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I've been interested in the metaphysical world for quite a long time tho with my add I either can't concentrate/focus, stick to one topic, or quiet down enough to I suppose you could say hit the right brainwave levels to achieve my desired goals. Some days I need a focusing and concentration sound to get things done around the house or whathaveyou...but on down time I may need something that could say ...play in the background so its keeping my attention just enough so that I can think to myself about topics interesting me, one more that peaked my interest.... is something that... how can I explain it... does not put me to sleep, but quiets and slows the mind and it's chatter to achieve a .... idk trippy experience? Something that sets my brain I'm assuming it's the low slow beats.... maybe I'm wrong... so that I may experience the parts of my life that deal with deep metaphysics and spirituality. I'm pretty spiritual I guess you could call it and have always taken interest into the unknown. But the attention deficit works against me quite often, more than I really wish it to. I'd like to be able to achieve my goals be it something as simple as getting my life and home straightened out, better meditation, or maybe something that's completely new to me.

Is there a beat therapy that could enhance spiritual awareness or mental acuity?

Feature Request:

I'd like to see an option to "favorite" presets, and see your favorites at the top of the list.

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Making progress and challenging although it's my first to say something in here. We can be better

How much of the audio do you need to actually hear..?
I have a hearing problem. My left ear is considerably less able than my right. Therefore ... I do not percieve a 'beat' of any kind. Nor do I percieve any kind of pattern. Must I conciously percieve the differential frequency - or can I leave it up to my brain..? Finally ... taking the hallucination one, at 50% volume I hear only RHS. At 60% I start to hear rushing along with the tone. At 70% i begin to hear both but the rushing is very loud. At 80% its almost all rushing yet at 100% full volume i hear both tones ... is it safe at full volume?

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Hi binaural beats community, have you noticed the new version in the market?

What do you think of the new preset selection page?

Any feedback welcome!
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I love this app, I've used it for several years and absolutely love it. My question is, is there a frequency to help combat withdrawals from cigarettes? I recently quit smoking after many years and those withdrawals are no joke. And I quit cold turkey because I tried cessation and it didn't work.

I want to simulate pineal gland. What frequency I required??

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