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Red Gates

Discussion  - 
Congraulation to @Love_Ranaa on becoming 99 smartscore!
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Congrats c: 
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miss qwerty cx
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Petja Stoilova

Discussion  - 
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крестова гора? а почему на руссом? xD
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About this community

Red Gates

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chicken cx
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lol, who even made this community? xD
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A Frog lol
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Petja Stoilova

Discussion  - 
One miraculous place, where the mute start talking, the blind start seeing and the crippled begin to walk, where in ancient times part of Christ's cross was buried. http://www.crossforest.com/miracle_evidences.html?language=en
Miraculous icons, which helped me and changed my life positively:
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Petja Stoilova

Discussion  - 
The National Enquirer,5 march 1996.


High in the mountains of Bulgaria is a miraculous forest where the sick and dying go to pray - and emerge completely cured!
That's the electrifying report coming out of Krustova Gora, or "Forest of the Cross,"where legend has it a piece of Christ's cross was hidden during the Middle Ages.
Little Vasko Marinska was 5 years old - and his inability to talk baffled doctors. Desperate for cure, his loving mom took him to pray at the chapel in Krustova Gora - and miraculously, he began speaking!
"I could not cure him - but God did!" said the boy's stunned physician,Dr. Penka Ivanova.
"After visiting Krustova gora,little Vasko began chattering like a magpie. It's a miracle!"
Another mute youngster Angel Vutkova,4,also was able to talk after praying at the chapel. "We had no hope," said his mother Petrana. "But God has given my child a miracle!"
Mayor Kostadin Nedev of the nearby town of Borovo declared. "Many people have reseived miracles in the chapel." And Father Vasili Arininski, a Greek Orthodox priest at the chapel, confirmed, "Miracles happen here all the time."
Elena Sarahosheva,45, from Smolyan, suffered a devastating stroke and was unable to walk. After praying at the chapel, she says, "I stood up and walked away. God had healed me!"
Recalled Father Arininski:"One little boy who came here was paralyzed. I had him placed near the cross and I sprinkled him with holy water. "Something moved me to say, 'Stand up and kiss the cross' - and he did. That little boy runs and plays with friends today as if nothing were ever wrong.
"With my own eyes, I have also seen a little blind girl regain her vision, three mute boys begin to speak and a crippled gypsy woman rise and walk.
"Women who are unable to conceive have become pregnant after praying at our cross."
Until the end of the Cold War,the communists had placed Krustova Gora off-limits to worshipers and the sick had to sneak off to go there. But now, says Mayor Nedev, "hundreds of people drive to Krustova gora every Weekend. It has become the most popular religious site in Bulgaria."
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Greenday Baby

Discussion  - 
Can you please delete my account at sam_sparkles64
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nothing to delete
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