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Всем привет. Видео из нашей поездке в Египет, точнее в Хургаду. Маленькая Лада с нами - это наш первый раз в Египте.

Наскучила загорать на пляже и отправились на Райский остров, смотрите кого встретили по пути.
Алимама - это мама Юля, Алипапа - это наш папа :) У каждого туриста было свои имя, аниматор придумывал, к имени делал головной убор, пояс к образу.
Видео из путешествий -

Прогулки по Киеву -

ТРЦ Лавина -

★ Подпишитесь на канал
★ Google +
★Написание отзывов за ДЕНЬГИ

#дельфины #красноеморе #морскаяпрогулка #дельфиныегипет

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The insufficient JetPack does not support protocols need to do secure banking can't make a payment from I had to use Chrome instead I think I'll just stop ranting about the insufficienies of Dolphin and just start using another browser because they really don't seem interested in finding solutions to making their browser relevant anymore just fun oriented so it does stuff Flash maybe important but functionality is more necessarily in the long run for me. Seriously considering putting Dolphin as a 3rd rate app on my phone (use when necessary) nothing else works too well.

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Why is Flash now tired in with Jetpack in the latest version? Jetpack is needed in order for Adblock Plus to work but since it is tired in with Flash now I haven't enabled it because of security concerns. Can't ABP be made to work without Jetpack?

Android system: 6.0.1 Samsung Note 4
Dolphin version: 11.5.9

When will we see material in Dolphin?? 

Would it be possible for you to implement a "medium screen", instead of a full screen on the browser?

By this i mean, when you press full screen on the browser on a Nexus 5, it hides the onscreen buttons and the status bar of the Android OS, which I like, but I'd still like to see the address bar and the back / forward / dolphin buttons. I was hoping the "Always show address and menu bar would make this happen but it doesn't on the version I have."

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Descarga el Navegador para tu Celular Más Rápido! Se trata de Dolphin, navegador que cuenta con Gestos personalizados, extensiones y muchas cosas más.

Redirect always open in new tab. Irritating when you visit a website that redirects a single frame and you get a total new tab containing almost the same except that single frame. 

If I exit Dolphin using the exit button it exits without confirmation which is how I have it set. If I exit by either using the e gesture or holding the back button I always get the clear history/cache/cookies confirmation message. Please fix this as it's annoying.

Still with no flash player support regardless of it being installed or not. 
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