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Anthony's secret kink is lucario COOOCK
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Nice (~ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~
Ugh the fuck no.

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People say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you put into consideration the experiences of Lucario, he'd tell you that this saying is complete bullshit.

He had one job as a pokemon bounty hunter: to kill. His targets were chosen by how much money he'd be paid. And being a super powerful and awesome pokemon, his job was usually done in ExtremeSpeed (literally and figuratively).

Except, of course, there was ALWAYS someone equal, or sometimes even better, than him when it comes to his job.

Conniving, deceitful, and deadly, Zoroark's strategy was... Different. She'd infuriate Lucario by simply shapeshifing into a sexy and slutty looking human babe and would walk right in the target location, batting her human eyelashes and would proceed to have her 'quality time' with the target. Ever watched that movie 'Naked Weapon'? Something like that, except Zoroark killed her target before any sort of body part came anywhere close to her treasure. And thus the style of Zoroark, a sleek smile on her face as she morphs back into her original fox form and scurries into the woods, another successful mission.

And the thing that really pissed Lucario off? She'd always seem to appear on a mission at the EXACT same place as Lucario. Same place, same target. Needless to say, Lucario was getting tired of it. Confrontation was imminent. He'll teach her a little bit of something called 'get your own game'.

Zoroark ran into the woods, a victorious smile on her face as another job was completed. So far, her style hadn't failed her yet. She ran faster, now going on all 4's, feeling the thrill of another victory she got to steal from that upstart Lucario and the thought of the cash she'd get as a rewa-

Suddenly, an intense blue orb-like projectile hit her square on the left side of her body, the force blasting her to a nearby tree. She cried out in pain, slumping onto the tree as she weakly looked up to see her attacker.

Lucario dropped down from an adjacent tree, smiling smugly as his Aura Sphere made it mark dead on. He casually walked up to Zoroark, who was trying to regain her senses. "Damn." she muttered. 'That was one hell of a shot. There's only one pokemon alive that can snipe like that'. Se thought grudgingly, looking up to see her suspicions confirmed. "Lucario". She growled. Lucario smiled, standing directly in front of her. She stood up fast, a mere 3 inches of air separating them. His cool blue gaze matched her steely dark eyes, contemplating.

"What do YOU want?" she growled, preparing a shadow claw on her left hand. Her black 'hair' waved aimlessly in the wind, the purple ring/ponytail glowing purple.

Lucario growled and used his aura to slam her to another tree, causing her to yelp in pain and surprise as her hands were tied above her head by aura binds, helpless.

She looked at Lucario with rage. Trapped. She tried to break free from the chains, but that aura sphere really took a lot outta her.

"Ya know, I've had it with your crap, Zoroark". He said her name in disgust. She just continued to glare at his face.

"Snatching my kill from me, always walking around like you own the place, and to top it off it seems that the only missions you seem to do are the missions I seem to do. That's whats really getting to me". Lucario explained, his cool gaze turning into a harsh one.

Zoroark laughed a feminine laugh filled with venom. "Oh, so you're jealous, eh? Jealous that I do my job better than you. Jealous that my style trumps even your most cunning plans? Please, I'm hundreds of times better that you. You're pathetic at what you do, and killing me will do nothing about it." She wolfishly grinned at him, victorious. But all that vanished when she saw the look on Lucario's face.

It was a look of pure evil, a smile stretching across his jackal face. "Who said anything about killing you?"
He said. Zoroark's eyes widened at what he was about to do. This vile male was gonna...
And then she looked down.

What greeted her keen eyes was a massive 14 foot long, red, hard cock. It was gigantic. Pulsing and needy, Zoroark couldn't believe she only noticed it now. Lucario inched closer, using his aura to spread open her legs, eliciting a cry of dismay as her puffy fluffy wet lips came into view. She tried to close her legs and even tried to kick him, but to no avail. This was Lucario's zone now, and he'd teach this bitch a lesson in respect.

He rammed his fingers into her, brutally sliding into her pussy. She screamed and moaned, the feeling both intrusive and amazing at the same time. Lucario chuckled.

"Damn bitch I didnt expect you to be so tight. And so wet." he said, adding another finger into her, causing her to moan as her walls were stretched.

Zoroark arched her back, her head hitting the rough bark behind her. Fuck, it felt good. She moaned again, grinding onto his fingers as she came closer and closer to her clima-

Suddenly his fingers slid out of her with a slick pop! She cried out at the lack of fullness, looking up at him, panting and glaring.

