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Nebraska Whitetail Deer and Pheasant Hunt, deer $8 youth and $ 200 adult license and big corn fed whitetails.
Hunt ID: 6010-NE-G-M-NA-WDeerTurkey-olkNo4rf-BGCB-or1yC-Birrds and Beast Hunts(Whitetail)
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For Birds and Beast hunting you can’t beat it. Multiple farms with thousands of acres by Norfolk for wild and Preserve hunting for Pheasants, Quail and Chukar, along with wild turkey. Whitetail deer stands and blinds to match the concentration of deer on the property, and hunted lightly to preserve the growing quality of the bucks.
A second grouping of farms farther north near the Nebraska / South Dakota Boarder. These farms are broken into 1, 2, 3 or 4 hunter properties so that each hunter or hunter group will have their own farm. The farms are spread out enough so that you are not encroaching on others or they are not encroaching on you. All fenced, and in different hunting zones. With thousands of acres to hunt the outfitter places the hunters in the blinds that have been the most productive during pre-scouting. The habitat is corn and other grains, woodlots, CRP, high out of control weed, Cottonwood and hardwood bottoms, ponds another water sources, along with row crop stubble. Scouting and trail cams allow him to keep tabs on the deer movement.
With so many properties it is simple to have a combo hunt with your deer hunt because of the various locations. It must be cleared first with the outfitter so that the deer are not disturbed by the bird hunting location.
The rifle hunts are geared toward the working man’s price for affordability. All hunts are guided and you are assigned to one of the blinds or tree stands on the property. With these whitetails, you will not walk up a large one but instead blow them off your property. You will be taken in on a course to not spook that areas local deer. You are to stay in that blind for the hunt. We recommend bringing a heater because mornings can be quite cold in Nebraska in November. If not a heater warm enough clothing. If you do get cold the only walking permitted is on the same path you were lead in on from your truck. If you need to go to your truck to get warm that is the route to take to not push the deer out of your area.
The hunts are 4 day hunts. You will arrive the day before the season and meet with the outfitter and his guides. He will show you where you will be hunting and where your blind is located. He will also explain the areas deer movement. After seeing the blind location, you can decide to walk in on your own in the morning or to have a guide lead you in. Please, please bring a flashlight and or hat brim light of some type for morning and evening access. Cell phone texting works well in this area but phone calls can be spotty depending on your exact location.
The separate farms and ranches are set up for good whitetail Deer and turkey hunting. The outfitter by pre-scouting, trail cams and experience lightly hunts each farm. All farms are great hunting and although the deer licenses do run out if you can get booked for the right zone as quick as possible we will apply and get your license for you since we are in so many different zones.
The Anderson Ranch is a funneled travel corridor for moving bucks for feed, water, cover and looking for does. You will be set up in this corridor where you will have your choice of bucks during your 4 day hunt. 1 Blind, 1 Stand and 1 hunter 400 acres.
1 Hunter Maximum
Elkhorn, Calamus East and Missouri. County Zone
2 Quarters Home Place South Is the one adjacent to the other end of the corridor and has its own funnel It is a 180 Acres 2 Stands and 1 Hunter.
1 Hunter Maximum County Zone
The Cory Section is made for open shooting with gran fields plus a lot of cove in shelter belts. It has 2 stands, additional blinds available as deer patterns show traffic. This Property is 2 Hunter Maximum County Zone
515 North is unique, a travel mecca and a good one for those that don’t like stands or blinds but like to walk. Multiple pockets of cover with a large cotton wood bottom that is the crossing for most deer travels. The draws provide workable cover that has all the trails leading to the cottonwood bottom.
This is 180 acres or so and because of the spread out cover 4-6 hunters can walk it. There are no stands or blinds currently on the property, but may change.
6 Hunters Maximum County Zone
Deer Pasture Pond place is a tree sitter dream. It is not large but it is diversified in habitat. There is a 200 acre Alfalfa field surrounded by a 100 acre pasture. There are 2 draws coming across the property and even a hardwood lot. There is even a 2 acre pond in the bottom of the draws. Because of the diversity in habitat and the elevation of the ground it is a difficult one to cover without deer sneaking around you are using cover and the topography of the land to their advantage. Long shots and short shots are all the sum of where you are sitting.
This Property is 360 acres, there are 2 stands on the hill by the alfalfa, along with ground blinds in the bottoms. The stands are likely 100-300 yard shots with the other locations being less distance because of the visibility due to the cover. 4 hunters can cover this farm.
4 Hunters Maximum County Zone
South 515 is a 210 acre farm with pasture but most of the property consumed by wooded draws. The washes provide deer travel corridors and fingers for them to move through and always be in some cover. There are some heavy hardwoods and cedars making up much of the cover. There are 2 ground blinds here because the deer travel movement changes each year depending on the travel destination of the deer to feed or cover. It has 2 blinds for 2 hunters,
2 Hunters Maximum County Zone
Once you book we will know which property you will be hunting and what zone it is for license requirements and for the closest tow. No booking is accepted until a credit card deposit is made for 50% of the cost of the hunt. The balance is due before 45 days prior to the hunt.
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Group A, arrive on November 10th and leave the property by 1 hour after Sundown on 11/14th
The hunt dates will be November 11,12,13 and 14
Group A, the 1nd half of the season 4 day hunts are ………………………………………………………………...$1395
This price will increase to $ 1595 in 2018

