Really real and helping app. Thanks a millions for this, now am able to sleep or rest or meditate and even concertrate in my ever wandering mind. Really appreciate the efforts of makers of this app.

It's a real binaural beats??

It's awsm app... i luv ths binaural Beats app.

Nevernused this before. Mostly inwant to help my son with dyslexia. Amy suggestions of what to use when and how?

Somebody tell gamma wave how many days to use help us

Any new beats to add to this apps

Hi, I'm a new practicing Sound Therapist. My specialty is creating Binaural sounds using tuning forks to enduce deeper states of relaxation, sleep, relieve anxiety, pain and inflammation 🙌🏾. Love this app!
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Hei Every body..I'm a new member in this group..I want to ask something.. I've Learn about Lucid Dream long time..But,I really want that I can Have Lucid Dream every,What is the best sound From this app,that can make me Have Lucid Dream many time..I really really want to have Lucid Dream.. because, it's very Awesome!!..

Hi. My name is Leonardo Moreno from Cali, Colombia. I am very happy to find Binaural Beats meditation.

Please, if you need help to translate the APP into Spanish, I am at your service.

Hei everybody!i really like your job!gooood stuff, i'm a musician and i really feel differencies with binaural stuff!but i need your help: what frequency can i use to heal fever and cold?i have a little nephew and i want him to be fine!thanks a lot, beautiful people!
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