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Welcome expendable meatbags! The community is now open! Grimdark.

Note: For now, there are no listed planets, they are only known as Hive World, Pleasure World, Space Marine Homeworld, etc. Until the community grows, to prevent too much confusion.

Profile Template:

Misc Templates:

General Rules:

Travel System:

High Ranks:

Races/Empires (Available):

Races/Empires (Unavailable):
~Dark Eldar

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"I see fear in their eyes, right before they die. I see shock as they realize too late what it is to pit their pitiful strength against true power."

[Name]: Sevastus Kranon

[Alias]: Kranon the Relentless

[Age]: Approximately 3,000 Years old

[Race]: Chaos Warped Astartes

[Gender]: Male

[Height]: 2.21 Meters

[Allegiance]: Chaos Undivided

[Patron Deity]: None, worships Chaos as a whole. But he remains very Khornate.

[Rank]: Formerly Chapter Master
Chaos Lord

[Faction]: Formerly Imperium of Man
Forces of Chaos
Crimson Slaughter

[Occupation]: Leader of the Crimson Slaughter

[Weapons]: Plasma Pistol
Power Sword

[Abilities and Traits]: Kranon is a fearless warrior, striking with no care fro his foe along with his entire Warband, plagued by their massacres serving the Imperium. Kranon is also quite insane, making him an even more deadly opponent in combat.

[Personality]: Kranon is insane and very much bloodthirsty, he and his warband have been cursed by the Blood God Khorne to feast on the blood of their foes to stop the horrible suffering and nightmares given to them. He has no care for anyone other than himself, wanting to taste the violence and blood in combat, quenching his thirst and calming the insanity inside of him.

[Bio]: Sevastus Kranon was once Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres Space Marines. Under his command the Chapter won great accolades, crushing whole worlds in the name of the Emperor. His brutal manner, however, earned the Crimson Sabres a dark reputation in the broader Imperium. The Crimson Sabres' descent towards excommunication began on the Jungle World of Umidia, where the Astartes conducted a genocidal purging of the Balethu Cults in 928.M41. Subsequent interrogation of captured Crimson Sabres revealed that the Chaos Cults of Umidia were in the process of summoning a daemon of Khorne, and in their rush to judgment, the Crimson Sabres purged the entire planet of life. In revenge (or possibly reward) for the bloody annihilation of his followers, Khorne cursed the Crimson Sabres to be haunted by the voices of all those they had slain.

The entire Chapter was literally haunted by the butchery of the mysterious Balethu; poltergeist activity surrounded the Crimson Sabres wherever they went. Whenever a Space Marine closed his eyes, he could see the faces of those he had killed and hear their screams in his mind. Sleep became impossible and, slowly at first, a pall of paranoid insanity spread through the Chapter like a disease. This led the Crimson Sabres to being declared Renegades by the Inquisition and the High Lords of Terra due to the signs of continued psychological instability the Astartes of the Chapter displayed and their continued penchant for over-zealous prosecution of their campaigns.

In an attempt to burn away the harrowing memories in the fires of war, Chapter Master Sevastus Kranon declared the neighbouring world of Demetra tainted by mere proximity to Umidia, and the killing began anew. The desperate plan worked, for the spectres of the Balethu were drowned out in a series of gore-drenched battles. Subsequent bloodshed could silence the voices, but only for a short time. Kranon then led his warriors into the Eye of Terror to slaughter Traitors instead of spilling the blood of Imperial innocents, thereby gaining a temporary respite. Exiled in the Eye of Terror, the Crimson Sabres were blessed with many gifts by the Ruinous Powers to further their combat prowess. They were finally fully corrupted by Chaos and remade themselves as the warband of Chaos Space Marines called the Crimson Slaughter.

Sevastus Kranon, reborn as the Chaos Lord and Champion of Khorne named Kranon the Relentless, learned of the mystical Chaotic artefact known as the Hellfire Stone, an altar dedicated to Khorne that could forever free his Astartes from their curse and silence the voices in their heads once and for all. It was said that once anointed with the blood of a Space Marine, the Hellfire Stone would open a doorway into the Warp and allow a powerful daemon to pass through into realspace. Joining forces with warbands drawn from the Traitor Legions during the 13th Black Crusade, Kranon and the Crimson Slaughter began their rampage across multiple Imperial worlds in their relentless search for the Hellfire Stone.

Carving a bloody swathe across the dozen or more populated worlds that dotted the southern rim of the galaxy, the Crimson Slaughter overwhelmed Imperial garrisons and slaughtered whole populations before vanishing into the Warp once more. Although their rebellion against the Imperium had been well documented -- if subsequently suppressed by order of the Inquisition -- the remote nature of the planets they attacked meant that by the time a distress call was answered, the Crimson Slaughter had long departed.

This remained true until the Crimson Slaughter made the mistake of engaging the Dark Angels' 5th Company in battle upon the world of Stern's Remembrance, slaying many Battle-Brothers including the 5th Company's Master, Zadakiel. Such an act of violence earned the undying enmity and wrath of the Dark Angels and the newly ascended 5th Company Master, Balthasar, who swore to hunt down those responsible for his predecessor's death and bring their heads back to The Rock, the spaceborne fortress-monastery of the Dark Angels. The 5th Company was also accompanied in this task by members of the Dark Angels' elite 1st Company, the Deathwing, members of the 2nd Company, the Ravenwing, and a powerful Librarian named Turmiel, who had been trained by Ezekiel, the Chief Librarian of the Dark Angels. Relentless proved the Dark Angels' hunt across a dozen worlds, until finally the Chaos Space Marines were tracked to the world of Bane's Landing where they were confronted by the Dark Angels 5th Company once more. Kranon the Relentless sought to use the Hellfire Stone he had finally discovered there to summon forth his daemonic masters and usher in a new age of darkness. As the Dark Angels raced to stop him, a mighty conflict between the loyal Balthasar and the Traitor Kranon was in the offing.

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When you were almost done with your profile and accidentally exited out of the last tab.

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[]~General Rules~[]

1). Flame wars are unacceptable, try not to get into them as they typically ruin the general feel of the community.

2). If you have questions, please ask me or a moderator.

3). Please make sure you have an approved character before Roleplaying

4). Don't beg for moderator status, seriously everyone, if you are worthy of it, someone will nominate you.

5). Please keep Hentai off of the com. It can get rather gruesome as this is set in the warhammer 40k universe though this isn't meant to extend to anything that could get this community taken down.

6). Do your best to be descriptive, it works wonders for others who want to weave a big story.

7). HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself! Use the warp! Have duels! Split a man down the middle! Fight a daemon! This community is here to be fun! Enjoy it!
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[]~Grimdark Roleplay Profile Template~[]

[]General Information:[]

Name: "My name is Aaron Alexander, pleased to meet you."

Alias: _"I am known as Prince of the God Machines. As my skill with my Titan seems to precede me. _

Rank: Highborn, son of the planetary governor.

Quotes: "This age is, pretty fucking grimdark. A Titan has only three weaknesses, hubris, folly, and me."

Age: "I am thirty six currently."

Height: "I'm five foot five. If you insult my height, I will have an arbites shove a combat knife, up your ass."

Weight: "A hundred and twenty three pounds."

Hair Color: He possesses chestnut brown hair, cut rather short so as not to impede his MIS port.

Eye Color: He possesses hazel eyes, and they seem to twinkle with knowledge every now and then.

Skin Tone: Aaron has rather pale skin, as he spends quite a bit of time in his Titan.

Date of Birth: M.50 622

Place of Birth: Hive city spires


Race: Human

Job: Princeps


Assets: "Well, I am a'm not sure I have a limit on how much money I have."

Main Loadout: Maccabien Rosarius (A holy symbol and powerful conversion field.), Bolt Pistol (Designed for normal human hands), Cadian Pattern Carapace Armor (With Grav Chute, and the other typical assortment of tech), Captains Coat, Sword



Personality: Aaron comes off as very intelligent, and slightly snide. His tour of duty to the imperium has left him rather comical and slightly arrogant, after all, he is Prince of the God Machines.

Likes: His Titan, the finer things in life, quote "yummy things", though everything can't be laid out here.

Dislikes: Heretics, Xenos, "Non Yummy Things" servants overcooking his food, other things.

Disposition: 40K is a universe of necessity, he is not really ever one thing or the other, it is a matter of perspective of course.

Biography: Aaron Alexander grew up as the only son of a planetary governor of a certain planet, the capital city of which, is a hive city, he grew up your typical highborn, enjoying the finer things in life, and studying strategy. Of course, the young man was always to be bred for war, brought up on the Lexcio Divinitatus, and had always been a skilled fighter. After he escaped a draft to deal with a splinter of anti imperialist rebels, it became known to the imperium that he was a skilled Princeps, and quickly became renowned for his piloting skills and resistance to the addiction of piloting a Titan, he himself says that when he is placed into a Titan, the emperor guides him. Of course, while most become addicted to piloting a Titan, Aaron has thus far avoided this fate, and takes several frequent trips to his home planet to enjoy being a highborn.

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[]~Space Marines~[]

The Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes are foremost amongst the defenders of humanity, the greatest of the Emperor of Mankind's warriors. They are barely human at all, but superhuman; having been made superior in all respects to a normal man by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Space Marines are untouched by plague or any natural disease and can suffer wounds that would kill a lesser being several times over, and live to fight again. Clad in ancient Power Armour and wielding the most potent weapons known to Man, the Space Marines are terrifying foes and their devotion to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man is unyielding. They are the God-Emperor's Angels of Death, and they know no fear.

Starters: Those who may start as Astartes.

Recruitment: If you are chosen to be a space marine, you will be taken to the astartes chapters fortress monastery, where you must undergo a one week augmentation and training process, upon completion of which, you will be placed in the chapters scout (noob) company.

Implants: These implants are what you must receive over the course of the week in the order they are listed, coupled with hypnotic therapy and combat training.

Secondary Heart ~ The Secondary Heart, also called the Maintainer, is the first and least difficult of the 19 Astartes gene-seed organ implants a Space Marine Neophyte receives to transform him into a full Astartes. It resembles a smaller version of the human heart and is implanted in the chest cavity and connected to the rest of the Neophyte's circulatory and pulmonary systems near the original heart. Its function is to enhance the performance of an Astartes by supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles by increasing blood flow well-beyond that capable for even the most fit normal human being. The Secondary Heart can often save an Astartes' life in combat. In the event of combat damage to or failure of the Space Marine's original heart, the Secondary Heart is usually capable of pumping enough blood through the Astartes' circulatory system to maintain survival until he can be treated by the Chapter's Apothecaries.

Ossmodula ~ The Ossmodula, also called the Ironheart, is the 2nd of the 19 gene-seed organs implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte during the induction process to create a new Astartes. This implant, surgically placed alongside the Neophyte's pituitary gland at the base of the brain, thus becoming a part of the Space Marine's endocrine system, secretes a specially engineered form of human growth hormone. When the effects of this hormone are combined with a diet laced with microscopic ceramic-based minerals, they act to synthesise the rapid growth of an Astartes' skeleto-muscular system which results in an Astartes' superhuman strength and massive size compared to a baseline human male. Two years after the surgery to implant the Ossmodula is completed, the Neophyte Space Marine's skeleton will be larger and exponentially stronger than a normal man's with growth having topped out at around 7-7.5 feet in height with an equivalent amount of skeleto-muscular mass. During this time the rib cage will fuse into a solid mass of bullet-proof, interlaced bone plates. The resulting structure protects the Space Marine's organs from damage in a way the normal human skeleton never could, though at the price of producing greater difficulties for the Chapter's Apothecaries when they must perform surgeries on a Space Marine's body cavity.

Biscopea ~ The Biscopea, also called the Forge of Strength, is the 3rd of the 19 gene-seed organs implanted into a Neophyte Space Marine during the induction process to create a new Astartes. This organ enhances a Space Marine's physical combat ability and survivability to superhuman levels should he live to become a full Astartes of a Space Marine Chapter. When implanted into the chest cavity, usually at the same time as the Ossmodula is implanted at the base of the brain, this small, spherical implant bolsters skeletomuscular development and density throughout the Space Marine's body and regulates the Ossmodula's synethetic human growth hormone secretion levels. This initiates a growth process that ultimately causes the adolescent human male implanted with the organ to reach the massive height and gain the superhuman strength and muscle density of the Astartes. As noted above, the Biscopea is commonly implanted at the same time as the Ossmodula since it is necessary to successfully regulate the Ossmodula's hormonal secretions and it will also regulate the hormonal changes caused to the new Astartes' body by many of the other gene-seed implants.

Haemastamen ~ The Haemastamen, also known as the Blood Maker, is the 4th of the 19 gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. Once implanted into a main blood vessel like the aorta, femoral artery or the vena cava, the Haemastamen alters an Astartes' blood's biochemical composition to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. The actions of the Haemastamen turn a Space Marine's blood a brighter shade of red than that of normal humans because of its greatly increased oxygen-carrying capacity. It also acts to biochemically regulate the actions of the 2nd and 3rd gene-seed implants, the Ossmodula and Biscopea.

