Thank you so much for this app...Amazed at the speed and depth of relief from back pain and insomnia...I am a licensed professional & must tell you that this app works better..with more lasting deep results than any other therapeutic modality...people really benefit..and like the BEST of all things natural..its free just a fine tuning of our over stimulated noise polluted brains.

Linda friends in town 8cir to the medical school in OPPO and


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يساعد على عملية #الهضم وتحسين عملية التمثيل الغذائي
يعمل على فتح الشهية
- تنشيط الغدة النخامية ويساعد على الاتزان الهرمونى
- يزيد من مقاومة #خلايا_الجسم ضد السموم
- مفيد للنمو والتمتع بالصحة والحيوية
- مفيد للرياضين ويعمل على بناء العضلات اثناء التمارين
- يساعد على تحسين نمو العظام والاسنان وتقوى الذاكرة

للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى زيارة صفحة المنتج
انستجرام :
ولطلب المنتج راسلنا واتس أب على 00971507189297


I have heard these beats two years back. Now the aound still resonates in my head. I want to get rid of the sounds. Can anybody please help in removing these sounda from head. Thanks a loy.

Is there any way to build my own presets and use them in the app? All binaural apps lack of it :(

What does it mean by voices?

Stay away from sites posing as National Geographic. It's just disgusting as I rarely ever check my "Google +" site. Somebody under this rude invasion of NG's site is posting crude material. Please remove any links if they pop up with videos from India that are inappropriate for any audience. Thanks

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I wonder why it says you need to use headphones? High quality sound system does the job well.

My cat is super hyper and has issues of that nature. If I use the pain or meditation setup she lays down purring in 30 seconds flat.
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