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SL&SVLzinen (suomalainen OSR-lehti) otuskilpailun äänestys on käynnissä osoitteessa

Tehtävänä oli kirjoittaa hirviökuvaus, jonka inspiraationa toimii lehden kakkosnumeron kansikuva, jonka näkee esimerkiksi osoitteessa . Muita rajoituksia kilpailussa ei ole. Otuksista aika moni on melko sääntöneutraali, joten kannattaa vilkaista että onko joukossa hyviä ajatuksia ja äänestää niitä jos löytyy.

Vaihtoehtoja on kuusi. Aseta ne järjestykseen antamalla parhaalle eniten tähtiä, toiseksi parhaalle seuraavaksi eniten, jne.

Jos et halua tehdä valintaa kahden kilpailijan välillä, niin aseta niille yhtä monta tähteä.

Äänet lasketaan Schulzen menetelmällä:

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Gloranthan Cult One Pager Pantheon Summaries

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers are an attempt to gather together in a single page (well sometimes two pages) format the main cult information. Currently there are more than 150 cults described.

Now there are summaries of all the cults associated with pantheon. The summaries are by topic. These are meant to be short hand for some key information about all pantheon's cults in a single file to be easily distributed to your players if you so like.

Pantheon Cult Catalogue
Pantheon Cult Relationships
Pantheon Cult Spell Catalogue
Pantheon Cult Personality Traits
These are stored in the pantheon directories together with Cult One Pagers.

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Match Made in Heaven – Who are your Friends or Enemies – Gloranthan One Pagers meet Compatibility Chart

Glorantha has rich and diverse tradition of cults with enmities forged in times beyond Gods War and friendships made in Time. It is good to know who your cult's traditional enemies are. If you do not follow the traditions of your cult's relationships it will be that much more difficult to get ahead in the cult, not impossible but more difficult. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

The information here can make for tense moments in your party and in society in general. If your Blackfang assassin has managed to stay in good standing with your Zorak Zoran and Pavis fellow members it still might not be wise to let them know about your tight connections with Krarsht.

Cult Compendium has a great compatibility chart for finding out who your cult's friends and enemies are. Currently it has 43 cults there. I have now combined that information for those cults into easily digestible form into the Gloranthan One Pagers.

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers contains all the one pagers
More information about what the one pagers are is in here: Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

You will of course want to follow both the cult's social guidance of who the enemies and friends (above) are and your cult's rune personality guidance to emulate your cult's god.

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Nörttitytöissä on tälläinen kiinnostava juttu luolaholvaamisen syvään päähän ajautumisesta.

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Pregenerated Characters for Mythras/Rq6 - Nomad Herders and Warriors in Prax and Elsewhere

Games Master will sometimes need quickly a set of player characters. Perhaps it is for a one off at convention or otherwise. Perhaps there was a TPK or you had one new player on baord without a character. Though character generation is fun it may take awhile - so in this series of posts a way to generate quickly some pregenerated characters.

Previous installments of pregenerated characters for Mythras/Rq6 Encounter Generator tackled some city folk and barbarians.
- Pregenerated Characters for Mythras/RQ6 - Barbarians, City Priests and Thieves

Now is the time for the noble nomads. These can be used either in Prax in Glorantha or anywhere using the animal names as just names of the tribes.

First some herders
- Nomad Bison Herder
- Nomad Impala Herder
- Zebra Herder
- Nomad Rhino Herder
- Nomad High Llama Herder
- Nomad Pol Joni Horse Herder

..and then some warriors to protect them

- Nomad Bison Warrior
- Nomad Rhino Warrior
- Impala Nomad Warrior
- High LLama Nomad Warrior
- Zebra Nomad Warrior
- Pol Joni Horse Nomad Warrior

You will also find a pregenerated nomad party, most likely in Paps or near Pavis city walls as so many different tribes together is likely to cause strife.
- Pregenerated Nomad Party

What are you waiting for - go make ambush already in Plains of Prax or hire out to protect a merchant caravan or go looting he Big Rubble in front of you

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Nasty - Check. Chaotic - Check. Dorastor - Check. TPK - Check.

Looking for a one shot or TPK - here are few nasty encounters for Encounter Generator for Mythras and RQ6 from every GM's dream and every player's nightmare - lovely home of the shrine of Dorasta - Dorastor. Most of them mean death for even the most powerful of the player parties. Most of them are unique - meaning only one of them exists in Glorantha.

