the hospitals in Belize can afford the latest in medical technology, and this is where Corozal Pride comes in. What seemed as out dated or obsolete medical equipment in our developed nation may prove to be of great use to the country of Belize. Corozal Pride  main vision is to help the north region of the country by providing a well needed operating room and a dialysis center.
Corozal Pride Foundation
Non-Profit 501 c3 Entity # C3834667
EIN ID # 47-5249589
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Rounting # 322271627
Acount    # 777903779                                  
1725 Ocean Ave Suite 226                                    #3, 7th Avenue
Santa Monica CA 90401                                        Corozal Town
Frederick Flowers                                                  Belize Central America
Please accept our Honorary Membership with us. We are hoping this is not a onetime deal,
but a membership with us for life. As much I we depend on your contributions, we are also
extending our friendship someone that can help us with ideas suggestions and inputs.
Someone we can show cast on our website as a contributor to our cause.
Funding sources
Being a non- profit organization, we rely on the donation given by the well-wishers foundations around the world. We are also open to donations in the form off used medical equipment from hospitals and other medical centers, and donation in transportation.
Project requirements
For this venture to be successful, we are in need of a wide range of medical equipment. We also require funding to support the venture and sort out some of the financial constraints that may occur in the running of our operation.
Here is a list of the main items that can and may prove useful if donated;
Operating room basics equipment’s
Surgical equipment’s
Dialysis equipment
Cancer equipment
Ultrasound equipment
Radiation equipment
MRI equipment
X-ray equipment
Actual item donations and financial implications
Estimated Cost($)
Extended cost for the year($)
Operating room basics equipment’s
Surgical equipment’s
Dialysis equipment
Cancer equipment’s
Ultrasound machines

Strength of the project and organization
Corozal Pride is a humanitarian and community development organization, we works closely with the government and residents of Belize. The call to do well can easily be initiated, your grants and pledges is the first step in building a better Belize for the next generation.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and any ideas as to how we can improve our campaign please contact us. We heavily rely on you and effort that you make, through your donations and contributions, we believe that we will be able to accomplish our goals and help those that are in need of medical care.
Fred Flowers
CEO/ Director

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