Larraman's Organ ~ Larraman's Organ, also called the Healer, is the 5th of the 19 gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. Shaped like the human liver but only the size of a golf ball, this gene-seed organ is placed within the chest cavity and manufactures the synthetic biological cells known as Larraman Cells that were named after one of the researchers in the Emperor of Mankind's gene-laboratories on Terra where the gene-seed for the first Space Marines was created under the Emperor's direction from his Primarchs' DNA. These biosynthetic cells serve the same physiological purpose for an Astartes as the normal human body's platelets, serving to clot the blood lost from wounds, but act faster, more efficiently and more effectively. When a Space Marine is wounded and incurs blood loss, Larraman Cells are released by his circulatory system, attached to the body's normal leukocytes (white blood cells). At the site of the injury, they form scar tissue in a matter of seconds, effectively preventing massive blood loss and infection of the wound. The action of this organ is one of the reasons that the Space Marines are seen as nearly invincible and so difficult to kill despite the terrible wounds they sometimes endure.

Catalepsean Node ~ The Catalepsean Node, also called the Unsleeping, is the 6th of the 19 gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. This organ is implanted into the back of the cerebrum, just above the brain stem. When deprived of sleep for a long period of time, the Catalepsean Node "cuts in" upon detecting a rise in the Astartes' stress and fatigue hormones. This allows the Astartes to consciously "switch off" sections of the brain sequentially, while remaining awake and alert. This ability comes at a price, as prolonged use of this ability can be hazardous, possibly inducing hallucinations or even psychosis. This implant bears a resemblance to an ancient scientific theory as to how cetaceans known as "Bottlenose Dolphins" "sleep": shutting off sections of their brain while remaining awake and alert through the active use of the other sections. Yet even the mighty Space Marines cannot go too long without actual rest. The longest any Space Marine has ever been on active combat duty without rest is 328 hours, achieved by a squad of the Crimson Fists' Kill-team during the battle against the Orks for Rynn's World.

Preomnor ~ The Preomnor, also called the Neutraliser, is the 7th of the 19 gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. The Preomnor is essentially a second or pre-stomach spliced into the human digestive system above the original stomach that allows Space Marines to eat otherwise poisonous or completely indigestible materials. The Preomnor is capable of biochemically analysing ingested materials and neutralizing most known biochemical and inorganic toxins, and many others that remain unknown save for their toxic effects. Deadly poisons are either neutralised or isolated from the digestive tract by the Preomnor. The Preomnor can also be isolated from the rest of the digestive tract to deal with particularly toxic substances that a Space Marine may simply vomit back up later. Often these extracted toxins are rerouted and then molecularly stored in the Betcher's Gland for future usage by the Astartes.

Omophagea ~ The Omophagea, also called the Remembrancer, is the 8th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new superhuman Astartes. The Omophagea is implanted into the spinal cord and then wired into the central nervous system so that it is directly attached to the cerebral cortex and to the stomach. It allows the Astartes to gain part of an individual person's or creature's memory by eating its flesh. This special organ is implanted between the thoracic vertebrae and the stomach wall and is designed to absorb information and any DNA, RNA or protein sequences related to experience or memory. This implant thus allows a Space Marine to literally "learn by eating." Four new nerve bundles are also implanted connecting the spine and the stomach wall. The Omophagea transmits the gained information to the Astartes' brain as a set of memories or experiences. This enables the Space Marine to gain information, in a survival or tactical sense, simply by eating an animal indigenous to an alien world and then experiencing some of what that creature did before its death. It is the presence of this organ that is responsible for the various flesh-eating and blood-drinking rituals for which certain Space Marine Chapters are famous, as well as giving names to Chapters such as the Blood Drinkers and Flesh Tearers. Over time, mutations in this implant's gene-seed have given some Chapters an unnatural craving for blood or flesh.

Multi-lung ~ The Multi-lung, also called the Imbiber, is the 9th of the 19 genetically engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. The Multi-lung is a third lung implanted into an Astartes' pulmonary and circulatory systems in the chest cavity that is able to absorb oxygen from environments usually too poor in oxygen to allow normal human respiratory functioning. Breathing is accomplished through a sphincter implanted into the trachea, allowing all three lungs to be used at full capacity. In toxic environments, a similar muscle closes off the normal lungs, thus oxygen is absorbed exclusively by the Multi-lung, which then filters out the poisonous or toxic elements. The Multi-lung has highly efficient toxin dispersal systems.

Occulobe ~ The Occulobe, also called the Eye of Vengeance, is the 10th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. This implant sits at the base of the brain after being implanted along the optic nerve and connected to the retina, and provides hormonal and genetic stimuli which enable a Space Marine's eyes to respond to the optic-therapy that all Neophytes must undergo in their Chapter's Apothecarium. These procedures, in turn, allow the Chapter's Apothecaries to make adjustments to the growth patterns of the eyes and their light-receptive retinal cells. The result is that Space Marines have visual acuity that is far superior to that of baseline humans and they can see in low-light conditions and near-darkness almost as well as in bright daylight.

Lyman's Ear ~ The Lyman's Ear, also called the Sentinel, is the 11th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. Not only does this implant's improved inner ear structure make a Space Marine immune to dizziness or motion sickness but it also allows Space Marines to consciously filter out and greatly enhance certain sounds over the capabilities of normal human hearing. The Lyman's Ear completely replaces one of a Space Marine's original ears. It is externally indistinguishable from a normal human ear in size and shape. Lyman's Ear is named after one of the scientists who worked in the Emperor's gene-laboratories on Terra in the 29th Millennium who aided in the project to produce the first Astartes using the Emperor's own genome as the starting point.

Sus-an Membrane ~ The Sus-an Membrane, also called the Hibernator, is the 12th of the 19 genetically-engineered organs created from a Space Marine Chapter's gene-seed that is implanted into a normal human man to transform him into a Neophyte of an Adeptus Astartes Chapter. Initially implanted within the Neophyte's cranium, this membrane eventually merges with the recipient's cerebrum, becoming a full part of his neural architecture. The organ's functions are ineffective without follow-up chemical therapy and training by a Chapter's Apothecaries, but with sufficient practice and instruction a Space Marine can use this implant to enter a state of suspended animation, consciously or as an automatic reaction to extreme trauma, keeping the Space Marine alive for years, even if he has suffered otherwise mortal wounds. Only the appropriate chemical therapy or hypnotic auto-suggestion can revive a Space Marine from this state. The longest recorded period spent in suspended animation was undertaken by Battle-Brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels Chapter, who was revived after 567 standard years in Sus-an hibernation.