Vampires might exist anywhere. This was originally from Sun County
- Ancient Human Vampire - Rune

Disease spreading is not the prerogative of Broos only. Here is a flock of Harpies to do the same
- Harpy Queen
- Harpy Elder
- Chaos Griffin
- Harpy Queen and Harpy Nest

The abandoned ruins of Dokat contain often the only inhabitant a spirit known as
- Dokat

Madness is prevalent in dorastor and few things are as mad as the
- Mad Sultan

Mad Sultan never goes anywhere without proper entourage
- Mad Sultan Party

There are relatively good guys in Dorastor but they are few and far between
- Platewalker - human form
- Platewalker - man form
- Platewalker party
- Mistress the Last

Slimestone is a place but it has got some personality even if a bit clinging one
- Slimestone

Siamese twins are rare but here is a pair who would like to meet you
- Skanth and Skath

Maidstone archers have a remote relative
- Yeach

This is the most volatile thing you might encounter
- The Thing From Dorastor

Some other chaotic ones are here
- Obviously Unbalanced Chaos from Dorastor
- Chaos Special - There are Broos Everywhere

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Pregenerated Characters for Mythras/Rq6 - Barbarians, City Priests and Thieves

Once in a while you need to be able to get the game started quickly and character generation while cool in itself can take a while, even a sizeable portion of the game session. So here the Encounter Generator comes to rescue

Here is a set of ready made characters roughly following the character generation process of Mythras (fits for RQ6 as well). It will create all of the skills for the professions and civilization types chosen, typical armor, all the combat style traits. It even contains the social class, background events, connections, information about parents, siblings and extended family and the family reputation. For Glorantha it also contains some bits of family history.
You will also find a few more pregenerated characters - most of them adhering to above
- Pavis Merchant Pregen
- Pavis Thief Pregen
- Sartar Priest Pregen

In the previous post I had already available
- Sartar Hunter Alynx Brother Pregen
- Sartar Warrior Hill Clan Levy Pregen
- Sartar Warrior Loyal Housecarl Pregen

These can be generated in groups
- Sartar Pregenerated Character Party
- Sartarians at Pavis Pregenerated Party

The following new feature tables were added

- Connections
- Parents
- Siblings
- Extended Family
- Social Class - Barbarian
- Social Class - Civilized
- Reputation
- Background events

So now there is no excuse in getting the group around the table quickly into action in the game of Mythras.

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Pregenerated Characters for One Off RQ/Mythras Scenarios - Standard Barbarians

There are situations where you need quickly either many or a single pre generated character. You might be running a one off and do not want to spend any time for creating the characters. There might have been a very nice total party kill early in the game night and players want to still continue. There might have been even an unlucky character death in the middle of the evening. In all these cases you just want to get back to the railroad.

Encounter Generator solves this neatly for Mythras and old RQ6. Here is a first quickie fix for the problem. Here is a pregenerated characters party that can be used both in Sartar or Prax or even non Gloranthan environment. Characters are at novice level. Generation follows majority of the steps included in the chargen - cultures, careers, appropriate weapons for three different professions that seem to be universal.

- Sartar Warrior Hill Clan Levy
- Sartar Warrior Loyal Housecarl
- Sartar Hunter Alynx Brother

Here are all of them in a pack

- Sartar Pregenerated Character Party

All of these could be easily used also in non Gloranthan settings by changing the language names and shield names. In case of combat styles - just change the names. If you want to allow only one combat trait for a character - select one of those.

Later on I will publish more pregens for other professions and civilizations.

Here is a link to the Charts that the GM might need and the way Encounter Generator can be used to support game night. If you need a tavern to let the group meet - here are several. Markets are just nearby.

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Who says Dorastor has all the fun - join the Cwim'ming party

Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that you should avoid Teshnos and Wastelands close by it on the Wilddays as Cwim is having his daily walks.

Created the old favorite

- Cwim the Spawn of Thed and Devil
from the Gloranthan Secrets book. He joins the Encounter Generator's chaotic party with his small friends

- Cwim's Spit Monsters
who are spitting image of himself. For convenience there is now

- Cwim'ming party
which contains the Cwim itself, gorps he throw and the spit monsters.

It would be good to kno his coing a bit beforehand as the party might need some preparing. So I created random party table for Foreshadowing the Encounter. It can be attached to any party and it can provide some clues that an encounter might be occurring. Some examples would be

- locals fleeing the encounter
- carrion animals associated with encounter gathering
- Spoor of the encounter found
- Footprints made by the encounter
- Wildlife alarmed by the closeness of the encounter
- Favorite food animal of the encounter growing alarmed
and so on.This is attached now to Cwim'ming party but will in time be attached to other parties as well.

Here are few other Chaos encounters from earlier posts

- Obviously Unbalanced Chaos in Dorastor
- Chaos Special - There are Broos Everywhere
- Sea and Chaos - These are a few of my favorite things
- To see the Monster Island and Die
- Demon Encounters in RQ6
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