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Black Histories: Animation:
Elementary Time Dimension Events:
could go even father: Dr. Luther King is not alone:

Black Panthers Community: Shield Defense Soilders:
Against Police Brutally, Segregation and Banning Weapons:
while trying to scared the Washington Boarder White House.

Mohammad Ali Lee: Boxer:

Malcolm X: Preacher and Economy Leader: a
also against Police Brutally:

African President Mandela: Against Separatist
Apartheid and Poverty:

Jamaican President : Man-Lee

Collen Powell: Secretary Stateship:

George Marcus Washington Carver:
Innovator of Peanuts Rescipes:

Elementary Time Dimension Events:
is for Learning: should do more:

Our Friend Malcolm X:

X: Serves to the Oppressors: Mean Unknown:
Demanding to Freeing Slaves from an Oppressed
Ownership: A Bigotry Nation.

Police surveillance watched, carded Black's, Dark Residents.
Society is in the cross-roads either go to school or going to jail.
Community residents sent their youngsters to get a eduction.
They must learn from their former mistakes where our historical past has failed: in Union Corperation.

An Orphan child: a Friend of his father is perhaps Jealous of the orphan child's Dad. It turn out The Child Father became the head Reverend Priest Leader of the Church Ministry and the Congregation.

The suspect got drunk and burned down his whole house causing the death of the Orphan Child family. Only one soul surviver lived, an unforgivable crime. The suspect tries to apologize however it is too late. The Child Forgives the perpetrator latter on, however the suspect has to live with the burden to what happened.

The Child is invited to the Church chapel to take refuge to stay where Malcolm onces stood. A roll-ex watch standing on the Podium, he wines it up back in the dimension past, he met Malcolm X.

Youngster: Malcolm family lived in a Desegregation spit
Neighbour-Hood similar to Martin Luther King, His father once a Priest. The Clan Bigot Oppressors chased them from their home (burnt by fire,) The Clan Separatist caused the death of his dad on purpose.

Growing up: Malcolm mother shocked by the death of her husband, alone tried to take care of the children herself. The shock eventually caused her death of her as well. Malcolm and his brother's and sister were orphan were separated apart.

Adult: "All mean's necessary": He will do what it take to protect
his Culture and his family, nothing will stand his way however Wheelers who handles Weapons may put his family in a cross-fire endangerment, Demise Death: sending Malcolm either in prison or to be executed.

The Orphan Child felt Despair blocking out any personal feelings to whom tries to approach him, the Irony of greeting or contact.He met a friend who was willing to teach aid and comfort the child freeing him from his shackles.

His friend taught him how to read, preparing him for school, The Orphan became a humble Christian and he became respectful before he got himself adopted. The Guardian Parents came in three days to pick him up from the Orphanage. Secound morning: he went back to the chapel winding the watch back once again.

Malcolm once an unruly Prisoner got help from an inmate while studying the Curran Bible, getting support, got him out of jail. Cleanse the heart: He met Mohammad Ali-Lee, Malcolm became modest Man, State-Protester, Stateship Speaker and expressed Religious Freedom in front of the Congregation and the audience.

Malcolm gathers a crowd to make sure an Minister acquaintance got the medical attention, his brother or sister's who needed it. Similar to Martin he would not leave until the doctors stated he would be healthy. From statement of the Police frustrated, they thought he had too much power".

The Reverend Minster Priest Leader, became Jealous of Malcolm, betraying him sending the minster community speaker to house arrest, also giving him missing reports, to keep him silence. Even Malcolm wife did not like their living quarters in a small boarder house, she wanted to move out.

Malcolm gain Inspiration from his Wife while speaking to a stadium audience and reporters Interviewers about the House Slave and the Field Slaves. How the Oppressed wanted to escape the Master Oppressor's house, but the house slave converted stated to the Master: We/ agree wanted to stay, lowered himself to the Masters level did not want to escape, and also spoken about Brutally. The Separatist Clan changes Uniform: The Authority Police: turned into Militant Oppressors.

The Black, Dark Economy should Unify as a people, Help Ourselves, before we can help others once were in the position. The Black, Dark Community searches for Independents, Integration and Freedom as a nation.

The Guardian parents adopted the child: however they lived across the Boarder Region Province Next Door. He is greet by a whole new friendship companions who also respects him and is tolerant to his believes. When he went upstairs to explore his new room quarters, he saw the watch which stood on the ledge window should have been at the chapel, with final detail of Malcolm X's Life. After the child is finished it disappeared.

On Malcolm X travels: Israel, Pakistan, Palestine: Malcolm believes The Citizens of the nation prayed shared a common heavenly person: The Lord: The Mighty God, and the Lord Profit Jesus Christ.

The Problem: "take your hand in out my pocket," from the former words of Malcolm: Weaponary Assault, "All Mean Necessary." Malcolm tried to reason with his enemies. Suspect's caused the Death of Malcolm making him another free Martyr to the economy, and allowing the community to express their Religious Hearts and Freedom.

Another outspoken Minister

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"I Have Decided to stick with LOVE. Hate is too great a burden to Bear." Martin Luther King Jr.

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Pretty truthful lyrics.
Stop putting CHildren made up sexy on the centerfold
Mass media telling you that is Wrong for you to grow old
Guilty Wrinlkes blemesih Make up creams are sold
Constantly reliving ur youth just to fit the mold.

STOP, living like every body
STOP! UR Bullshit Burrucacy
STOP! TV is not reality
STOP! ur Necromancy

STOP! living like everybody
STOP! UR bullshit Burraccy
STOP! Reality is not TV
STOP! ur NEcormancy

Elephants and DOnkeys make you feel like you have a choice
Rich Ladies giving you cars 2 make you feel like you have a voice
Tweets and likes telling you need to get urself more toys
Wake and and you can just ignore ....

STOP, living like every body
STOP! UR Bullshit Burrucacy
STOP! TV is not reality
STOP! ur Necromancy

STOP! relying on ANybody
STOP! U R ur own Soventy
STOP! ur Necromacny
STOP! ur money dun mean shit 2 me.

Causing Diasters just booast your False Economy
Lifes desimated Protecting your Opium driven democracy
Fighting false war just to keep a facade bloody
Raping generations with ur fuking pharmacology
Becuase drugged up Zombies make the best Slavery

STOP! we can we can wecan rise on top of it...
STOP! You dun need any more of this shit
STOP! whatever you think you need to DO
STOP! And really think...Think things through
STOP! your life is better than what you think its
STOP! it's not what they tell you to do with it
STOP! They are all full of it
STOP! U dun need any more of this shit.

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“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”. Letter from Birmingham City Jail, 1963 #mlk #martinlutherking

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“We may all have come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.” MLK I'm so grateful, Dr. King had a DREAM! #mlk #martinlutherking


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*"Thank You" Dr. King T-Shirt*
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked hard to get rights for blacks in America, and this is just a simple way to honor his achievements.

#blackhistorymonth #martinlutherkingjr #drkingsbirthday

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