Melanochrome ~ The Melanochrome, also called the Skinshield, is the 13th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. This hormonal implant is attached to the human lymphatic system and controls the amount of melanin in a Space Marine's skin. Exposure to high levels of sunlight will result in the Astartes' skin naturally darkening to compensate. It also protects the Space Marine from other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Different levels of radiation cause variations of skin colour in different Chapters due to mutations in the Melanochrome organ's gene-seed. This can be related to the unusually pale skin of the Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters and the dark black skin and red eyes of the Salamanders.

Oolitic Kidney ~ The Oolitic Kidney, also known as the Purifier, is the 14th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs implanted within a Space Marine Neophyte to create a new Astartes. The organ is implanted within the new Astartes' abdominal cavity and it becomes a part of the Space Marines' excretory system, an emergency detoxification organ that allows a Space Marine to survive exposure through the respiration, tactile contact or ingestion of poisons, toxins and gases that are too powerful for even his rugged system to normally process without this organ's help. However, this detoxification process renders the Astartes unconscious once it begins, so it can be very dangerous if required during combat. Under normal circumstances, the Oolitic Kidney also acts as a regulatory organ for the Astartes physiology, maintaining the efficient action of the Space Marine's advanced circulatory system and the proper functioning of his other organs, implanted or otherwise.

Neuroglottis ~ The Neuroglottis, also called the Devourer, is the 15th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to create a new Astartes. The organ is implanted within the Astartes' upper nasal passages and after it is functioning, chewing, tasting or smelling a substance allows a Space Marine to biochemically test it for toxicity and nutritional content, essentially determining if the substance is edible or poisonous. The organ also allows the Space Marine to identify extremely subtle odours with the same fidelity as the average canine bred for tracking, allowing him to even track his quarry by taste alone.

Mucranoid ~ The Mucranoid, also called the Weaver, is the 16th of the 19 gene-seed organs implanted within an adolescent Space Marine Neophyte to create a new Astartes. This organ is implanted within the central nervous system and responds to specific chemical stimuli in the environment, causing the Space Marine to secrete a waxy protein substance similar to mucus through his pores that seals his skin. The gland's operations must first be activated by an external chemical treatment, usually self-administered, before it will activate. Space Marines are cocooned in this way before they enter suspended animation, and the process can even protect them from the harshness of the vacuum and other extremes of temperature, particularly deeply frigid environments.

Betcher's Gland ~ The Betcher's Gland, also known as the Poison Bite, is the 17th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs that are implanted into a Space Marine Neophyte to produce a new Astartes. Consisting of two glands that are implanted into multiple locations inside a Space Marine's mouth, including the inside of the lower lip, in the salivary glands or in the hard palette, these two glands working in tandem transform an Astartes' saliva into a corrosive, blinding acid when consciously triggered. This allows a Space Marine to spit a wad of corrosive acid with the effect of blinding, wounding or even killing an enemy outright. These implants' more common use is to aid in the digestion of unusually difficult or impossible things to digest, such as cellulose. In the gene-seed of several Primarchs, like that of Rogal Dorn, this organ has atrophied and is no longer as effective or has simply ceased to function entirely in the Astartes of the Chapters that use those Primarchs' gene-seed.

Progenoid Glands ~ The Progenoid Glands, also known as the Gene-Seed, are the 18th of the 19 genetically-engineered gene-seed organs implanted within an adolescent Space Marine Neophyte to create a new Astartes. Every Space Marine has these organs, one implanted in the neck and another in the chest. The organs hormonally respond to the presence of the other Astartes gene-seed implants in the body by creating germ cells with DNA identical to that of those implants through a process very similar to cellular mitosis. These germ cells grow and are stored in the Progenoid organs, much like sperm cells or egg cells are stored in the testes and ovaries of normal men and women. When properly cultured by the Apothecaries of a Space Marine Chapter, these germ cells can be gestated into each of the 19 gene-seed organs needed to create a new Space Marine. Thus, for most Astartes, their Progenoid Glands represent the only form of reproduction they will ever know, though the DNA passed on will be that of their Primarch, not their own. Mature Progenoid organs can be removed and new gene-seed implants artificially cultured from them. This is the only way new implants can be created, so a Chapter depends upon its existing Space Marines to create other Space Marines. Five standard years after implantation, the Progenoid Gland in the neck contains mature gene-seed and may be removed and its germ cells harvested, while the larger chest Progenoid is not considered ready for harvesting until 10 standard years have passed. The harvesting is normally done after an Astartes' death by an Apothecary, who carries a special attachment on the mobile medical field kit he carries on his arm known as a Narthecium. This attachment is called a Reductor and it is specifically used to extract both Progenoid Glands from the body of a slain Astartes so that his gene-seed can be used to replace the Chapter's loss, the only form of true immortality that Astartes will ever know.

The Black Carapace ~ The Black Carapace, also known as the Interface, is the last and one of the most important of all the 19 gene-seed organ implants a Space Marine Neophyte will receive as he is transformed from a normal, adolescent human male into a superhuman Astartes. This neuroreactive, black organic fibrous material is implanted directly under the skin of the Neophyte's torso. Points are then cut through the Carapace by an Apothecary using surgical tools that allow a Space Marine to directly interface his central nervous system with his Power Armour's cybernetic systems. After a few hours, the material hardens and invasive synthetic fiber bundles that will serve as connection points for neurons grow inward and interlink with the newborn Astartes' central nervous system. Note that a Space Marine needs the Black Carapace to use his Power Armour to its maximum capabilities, but the armour itself does not need this implant in order to function. The Sisters of Battle, for example, as well as some Inquisitors, also wear Power Armour. However, since their central nervous systems are not linked directly to their armour's Machine Spirit as a Space Marine would be, their Power Armour is markedly less efficient at providing protection or allowing them to maneuver in combat than that of an Astartes.
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[]~Imperial Guard~[]

"Men, we are the first, last and often only line of defence the Imperium has against what is out there. You and that fine piece of Imperial weaponry you hold in your hands is all that is keeping humanity alive. Most of you will probably not live to see your second year in the Guard and most of you will probably never see your homeworlds again, but I can guarantee you that when you do fall, with a prayer to the most high and mighty God-Emperor on your lips, you will have earned the right to call yourself a man!"

