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All of my FLGS around Dallas are more about Magic with some D&D/Pathfinder gaming. They rarely venture into other tabletop RPGs.
Is there a way I can have them contact you to order the game? Or at least some way support them through buying Esper Genesis? I doubt they will buy in bulk, but I would like to support them somehow. Totally understand if that is too much.

Does the free version allow for an actual full EG experience (outside level limits)? Or is it just a "limited" draft from other perspectives too?

Thanks! Still at the beginning, but already loving the art and content!! 💕

Any updates on the release dates for the Threats Database and the GM Book?

So what are folks doing in their Esper Genesis Campaigns? I've ordered the book, but haven't played it yet.

Is it allowed to use proper names from the Esper Genesis Core Rulebook for the publication of original Esper-Genesis adventures on DMs Guild (per the DMs Guild rules)?

This would be references to names of locations, characters, races, ships, etc. to embed the original adventure in the Esper Genesis world.

I am inspired by the setting and have some ideas for original adventures that I would like to put together for distribution on DMs Guild.....

So...was the GM screen for sale at Gencon? And when will it be made available to all us GenCon orphans? I'lleven take a PDF download at this point :)

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#GenCon, we are here! If you want to play #EsperGenesis at #Gencon2018 with me as a GM, then you can find me at the JW Marriott, rm 309, 1 pm, Thursday - Sat. Sci-fi gaming with rules you already know. #dnd #dnd5e Don't be shy, pass the word if you or somebody you know is at #GenCon!

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AAAaaaattention #GenCon attendees! Alligator Alley Entertainment will be set up in the Studio 2 Aisle (the 2000 aisle) at booth 1929/2029! Hey Espers, rumor has it a Shadow Technocrat has made a secret #EsperGenesis pin that will available at the booth!

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"You call it the Law of Conservation, but I say it's another turn of the Great Wheel." - Ze’miri Safi, Eldori Melder. Watch @gregoryawilson run the EG stream tonight, 8p, EST, 1 week to #Gencon2018 and #EsperGenesis slots are gong fast!
Chat it up on Discord #dnd #dnd5e
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