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Good morning. I share with you a new shot of my Caska cosplay. Hope you like it... :))))

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Hi Guys follow us for all you're latest gaming news, Anime, funny pics/memes, Cosplay, Kawaii and lots more fun content thanks for supporting!

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Which Casca is better?
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Golden Age Arc Casca
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Conviction Arc Casca

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I'm getting scared of the possibility that the Berserk 2016 anime could be trying to finish off the story within the new anime. As a back up for if the manga loses the chance to end properly. I have no proof of this its just simply nerves.

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Welcome to Berserk, a dark and bloody world filled with betrayal, murder and death.
Community Rules:
1.) Berserk posts only. This is a Roleplaying Community, and as such the community should be only about Roleplaying
2.) No spamming. Spammers will be instantly banned.
3.) No text-talking in RP's
4.) No advertising. This goes for Moderators and Owners too.
5.) No Godmodding. (Being Immortal/unbeatable.) UNLESS you have what we call Plot-Armour. But that is decided by the owners and it's usually only temporary.
6.) Logic is obviously required in all RP's.  
7.) Try to be descriptive. No one likes one-line replies.
8.) No approved profile? No posting
9.) No abilities that don't relate/resemble to the anime.
10.) No children/other blood relation to Canon characters. We try to keep this lore friendly.
11.) No random hentai posts. In actual RP's allowed as it is a dark world.
12.) No Berserk unrelated characters such as Nekos or Furries. Go elsewhere, Berserk.
13.) Maximum of 3 profiles per person, and the admin is required to speak in 3rd person to avoid confusion.
14.) Post in the right category. This is obvious, but there are always people who are not doing so.
15.) No one is a Leader of a Band or a Group on start. That position must be earned by active roleplaying. (Exception for Moderators and Admins, they are usually part of some story we prepare in advance)
16.) No senseless cross-overs.
17.) Canon Characters are not allowed. We are keeping away from the main story arc.

[Basic Profile Template]

[Expanded Profile Template]

[Temporary Berserk Map]

It has been three weeks since the prophesied Eclipse. Since that day the Band of the Hawk mysteriously disappeared, and has not been seen since. The land suddenly surged with demons and apostles, and slowly the world begins to fall into the darkness. 

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Nuovo episodio :) Seguitemi su youtube 
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