Group B, arrive on November 15th and leave the property by 1 hour after Sundown on 11/18th
The hunt dates will be November 15,16,17 and 18
Group B, the 2nd half of the season 4 day hunts are ………………………………………………………………...$1195
This price will increase to $ 1395 in 2018

Extra days can be available depending on hunting pressure at $ 250 per day.
For lodging, there are towns 5-20 miles away from each property. We will provide phone numbers for you to make your own lodging arrangements.
5 Day archery season hunts are ………………………………………………………………………………………………..$ 995
5 Day Muzzleloader season hunts are …………………………………………………………..…………………………..$ 995
3 Day Semi-Guided Turkey………………………………………………………………………………………………………...$ 295

• Over-the-counter tags available for all three units up until specific dates
• Hunts generally take 2-4 days to fill tags depending how selective you are and the rut
• Non-refundable deposit required (half down)

Deer Season dates
Archery: Sept. 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2017
November firearm: Nov. 11, 2017 – Nov. 19, 2017
Muzzleloader: Dec. 1, 2017 – Dec. 31, 2017

Turkey Season dates for the Spring on hold until after January 1st.
Spring youth archery: March 25, 2017 – May 31, 2017
Spring archery: March 25, 2017 – May 31, 2017
Spring youth shotgun: April 8, 2017 – May 31, 2017
Spring shotgun: April 15, 2017 – May 31, 2017
Fall youth archery and shotgun: Sept. 15, 2017 – Jan. 31, 2018
Fall archery and shotgun: Sept. 15, 2017 – Jan. 31, 2018

How about a combo hunt for birds and beast, deer and pheasants while you are there? Many times, this can work out after the B deer season 4 days. Others available depending on the deer hunting situations at the time.
Our controlled shooting area reserved for upland gamebird hunting. It consists of 1,500 acres of farm ground with abundance of cover. We have areas of CRP, native grass with small grain plots, thickets and brush. We also have great nesting cover and food sources in our corners for wildlife habitat. We have native birds as well as captive birds that are released. Captive birds are conditioned for flight in oversized pens.
We sponsored our local Pheasant Forever chapter youth hunt for the last several years. We are well suited to cater to all generations of hunters/outdoor enthusiasts. B&C Gamebirds is a proud supporter of many Pheasant Forever Chapters in Nebraska. It is very important to us to be part of a positive experience for all hunters, to pass the opportunity on to be involved in the outdoors.

