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Vikasa Social ‪#‎Entrepreneurs‬ have creativity and innovation to solve broad problems of climate change, the economic crisis, and environmental injustice who are looking for sustainable future.
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Hi Community,
I have just started blogging, would much appreciate your feedback. Constructive criticism welcome.

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Vikasa works to create a just, humane and sustainable world by: 
Supporting and promoting innovative ‪#‎entrepreneurs‬ and business leaders who contribute to the well-being of their employees, customers, investors, communities and the environment.

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 READING   ENGLISH                               (    by   'Gnanee'    )
Reading  is the  most important,  powerful,  and  potential
skill,  in  English Language  !
There is a fact,  which  we all know ..
But,  we do not know,  that  we actually know  it  !
The fact that  we know but do not know that we know  is  -
'The benefits and advantages of reading are incredible  !'
Through reading,  we can improve our  spelling accuracy  !
Through reading,  we can grasp the  meaning of various words  !
Reading helps us enhancing our  vocabulary  !
Reading brings a  clarity in our pronunciation  !
Reading,  to some extent,  even teaches us  grammar  !
By reading practice,  we can also learn  punctuation  !
Reading enables us to improve our  writing  !!
A consistent and regular  habit/activity of reading,
helps us to learn and improve  English,  at our own  !!
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We have just started to develop the concept of 'Expert Student Skills' at the college where I work. We want our students to develop the habit of reflecting on the skills that they are developing. To this end we have developed an on line tool where students add blog entries and then explore with their teachers how the skills alluded to in their blogs map to a broad spectrum of skills. Creativity and risk taking are two of these skills. I'd be interested to find out how you are supporting your students to reflect on enterpirise skills development and take positive steps towards growing them.

Does anyone know about any networking events in nottingham, UK?

Hi all, I'm currently sitting in an enterprise education class at the moment, and I thought I'd see what communities exist out there. So, pleased to meet you all.

Boom! Great Idea Nigel :D
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