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Top España: Nuevo video oficial de Pitbull – Greenlight ft. Flo Rida, LunchMoney Lewis new Single
+Pitbull +PitbullVEVO +Pitbull FanPage +FLO RIDA

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Top España: Pitbull Green Light far. Flo Rida y Lunchmoney Lewis +Pitbull +PitbullVEVO +FLO RIDA +LunchMoneyLewisVEVO
Baby, I got the Midas, I'm Flo Rida

You know I'm all about that thing, that thing

If she ready then I'm ready

Pull up on her with the Chevy

Real talk when that light turn green (Let go)

Give me what I ask for, I got a passport

Mister international, I hit the airport

If you knew the kind of work that I transport

That Rihanna do me dirt, took a crash course

I like the cleanest, greenest, leanest

Sabrina, Venus, Flo a Genius, smokin' Phoenix

You've never seen this, I have a dream this

That 200 on the dash, got me fiending

So I'm tryna ride out, hide out

Round these stripes, Indy 500, vibe out

Whyl out, shot out

Beehive, hit the honeycomb hideout, ayy
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