Our Bird hunting packages include
• Lunch included on full or two-day hunts
• Hunting parties of 1-8 persons welcome
• Six birds per gun per day included
• Extra birds may be purchased for additional fee
• Dog included but hunters can bring their own

Now selling non-resident CSA permits with habitat stamp.
*****Only costs $35 *****
Hunting Packages
Pheasant hunts available
• Half-Day - $125 (four birds)
• One Day - $250 (six birds)
• Two Days - $350 (eight birds per day)
Discounts available for groups of four or more hunters.

Pheasant hunting packages include
• Lunch provided with full-day
• Lunch and evening meal provided with two-day hunts
• Discounts on lodging for two-day hunt
• Lodging for two-day hunts located 10 minutes from hunting area
• Hunts start at 9 a.m.
• 25% deposit required on all pheasant hunts. Deposits are required 3-4 weeks in
advance to allow time to process permits and ensure availability of hunts/birds.

• APPLY FOR $35 CSA Bird PERMIT no small game license required.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
2200 N. 33rd St.
Lincoln, NE 68503

Greg Merriam
The Hunting Consultant with Hunting Connections
Senior Hunt Locator & Hunt Planner
Master Land Owner Voucher Broker
Mule Deer Foundation
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Pro-Staff Benchmaster Shooting Accuracy Products
1204 Button Rock Drive
Longmont, Co 80504
303-776-7528 Voice
303-746-1214 Cell Phone
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Hunt ID: 6014-S-M-1595-WDeerQuailPheasantsTurkeySGeese-NE-RTYLI4BE-ORC-E2GGR-Good Deer

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Come to South Eastern Nebraska along the Iowa Boarder and don’t wait 3 years to draw an Archery license, we have them over the counter. If you want to use a high-power rifle instead of Iowa muzzleloader or Shotgun come see us. We are 4000 acres (Over 6 one-mile pieces of private land in 4 farms, with about 120 acres of high deer protection wood lots, great for the archer, muzzleloader or rifle hunter. If you do want to hunt with a muzzleloader you have the whole month of December instead of a week or so in Iowa and the license is unlimited and over the corner.

We manage our deer number and only take 3 rifle hunters per year, a hand full of muzzleloader and another handful of archers. When you hunt here you will have the place to yourself or your group.
We have a lot of deer that move through the area during the rut that we have never seen before. They are looking for our does and a hunter set at the edge of one of the wood lots at the edge of the corn is going to do well.

With the Corn and Beans, we grow and the wood lot cover our deer do well and continue to have twins every year. The bucks start getting rutty around the first of November then run past Thanksgiving. Then the 2nd rut, when the bucks are looking for the missed does and the spring fawns coming into heat for the first time is around mid-December pointed at the muzzleloaders.

There is a reason that Southeast Nebraska has so much wildlife, it is the multiple food sources and the solid timber cover with high weeds providing winter and summer thermal protection. In addition, the amount of precipitation throughout the year is very adequate to always provide surface water for the wild life. The Deer, Quail, Pheasants and Turkey are with us year around and rely on these habitat high points to survive, liver and reproduce. Being in a Snow Goose migration corridor when the flight path is like an hour glass and we are in the thin center of the hour glass not only provides up with a lot of snow geese but our thousands of acres of corn is a goose magnet for the hungry travelers.

© Copyright Discounted Hunting Adventures llc
On the Deer hunt we provide you the results from our “Pre-Scouting” every day of every year. We know where the best deer stand see them unusually on a regular basis. Regular is with the exception the word “Regular” is not as consist and as it is in the non-rut periods.
We do not have any ground blinds or tree stands in place but you are welcome to bring whatever you which for the hunt. The deer move a lot with the rotation of the crops so we are alert to the buck’s movement each year.
We guide you to the spots we see the der and take you on a tour of the farms and fence lines. We will recommend where to sit but we do not require you to sit there. We want you to enjoy your hunt with the level of guidance that you enjoy and the level of freedom that you enjoy.
We don’t allow enough hunters per year to hunt this much property that we must worry about shooting out an area, but we are happy to point out areas where some on your same fall had shot a deer earlier.
Of course, with the two rut and the deer movement these is as good of a chance of a buck replacing one that has been shot as not.