The Imperial Guard, also known as the Astra Militarum in traditional High Gothic, is the largest coherent fighting force in the galaxy. They serve as the Imperium of Man's primary combat force and first line of defence from the myriad threats which threaten the existence of the human race in the late 41st Millennium. Welcome to the expendable sledgehammer ladies.


Lord Commander Militant (supreme commander of the Imperial Guard and a High Lord of Terra)

Warmaster (Lord Solar) (special rank only bestowed upon a general officer who leads an Imperial Crusade)

Lord Commander (supreme military commander of one of the five Imperial Segmentae)

Lord General Militant (supreme military commander of a designated theatre of operations)

General (various different titles for this rank exist. Leader of multiple regiments in an army group)

Colonel (various different titles for this rank exist. Leader of a regiment or equivalent formation)


Captain (various different titles for this rank exist. Leader of a company or equivalent formation)

Lieutenant (Leader of a platoon or equivalent formation)

Sergeant (Ultra Head Noob, Leader of a basic Squad)

Corporal (Head noob)

Trooper (Rank and file soldier, AKA, noob)

Commissars, Priests of the Ecclesiarchy, Tech-priests, Sanctioned Psykers, Inquisitors (All have no official rank in the Imperial Guard)

Commissars: Welcome future assholes! Load your ally shooting pistol and read up on your insult dictionaries! Lets get to work!

Commissar-General ~ Commissar-General is the senior-most rank within the Commissariat. Besides their usual duties, these highly experienced Commissars are also tasked with the additional responsibilities of assigning Commissars under their command to overwatch Imperial Guard officers and promoting Commissar Cadets to full-Commissar status.

PDF Commissar ~ The Commissariat has oversight authority over all branches of the Imperial military (with the exception of the Adeptus Astartes, Adepta Sororitas and Skitarii soldiers of the Adeptus Mechanicus), which would include Planetary Defence Forces (PDF). Commissars assigned to these thankless postings are usually advanced in age, or have been subjected to disciplinary action. In practice, only a single Commissar would be assigned to a PDF of an entire world, or even several planets within a Sub-sector, playing little to no role in the activities of such forces. Therefore, the majority of these local Planetary Defence Forces are ignorant of these Commissars' existence. Some Planetary Defence Forces maintain their own local Commissariats. Tensions are often strained between these local Commissariats and the official Imperial Commissariat, especially in the matters of jurisdiction. It has even been known for Imperial Commissars to execute their local counterparts for overstepping their authority.

Lord-Commissar ~ Lord-Commissars are senior-ranking Commissars, promoted to this esteemed rank after displaying exemplary battlefield service. The battlefield heroics of a Lord-Commisar are often the stuff of legends to the average Guardsman.

Colonel-Commissar ~ Colonel-Commissar is a very rare rank, conferred upon a Commissar only in unusual or extraordinary circumstances. This rank refers only to those Commissars awarded regimental command rank, and charged with commanding an Imperial Guard regiment. Though the award of such a rank occurred as recently as the Sabbat Worlds Crusade to Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt of the Tanith First and Only regiment following the destruction of Tanith, the inherent conflict between the performance of the dual roles of Commissar and regimental commanding officer is normally seen as a threat to a regiment's discipline by the Commisariat.

Commissar-Captain ~ Commissar-Captain is a rarely-seen rank that is an intermediary position between a full Commissar and a Commissar-General. Though the particular role of a Commissar-Captain is not easily defined, it has been observed that Commissars who maintain this rank have been seen supervising at a regimental level.

Commissar Commissar is the standard rank of these political officers, at least one being assigned per regiment of the Imperial Guard or voidship of the Imperial Navy. It is their duty to "encourage" the men of an Imperial Guard regiment to fight, fighting alongside the regiment's officers and taking control when morale is flagging or the men are not fighting with sufficient zeal. In such situations a Commissar can take over command from an officer and summarily execute any man who tries to flee. Even a Colonel of a regiment must be sure to display courage and zeal at all times when a Commissar is watching them.

Junior Commissar ~ Junior Commissars are subordinate to full Commissars, performing the role as a junior aide in the oversight of the regiment or voidship assigned to a full Commissar. They primarily perform as adjutants and in an investigatory role as well as carrying out the usual Commissarial duties, although they do not have permission to perform executions without prior consent from higher ranked officers. Junior Commissars often undertake their Commissarial role with smaller formations such as an individual squad, platoon or company.

Cadet Commissars ~ Cadet-Commissars are Commissars-in-training. Assigned to Commissar Training Squads they are armed and equipped with the standard gear of a regular Guardsman, although they maintain their usual Commissar panoply; leather long coat, gloves, jack boots, and high-peaked caps. Their uniforms only differ slightly from a full Commissar by featuring blue trim and a Cadet-Commissar emblem instead of the usual death's head emblem of a full Commissar. Their training has no set duration, and a Cadet-Commissar will only be graduated to full Commissar status upon being deemed worthy by the Commissariat. Those that fail in their duties, but have not shown cowardice or insubordination, are relieved of their duties. Commissar Cadets who fail in their training can often get a commission in a Penal Battalion. Others volunteer for service in a Rogue Trader entourage. Sometimes, their destiny will be decided by the Commissar-General or Commissar under whom the ex-Cadet trained.

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A Titan is any one of several classes of massive, crewed, robotic bipedal combat walkers fielded by the Titan Legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Collegia Titanica or by the Forces of Chaos' Dark Mechanicum. Of course they are also FUCKING AWESOME!, Grimdark.

Princep Starters: People who may start as princeps, and they may choose the armament of their titans, all start with warhounds.

Princep: A princep is the captain of a titan, and has a matrix style skull jack, that essentially mind melds you with the titan, think pacific rim, and you get to feel as if you ARE the titan. Firing weapons feel like firing bolts of plasma from your hands or walking. Its fun. Unfortunately, its so fun, and then you never want to leave.

Moderati: Moderati are sub princeps to share the neural load, and handle things like walking and aiming. They can have crews of moderati ranging from two in a warhound, and up to ten or twenty in an imperator.

Imperial Knights: Thirty to forty foot tall single man mech suits, less powerful and less durable than even warhound titans, weapons are as follows. They generally can mount two weapons one on each arm, and one ion shield.

Knight Starters: May start as knights and you may pick their armament.

Acheron Pattern Flame Cannon - The Archeron pattern Flame Cannon is a large armed-mounted, Knight-sized Heavy Flamer utilised by Cerastus Knight-Acheron pattern suits. This deadly weapon is ideal for immolating entire swathes of the enemy with each shot, and serve as an effective terror weapon.

