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Name: Yato (Yatogami)
Age: 18
Race: Demi-God
Magic: Regalia ( Yukine Sword )
Weapon: Regalia (Yukine sword)
Personality: All Yato wants is Fame! Fame Fame Fame XD That's all XD
Likes: Fame. Being the best xD
Dislikes: Being called Smelly XD people judging him by the way he looks.
 Bio:  Yato is a demi-god, so basically people can see him , but he is really hard to notice. Yato wants to me literarily the god of the whole world XD He has a regalia. a regalia is basically a spirit weapon used to fight evil spirits!
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This is my profile:

Name: Kanari Hanabira
Age: 17
Race: Witch
Magic: Ice magic
Weapon: Sword
Personality: Usually cheery and acts like a leader
Likes: Snow, flowers
Dislikes: heat, hight
Bio: Hanabira lived in a village high up in a snow mountain. That is where she learned her magic. A dragon burned her village down when she was 9 and she was the only survivor. She then found Zen'aku Academy and started going there.
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Weird Question >.< Are you allowed to make your profile as an anime character? >.< it not its tottaly fine ill just use meh o.c :D
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