Whitetail Deer Hunting
Southeast Nebraska is well known for its Trophy Whitetail Deer.

Rifle Deer Hunters $ 3000 discounted down to only …………………………………….………….………………. $ 2195
Total of 3 hunters for the complete 9-day Season 11/11/ to 11/19

Muzzleloader Deer Hunters $ 3000 discounted down to only …………………………………………………….$ 1495
Total of 3 hunters for the complete 9-day Season 12/01/ to 12/31

Muzzleloader Deer Hunters $ 3000 discounted down to only …………………………………………………….$ 1495
Total of 3 hunters for the complete 9-day Season 12/01/ to 12/31

Deer harvested during the Rifle season must go to a local check station. All other season just require you call in (Tele check) and report what size deer you shot. Wildlife Management uses this to get an age model of the deer in each area.


Turkey Hunting
Southeastern Nebraska has excellent wild turkey hunting for Hunt Eastern, Rio, Merriam & Hybrid Turkeys.

Shotgun or Archery hunts.
Spring archery: March 25, 2017 – May 31
Spring shotgun: April 15, 2017 – May 31
Fall archery and shotgun: Sept. 15, 2017 – Jan. 31

Guided Hunts Include:
Turkey Guided hunts are $1095 discounted down to only $ 695 a day per person, usually a 1-day hunt
Turkey Unguided Hunts are $ 800 Discounted Down to only $495 per day usually a 2-day hunt
Extra Tom Turkey is $ 200 discounted Down to only $ 100


Guided Hunts- Pheasant/Quail Hunting Packages
We periodically check on & direct you to different tracts of land during the day.

Guided Hunts Include:
A Guide taking you to excellent hunting areas rich with bird habitat. Many of our guides are hunting farmers that own the land you will be hunting on.
Dogs can be furnished or you are welcome to bring your own.
$195.00 a day per person

Unguided Hunts
Our Unguided drop hunts will place you or your group on large tracts of private, bird rich habitat to hunt & enjoy at any pace you desire!
$145.00 a day per person


Snow Goose Hunts
Guided Hunts - $175.00 a day per person

Unguided Do-It-Yourself
Hunts - $125.00 a day per person

We have a heated pit for their spring snow goose hunters!
We have motels in the local towns that we recommend that you stay with.
Licenses never included.

(A 50% nonrefundable deposit books your dates. The balance is due 45 days before the hunt. This is required for all hunts.)

*60 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska
*100 miles from Omaha, Nebraska
*115 miles from Topeka, Kansas
*150 miles from Kansas City, Kansas

A private air strip is also available!

This is not a private hunting reserve. All hunting is fair chase.

Although most of quail & pheasants are wild, with a few birds
supplemented all during the season for added success.

All Nebraska Game & Parks Commission seasons & limits are followed.
Permits can be obtained at the Nebraska Game & Parks website.
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
2200 N. 33rd St.
Lincoln, NE 68503

© Copyright Discounted Hunting Adventures llc

Greg Merriam
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Skype: DiscountedHunts
We provide hunts averaging 10% to 45% off available just ask we build hundreds of happy hunters in 28 states and Canada every year with Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, Moose, sheep, exotics, and even hogs. All hunts subject to license availability and on a first come first serve basis.

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Our group did not get too large, however we are hoping for it to keep growing!  Feel free to start conversations or tell stories.  We are looking forward to the future of hunting and our hunters!

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These were taken in #ithacany  a couple months back on our land.  We had been hearing about some larger bucks around our area but hadn't yet seen them.  One evening I decided to hide in an old greenhouse.  I was hoping they would get closer but they didn't.  My camera lens wouldn't let me zoom anymore, but I got some good ones that show the size well.  Weather is looking good for #openingday  this Saturday!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures and stories!  I will keep you posted about these guys.  (PS. - Look at the scars on the neck of the one with the long drop tine)
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