Autocannon - An Autocannon is a fully automatic heavy ballistic weapon capable of firing a hail of high-velocity shells. The Autocannons used by the Knights are almost exclusively in the possession of Knight Castellans, and they are heavyweight, multi-barreled, high-caliber weapons, fitting armament for a fire support Titan. A Knight Castellan's Autocannon is capable of stripping a Titan of its Void Shields in a matter of seconds.

Avenger Gatling Cannon - With six cyclic barrels, the Avenger Gatling Cannon can fire large calibre shells at a prodigious rate. These high velocity shots mow down enemy infantry or rip easily through light armour. Well-placed shots can tear through even thicker plating, blasting apart the heaviest armoured infantry or battle tanks. When firing at maximum rate, the Avenger stitches deadly patterns of death across the enemy's front lines while making a whirring hiss as the barrels spin faster than the eye can follow.

Bolter - Knights utilise small Bolters, relative to their own size, for protection against infantry boarding actions and to help mow down lightly armoured targets. Knight Bolters have a short range, and essentially are weapons only used in melee fights or when running down infantry formations.
Castigator Pattern Bolt Cannon - The Castigator pattern Bolt Cannon is a large armed-mounted, twin-linked rotary weapon utilised by the Cerastus Knight-Castigator pattern. This weapon is highly capable of obliterating infantry formations in a thunderous rain of mass reactive explosions.

Energy Whip - A rarely used close combat weapon, the single whip lashes against the target causing light damage but also acts as a conductor for a massive electrical jolt intended to burn out circuitry and control systems in an opposing Knight. A successful hit with an Energy Whip automatically inflicts psychic shock in addition to any other damage done. The Energy Whip is also effective against buildings. The notable House Devine Questoris Knight Errant, Banelash, piloted by Albard Devine, utilised this weapon.

Graviton Gun - A Grav-Gun is a devastating weapon usually employed by the malevolent Questoris Knight Styrix pattern suits, and is based on ancient and forgotten technology dating back to the time of the Dark Age of Technology. Manipulating the very nature of gravity itself, a Grav-Gun turns a target's mass against it, crushing it to pulp under its own weight. Blasts from the Styrix's integral grav-gun pin hapless targets in place while scything vokite beams and flesh-boiling rad-cleanser discharges reap a heavy toll of lives.

Heavy Flamer - Flamers are short-ranged weapons that spew out highly volatile clouds of liquid chemicals that ignite on contact with air. They are primarily used to scour the enemy from defended positions, as walls are of no defence against blasts of superheated vapour.

Heavy Stubber - The Heavy Stubber belongs to a category of weapons that are, without exception, cumbersome, noisy and fairly primitive. These firearms make a formidable din when fired, and are easy to maintain.

Hekaton Siege Claw - This large tri-pronged claw is a deadly and effective close-combat weapon, most often employed by the malevolent Questoris Knight Styrix and sometimes the rare Questoris Knight Magaera patterns. When in close combat, the immensely powerful Hekaton Siege Claw can smash vehicles and tear buildings asunder.

Ion Shield - All Knights carry potent defensive field generators called Ion Shields. The protective shields utilised by Knight Titans are different from the Void Shields employed by true Titans. This ancient technology works by projecting an energy field across a narrow arc to the front of the Knight. By quickly moving the position of the shield so that it intercepts enemy attacks, a Knight is able to survive even the heaviest fire, whilst still being able to fire its own weapons in return. The exact setting and positioning of the shield is essential, as the Ion Shield is only designed to deflect and slow shots, rather than absorb them in the manner of the Void Shields used on Imperial Titans. This means the effectiveness of the shield is partially dependent on the skill and experience of its operator. Although giving ample protection to the front, this shielding fails at protecting the flanks of the machine and even more so its back, which is completely vulnerable. In addition, unlike Titan Void Shields, Knight Ion Shields are unrechargable during combat once they have been breached or collapsed under enemy fire.

Ironstorm Missile Pod - The Ironstorm Missile Pod is a carapace mounted delivery system for explosive warheads. It can engage targets at long range and fires missiles that explode and saturate a sizable blast radius. The Ironstorm Missile Pod is ideal for blowing bloody holes in massed infantry assaults and is most effective against light-to medium-armoured foes.

Lascannon - A Lascannon is a potent las weapon that fires high-energy laser beams capable of penetrating heavy armour at long range. Twin-linked Lascannons are used by Knight Crusaders for fire support purposes, and these Knights prefer those weapons over the Autocannons used by Knight Castellans for the same purpose due to their longer range.

Lightning Cannon - A massive and deadlier version of the standard Lightning Gun utilised by the Thallax of the Ordo Reductor, the baroquely designed Knight-sized Lightning Cannon fires an ionizing las-beam down which a powerful phased discharge of electro-magnetic force is unleashed, vaporising infantry and blasting apart armour. This weapon is often employed by Questoris Knight Maegera patterns, to aid it in their shock assault role.

Meltagun - Melta weapons are lethal anti-armour guns, most effective at very short range. When fired, the super-heating of the air produces a distinctive and sinister hiss. Solid rock is reduced to molten slag, and living creatures are vaporised in an instant!
Phased-Plasma Fusil - A marvel of lost technology, the Phased-Plasma Fusil is a powerful and deadly plasma weapon used to breach the most heavily defended enemy positions. Plasma technology was far better understood during the dawning age of the Imperium, if still somewhat unsafe. As a result, this weapon was often utilised by the rare Questoris Knight Magaera pattern.

Quake Cannon - A Quake Cannon is a massive artillery piece capable of shattering the armour of Titans or demolishing entire buildings. Quake Cannons are most usually placed on the arm hardpoints of Warlord-class Titans or on the carapace hardpoints of Imperator-class Titans. This is also a weapon employed by Knight Crusaders and Castellans. The Quake Cannon's great weight and these Knights' heavier armour prevents them from achieving the speeds necessary to make use of the Shock Lance.

Rad Cleanser - Commonly known as Irradiation Projectors or Irad-cleansers, Rad Cleansers (nicknamed "Irad" or "Rad" projectors) are potent anti-personnel weapons and relics of the Dark Age of Technology used exclusively by the militant forces of the Mechanicum. This weapon can commonly be found upon the rare Questoris Knight Styrix pattern. Rad Cleansers comprise a bulky generator unit terminating in a dish-like projector that unleashes a powerful blast of deadly cross-spectrum radiations. Victims caught in the blast suffer an appalling death as they are boiled alive from within -- their tissues blasted apart on a cellular level, and even metals may combust in the powerful radiation blast. Thick barriers of solid matter (such as a vehicle's armour plating) between the beam and the target provide some protection from this effect, though victims that survive the initial blast will often die later of extreme radioactive contamination.

Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon - This long range cannon is the equivalent of a large calibre artillery piece affixed to the arm of an Imperial Knight. Its rapid self-loading allows for accurate fire to be poured out at a tremendous rate and the blast of its explosive shot can rack up horrific casualties. It is often employed against infantry hordes, medium tanks and squadrons of light vehicles.

Reaper Chainfist - A large Knight-sized, armed-mounted weapon that contains a pair of massive chain swords mounted side-by-side. This close combat weapon is most commonly employed by the Cerastus Knight-Acheron, with its in-built twin-linked heavy bolter, this deadly weapon can cut down large swathes of enemy infantry and armoured vehicles with its thunderous barrage of mass reactive shells and whirling teeth of it's deadly blade.

Reaper Chainsword - Three times the height of a man, this adamantium-toothed chainsword is powered by mighty servo-motors and backed by the strong swing of an Imperial Knight. Many have fled from the sound of its revving roar alone. Nothing can stop the grinding cut of its enormous blades -- not armour or the thickest ferrocrete. This is the signature weapon of Knight Paladins, though it is not exclusive to this particular pattern.

Shock Lance - The Shock Lance traces its beginning to a humble electrical device used to herd great beasts that roamed the Knight Worlds. It delivered a fairly powerful shock that was necessary to inflict any pain on the thick-hided animals and its potential as a tool of war has been quickly recongnised. It has since been weaponised and the Knight Paladins and Errants that form the bulk of a standard Knight force are equipped with Shock Lances. The lances are mounted in the suits' visors, leading to a superstition rising amongst some that the Knights can kill with a glance. These weapons are used to release high voltage electromagnetic shocks on any targets that are in range. The engines of the Knight suits are fitted with huge dynamos that revolve as the Knight moves and charges into combat, storing an electric charge in capacitors located in the Knight suit's visor. When the Knight enters close combat, the charge is so great it can do nothing but ground itself -- usually via the enemy, delivering a devastating electric shock which can burn infantry to the bone and short out weapon and control systems. This weapon, although potent, prevents a Knight from charging a single target unless it is the size of a super-heavy vehicle or a Titan, lest they risk arcing the electric shock from their lances onto each other.

Stormspear Rocket Pod - The Stormspear Rocket Pod is a carapace mounted weapon that fires self-propelled projectiles tipped with armour penetrating warheads. Only accurate to medium range, Stormspear rockets streak out in a series of sharp flashes to destroy their target. They are best employed versus heavily armoured infantry or moderately armoured vehicles. The Stormspear Rocket Pod can launch up to three of these rockets in rapid succession, emitting a high pitched whooshing shortly followed by the crack of explosions in the distance.

Tempest Warblade - A large Knight-sized power weapon utilised most often by the Cerastus Knight-Castigator, the Tempest Warblade is capable of obliterating infantry formations or carving apart light vehicles with ease.

Thermal Cannon - Even the mightiest foes must fear such as weapon as the Thermal Cannon, for it is an incredibly large and powerful melta device. Its hissing blast can immolate everything in a wide radius, melting through a fortress wall or turning a battle tank into nothing more than a pile of bubbling slag. There is no armour that offers any proof against its super-heated shot, and the Thermal Cannon only becomes even more effective at closer ranges. It is a weapon often employed by Knight Errants, and is, along with the Thunderstrike Gauntlet, that pattern of Knight's signature weapon. This is only a tradition, however, and the Thermal Cannon is not tied solely to the Knight Errants and could be used by other patterns, if necessary.

Throne Mechanicum - Suits of Knight armour are similar to Titans, in that they are controlled through neural interface sockets surgically inserted into the noble pilot’s cerebrum and cerebellum much like those of a Titan's Mind Impulse Unit. The pilot sits in a control platform called a Throne Mechanicum, where umbilical interface cords are attached to his neural sockets. The Throne Mechanicum is then, in turn, plugged into the suit of Knight armour, allowing the noble to control its movements as if it were part of his own body and to receive sensory feedback from the suit so that he can see what it sees, and feel what it feels. This interface allows an Imperial Knight to move with a fluid grace that can only be matched by the war machines of the Eldar.

Thunderstrike Gauntlet - Crackling with a barely contained nimbus of energy, the Thunderstrike Gauntlet is a supercharged power weapon. Merely clenching the fist causes shockwaves to emanate outwards while sparks of incandescent fury fall in sizzling arcs. When the gauntlet smites a foe it releases a deafening thunderclap that crumples protective armour and pulverises its target. When an Imperial Knight swings its Thunderstrike Gauntlet against an enemy vehicle or towering monster, the sheer force delivered by its powerful blows can even lift and fling the crushed remnants of the Knight’s victim onto nearby infantry, their horrified screams drowned by the crash as their own armoured support obliterates them.

Twin Icaraus Autocannons - The Twin Icarus Autocannon is a ballistic anti-aircraft array that can be mounted to the carapace of an Imperial Knight. It is linked to the Throne Mechanicum and aided by a servo-mind conclave. With the merest thought from the Knight;s pilot, the Twin Autocannons pivot, tracking incoming flyers impossibly fast and letting loose a stream of deadly fire. The steady chug-chugging of the guns can scythe off wings or rip enemy aircraft out of the skies, turning them into naught but hurtling fireballs.

Volkite Chieorovile - "Volkite" is an arcane Martian term for a variety of powerful ray weapons whose origins date back to the Age of Strife. Possessed of considerable killing power surpassing most armaments of their size, Volkires were difficult to manufacture, even for the most able of the Mechanic urn's forges. The knight-sized Volkite Chieorovile was often utilised by the malevolent Questoris Knight Styrix pattern, which enabled it to easily eliminate large numbers of infantry at range.

Titan Void Shields: Void Shields defend against ranged attacks, and come in several varieties, small, medium, large, massive, and emperor.

Small: Can defend against three tank shots. Take two comments to recharge once breached.

Medium: Can defend against six tank shots, takes four comments to recharge.

Large: Can defend against twelve tank shots. Take six comments to recharge once breached.

Massive: _Can defend against Twenty four super heavy tank shots.
Take eight comments to recharge once breached._

Emperor: Can defend against forty eight battle titan class shots. Take ten comments to recharge once breached.