Then suddenly her binds came off, her hands no longer held above her. She flexed her aching arms, looking over at Lucario with that usual coldness with a hint of confusion.

Lucario smirked and grabbed her waist, turning her around. Her position was now an interesting doggy style. Her claws went up to the tree for support, her rump high in the air. Perfect.

Zoroark looked back at Lucario, who smirked. He moved her bushy tail away, exposing her soft nether lips. He lined himself up, and slowly, oh so slowly, slipped into her. Long, throaty moans from both sides, Lucario's moan being deeper than his 'rival'. Inch after inch, Lucario took his time, teasing her. Until Zoroark couldn't take it anymore. "JUST DO IT, you motherfucker!" she screamed, and with that, Lucario started to get the show on the road. For real.

He slammed into her, all 14 inches of holy dick. He groaned in ecstasy, immense waves of pleasure engulfing his body. He pulled out, and slammed into her again. Thrusting like a maniac, the pleasurable screams of Zoroark underneath him tuning him on even further making him thrust harder and faster.

He moaned a low moan. "Yes, who's the boss now?" Lucario leaned onto her and whispered into her ear, grabbing her waist to steady himself and continue thrusting faster and faster.

Zoroark could hardly form words. The experience was too awesome, filled with lust and heat. She screamed in lust, her eyes half-lidded and using her hips to grind herself upon Lucario's cock even harder. The feeling of big cock inside her was unexplainable, it was just immensely satisfying. Her tounge lolled out of her mouth as she arched her back and moaned loud into the heavens.

Lucario slammed into her harder, this time stopping. His entire cock buried inside her. Zoroark whined at the loss of movement and looked back at him with a sultry smile and lust-filled eyes.

Lucario groped her ass, eliciting a yelp from Zoroark. "I think I asked you a question, bitch." he said, slowly pulling out of her, causing her to moan quietly.

Then he pulled out halfway and slammed his entire meat back into her, his rage and lust exploding into harsh, crazy thrusts as he fucked her raw. "WHO'S (thrust) THE (thrust) BOSS (thrust) NOW!? (thrust thrust thrust)" Lucario roared, not giving a damn if anyone heard them.

Zoroark screamed in pure bliss, her eyes watering and her resolve crumbling as lust and pleasure filled her mind completely. Her claws scratched the bark, cracking it. She screamed again, saying: "You are! You're the boss! You're the best in everything and I live to serve as your personal fuck toy!" she screamed one more time, this time cumming all over Lucario's cock, drenching his cock and excess cum dripping down Zoroark's legs.

This made Lucario fuck her faster, becoming a blur as he interestingly used ExtremeSpeed to further speed up his thrusts. It was a wonder Zoroark didn't break from such a godly force of cock ramming into her 52 times per second.

"That's right bitch, what do you want? Tell me what you fucking want!" Lucario growled out again.

Zoroark shuddered, feeling yet ANOTHER orgasm build up inside her. "I w-want your f-fucking big dick inside me and I want you to f-fuck me out of my s-senses!" she spluttered, able to say a string of sentences before succumbing to babbling incoherent nonsense once more.

Lucario felt his balls tighten, the immense feeling of release overcoming his body as he slammed into her one last time before roaring out: "FUCK!" before ejecting his essence into her. Jet after jet of sperm spilling into her womb. Zoroark screamed in ecstasy, releasing her own juices upon the floor and his still hard cock.

Lucario slowly pulled out, his stream of cum not even faltering as he slipped out of her and started spraying his jizz all over her body. Her face, her hair, her back, legs, and arms. In a matter of seconds, she was covered in white.

Zoroark panted heavily, the after-sex vibe settling upon both of them.

Lucario slowly let go of her, letting her slump upon the tree. She was panting, looking up at him with tired eyes. Lucario was also tired, but he smiled. Using his aura manipulation, he boosted his stamina, making him hard, horny, and ready to go again. He grinned and smacked Zoroark's ass, causing her to jump and yelp in surprise. She thought it was already over. She looked back at Lucario, a mix of fear and anticipation on her eyes as she adjusted her grip on the bark. He smirked and positioned himself at her back entrance, ready to fuck her raw once more.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, they say. Guess the enemy of my enemy can also be my sex buddy.

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