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This is the official map and lore of this community, as well as the rules. Something to note is certain things involving Skyrim are involved here, such as the Races, five types of Magic, Spells in those five types, and certain weapons are involved in the rp. If you wish to be a elf, pick between Altmer, Bosmer, or Dunmer. (I can allow Breton) and you could have custom races for your character as well.

Anyways, do enjoy the rp ^^


After the defeat of the Morvarth armies, and the slaying of Uranabi, the worldhasbeen brought to peace once again. However, several cultists have seemed to vanish from the land as a new group has been formed named The Dark Crusade. Those who follow these beings believe in the King of Oblivion named Nazareth of Oblivion,a creature of hatred, anguish, chaos, and death. Nazareth is merely a myth unless you speak to these followers, who have apparently contacted Nazareth. The leaders of the nations have banded together in Karthspire to discuss how they will handle this cult permanently.

Tsaara was sitting in her throne room, going over a plan on how to wipe the cult out quickly

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Name: Ri'har
Age: 22
Gender: female
Species: khajiit
Class: archer
Rank: renegade
Weapons: daedric bow and arrow
Known magic: -fireball
-fast healing
-healing hands
Personality: brave, adventurous, clever, sneaky, paranoid.
Bio: nothing much is known as she travels a lot.
Extra: Ri'har has paranoia due to her living off grid and becomes insecure in big kingdoms or towns so it's a rarity to find her unless need essentials from shops.
She can have a furious temper but she can actually be very caring.
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Name: Tsarra Larvaris

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Altmer

Class: Expert Warlord and Leader of Karthspire College of Magic

Rank: Queen

Weapons: Mehrunes Razor (HAs said enchantment, however it only works on "NPCs") A Glass Dagger with a Frost Damage enchantment, and a Elven bow with Glass Arrows [500]

Known Magic: A master of Alteration, she knows all spells in the Alteration Group of Magical spells. She knows some Adept Spells in Destruction, Restoration, and Illusion, and knows Expert Conjuration Spells

Personality: Rather kind and understanding. Not as smug as the reputation of Altmer have been made.

Appearance: Picture Provided. Other than that as her overall appearance, she wears robes when taking her role as the College Leader. She wears elegant robes when she has royal matters to attend to, and Occasionally wears Otar (Dragon Priest Mask) A strange mask her family obtained long ago.

Bio: Tsarra wasn't much of a pushover as a child. She was actually a strong mage when she was only ten. She was taught by the College's original leader, Tavor Arus, a Bosmer from another land. She was then implemented as a warrior in the Karthspire military, becoming a decorated warrior among her people. When her parents died, she became the new ruler of Karthspire, and still remains the leader to this day.

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Name: Markus Valorum

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Human [Nord]

Class: Warlock/Swordsman/Necromancer

Rank: King of Ansilvuld and General to the Ansilvuld Imperial Military

Weapons: He wields a katana like sword [Blades Sword] With a Frost Damage enchantment on it, a Savage, dark sword [Daedric Sword] with a Fire Enchantment and Health Draining Enchantment, the sword is called Hellforged, and a bow [Ebony Bow] with a Lightning Enchantment. The bow is called Distant Thunder and he carries 500 Ebony Arrows.

Known Magic: A master of Conjuration, an Expert at Alteration, and rather adept at Destruction, Restoration, and Illusion.

Personality: In battle, he is cruel to those he deems targets or threats, but to others, he is friendly. He has done experimentation at the Karthspire College, and even taught a few of his tricks to the Elves there, who were rather impressed with his skill.

Appearance: Picture Provided

Bio: At a young age, Markus lived during a time of Civil war in Ansilvuld, tearing the country apart for some time into the two nations called Saarthal and Minzchleft. When Markus came to the valid age of 14 (Because why tf not?) he joined the Saarthal Military Front and helped restore peace to his home. Upon doing so, he gained three important things to him. His new Ebony Armor [Ebony Mail] from the Leader of Minzchleft Patriotic Front, his Family Mask Krosis, [Dragon Priest Mask] and he became the new ruler of Ansilvuld, also earning the nickname: "Man hidden in the Shadows"

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Name: Consul Rolaris

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Species: Tiefling

Class: Mage/Swordsman

Rank: Consul

Weapons: Curved Sabre

Known Magic: Flames, Fireball, Firebolt, Wall of flames

Personality: Cheerful, kind, loud, protective

Appearance: Below

Bio: Before he became the third Consul of Tolazar, he was born to a noble family and raised to be a leader. He was always kind and giving and has given most of his fortune to the people of his country. But when he was 17, civil war broke out and he fought against the forces of Poronia who tried to religiously take over the country and destroy their faith, but Rolaris almost single handedly fought them, bringing them back into the Empire.
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