DJ Wess: speaking of kinky furry shit I hate furry people it's just disgusting don't go to the stadium with bunch of furry people they be like goofy voice I like baseball I like baseball too yeah yeah baseball good yeah yeah normal voice WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!? Get me the fuck outta here with that bullshit

DJ Wess: now twilight wheezes laughing I got nothing to say man I mean I still remember the way you suck flash's dick look like you eating some fruit from the hungry hungry hippos game twilight cracks up like damn she hungry like hungry hungry hippo laughs loud

DJ Wess: and that's why I was retired of that palcomix group and currently I'm doing Equestria Untamed which is quite alright but I gotta roast flash. Hey sentry the way you look at twilight at the first Equestria Girls was the funniest shit I've ever seen in my life flash sentry smirks in the scene when Twi was still got the contacts on her eyes and she accidentally bump into you kinda clumsy Twi. And flash's face was like pretends to do flash sentry's face and do the impression it's ok normal voice and the hallway one oh my fucking god when you try to pick Twi your fuckin mind say like "yeah I'm gonna fuck her anal" flash sentry cracks up loud your fucking brain was horny as hell

A new stand up special is coming on Friday "Amanda Jackson: The One & Only" be there people!

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