Name:Lili Mitsuki
Nen type:spesialist
Nen power: reason devil , wings of hope
lili is an angel who fell to earth because he wanted to look for his brother who had died in battle against the devil. loneliness and not given out of the house finally lilies also denied his mother and went to flee her home in heaven and down to earth, accidentally he met with his brother when the new 3 down to earth.
(Pict Coming soon & Lili Mitsuki Its My Oc)

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First Name: Zaley
Last Name: Dexstion
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female
Hight: 5' 3"
Spices: Half Human
Hunter Exam experience: First timer
Nen user yes or no: She can use nen (she can use all 6 types of nen to a certain degree)
Wepions: Dule Scythe, bow, and Tetsugen
Likes: Anything sweet, training, playing any kind of game, and she likes to meet new people
Personality: Smart, sweet, funny, scarstic, she can get very scary and violent when someone is mean to her friends
Dislikes: Bullys, being told haw she's sipost to act because she's a girl, being underestimated wall in a fight, and when her friends are hert
Bio: She grue up in the forests by a mountain range. She has just her dad now her mom died in a accident. And she was traind to fight and kill by her father, ever sence she was a baby. So as a result of all that training she never runs away from a challenge, unless she knows she can't win then she finds a way out of the fight.
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Name: Ibara Rinne
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Nen type: Enhancer
Nen Abilities: Provides support by enhancing aura capacity, speed, physical defense and offense. Can raise nen resistense according to the nen type and recover allies strength. Enhances aura to create flow of wind.

Bio: Rinne led a peaceful life till the age of 10. Her parents were hunters and they taught her nen. Her parents liked to hunt treasures and persue the anamolies of nature, hence were always busy on their work. One day Rinne's parents went out for work....and never came back. All the people around her that she knew started claiming that her parents just left her there when she was 5 years old. If so, who thaught her nen? Claimed themselves as their parents and finally left her all alone? They left no leads to were they went except for a small necklace. Living isolated as it is..Rinne rarely gets visits (often from the milk boy) she started becoming really shy to any new people she meet. There wasn't much of mystery in Rinne's life and she wants to find out about her parents, her mysterious nen teacher whom she thought as her parent.. Rinne can trust people easily since she doesn't know much about the world. Rinne only feels alone and wants to make new friends and go on adventures like she did when she was really small. Therefore Rinne wants to take the hunter exam, knowing something interesting is gonna happen when your a hunter.
Looks: Short blue hair and cerulean eyes.

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Name Sora Mizushima
Nen Type Transmuter
Nen Ability Enhancing her tessen and creating fire
Species Human
Bio Grew up as an innocent child with her parents in a peaceful village until she accidentally sets a false prophecy by an old nen user in motion before her tenth birthday. This causes her loved ones to betray her, killing her best friend as a "sacrafice" so that Sora could be the "keeper of the peace". Her friends blood is used to tattoo the balance mark onto Sora. Sora carries three tessen because they sybolize light/good, darkness/evil, and balance. Sora no longer trusts easily but is very loyal to those who do gain her trust. A note of warning, should you ever break her trust, it is even harder to earn a second time. Sora has been on the run for years now and has picked up some different tricks along the way.
Looks Sora has black hair to the middle of her back and silver eyes.
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NAME: Heijokyo George Konbo; Nicknamed Kyo
BIO: Born in a clan of NEN masters that train the "offspring" or young children to become deeply strong to the bones because the outside world is a dark place but didn't teach them NEN. When he was five years old, he heard of the Hunter Exam which looks for money, treasure, great tastes of flavor, discover new great lands to explore, take out evil criminals, find more knowledge, new medicines for the sick or ill and search for new mysterious powers that are inside this world. The Exam seemed to influence him so much that he wanted to become an amazing Hunter which he trained for almost seven years to practice. He carried a spear for protection; He has strong legs to run fast, kick hard and know how to kick box. He also five brothers, two sisters and a five years old rabbit ferret named Bani Teru Usagiferett but he didn't want to bring him because of the dangerous Phrases.
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