+Silent Swordsman. I am in acquaintance with the stealth and he requests your assistance. SO ACCEPT THE DAMN HANGOUT.

When you have a day where you just want to sit back and relax you don't know what to expect to be hurt

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hey when you get on message me please +Dylan Davenport

wen things dot go back to the way that they were you say omg why but when you here an old crushes voice you atomatically start to be that one girl that he knew you say to youre self what did i do to be this girl +Dylan Davenport

why was it deleted

hi its emmigrace222 from os imma miss it dearly// who else?

Bye bye community lol

i need help with a few questions. #1 and most important it wont let me log into my account for OS.#'s 2-7 is what are the nuer practices,celebrations,family,food,clothing,heritage,and things they do for fun.

Congraulation to @Love_Ranaa on becoming 99 smartscore!
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