Warhound Titans: Crewed by one princeps and two moderati, they are around 34 feet tall, they are designed for scouting and are deployed in groups with two emplacements for any two of the following weapons. They can hold either one medium void shield or two small void shields

Reaver Titans: _Crewed once again by one princeps and two moderati, they are twice as durable as warhounds, around fifty feet tall, and have three emplacements for weapons, two arms and one on the back. Said back mount can mount smaller battle titan weapons. Can hold two medium void shield or one large void shield _

Scout Titan Weaponry

Scout Titan Weapons are weapons normally fitted to light Titans such as the Warhound. Rarely found on the largest Titans, and usually of short range, these are designed to destroy light to medium vehicles quickly, and to deal with huge masses of troops. Below are some examples of such weapons:

Inferno Cannon ~ An upgraded version of the flamers mounted on vehicles, the triple-barrel Inferno Cannon is immensely devastating in close quarters against infantry and light vehicles, even those hiding in

Plasma Blastgun ~ The lightest plasma-based Titan weapon, and one of the most powerful that can be mounted on the Warhound Scout Titan. Although it possesses a relatively slow rate of fire, and is of only medium ranged, the Plasma Blastgun can badly damage well-armoured vehicles, Scout Titans, and devastate infantry squads by the means of having two different modes of operation, depending upon the nature of the target: a slower, more focused full-power blast, or more rapid but less powerful shots.

Turbo-Laser Destructor ~ A Titan-scale laser weapon, mainly used for anti-tank/anti-Titan support. Very destructive compared to most vehicle and infantry-level laser weapons. More powerful than the Plasma Blastgun, as well as having a moderately longer-range, this weapon is well suited for sublimating small or heavily armored infantry units just as easily as it can pierce the thick, iron hides of all types of armored tanks. In game terms, it is also the only Destroyer weapon that a Scout Titan may carry. Although it can be fitted on a Scout Titan, the Turbo-Laser Destructor is more commonly found on the larger Battle Titans, who are much better prepared to deal with the constant threat of armored vehicles.

Vulcan Mega Bolter ~ The Vulcan Mega Bolter is a Titan-scale Bolter weapon, comprised of two large-calibre Gatling gun-style assemblies. Projecting a withering volley of firepower, it is able to tear through infantry and light vehicles with ease.

Warlord Titans: Warlord titans are far larger, more durable, and more heavily armed than reaver class titans, around seventy three to a hundred feet tall with four battle titan weapon emplacements.(One on each shoulder and arm) Can hold two large void shileds AND one massive void shield.

Battle Titan Weapons: BOOOOOM! These are the big guns, literally. Here are a few examples.

Titan Close Combat Weapon ~ This encompasses an entire category of weapons that employ a Titan's prodigious strength and size to smash and tear apart the enemy. They are horrendously effective against enemy Titans and war engines - if the Titan can get close enough to use them. They can only be mounted on the Titan's arms; this rules out the Warhound. In Epic 40,000, close combat weapons include the Powerfist, Laser Burner and Chainfist.

Gatling Blaster ~ The Gatling Blaster is a larger projectile weapon commonly found on Battle Titans. It is a rapid-fire weapon like the Vulcan Mega-Bolter, but instead fires 150 mm shells, powerful enough to inflict damage upon superheavily-armoured targets.

Melta Cannon ~ The Melta Cannon is an upsized Melta (fusion) Weapon mounted on Warlord Titans. Notably short-ranged, but incredibly effective at penetrating armour and destroying Titans.

Multiple Rocket Launcher ~ The Multiple Rocket Launcher is a long-range artillery weapon which unleashes heavy barrages to suppress and devastate enemies. And because it is mounted on a Titan, it is much less vulnerable to air and fast attacks than dedicated artillery companies.

Quake Cannon ~ The Quake Cannon is a very, very large artillery piece that is larger and more powerful than any other artillery weapon ever developed by the Imperium of Man.

Volcano Cannon ~ The Volcano Cannon is powered directly from the Titan's plasma reactor, the Volcano Cannon has extreme range and is very effective at penetrating armour, making it useful primarily against war engines and other Titans. The Volcano Cannon is a favoured weapon of the Warlord and certain Reaver pattern Titans.

Missile Pod ~ Warlord Titans can carry a Missile Pod on one shoulder hard-point. While Warmonger and Imperator-class Emperor Titans can also carry them, this is rare.

Apocalypse Missile Launcher ~ The Apocalypse Missile Launcher is the equivalent of the Multiple Rocket Launcher, however it is more commonly mounted on the carapace of a Warlord than the Multiple Missile Launcher.

Vortex Missile Launcher ~ The Vortex Missile Launcher fires a missile that creates a Warp vortex (a controlled black hole leading to the Immaterium, an alternate dimension inimical to all matter), which destroys tanks and infantry instantly. The vortex that is created either collapses on itself, or it can also drift across the battlefield,causing massive damage to foes (and friends) even if the missile does not hit its target. Super-heavy vehicles and bio-constructs are too large to be sucked wholesale into Warp vortices, but still take massive damage instead. The same arcane technology is used in the man-portable Vortex Grenades.

Titan Warp Missile Launcher ~ Titan Warp Missile Launchers fire missiles that ignore Void Shields before they strike their target by phasing into the Immaterium, which makes them very effective in Titan versus Titan engagements._

Emperor Titans: four hundred foot tall walking death churches, they are crewed by one princeps, around ten to twenty moderati, hundreds easily thousands of mechanicum members, and many regiments of imperial guards troops garrisoned throughout the titan to keep people from boarding it. These guys can obliterate armies with their secondary weapons.

Emperor Titan Defenses:
~Two Emperor Void Shield
~Four Massive Void Shields
~Eight Large Void Shields
~Sixteen Medium Void Shields
~Thirty Two Small Void Shields

Emperor Titan Armarment:

Primary: Two, one per arm.

Emperor Titan Only weapons:

Plasma Annihilator ~ The Plasma Annihilator is the largest and heaviest plasma weapon ever built by the Imperium. The Plasma Annihilator can demolish any fortification with ease, can destroy other Titans and can slaughter infantry in mass numbers because of its immense size and power. It takes enormous amounts of energy directly from the Titan's reactor and takes a long time to cool down.

Hellstorm Cannon ~ The Hellstorm Cannon is a huge, five-barrelled, directed-energy weapon that can completely decimate an entire city (perhaps even more) in just one cataclysmic salvo. In addition, the central structural hub around which the weapon barrels are mounted can itself be converted to mount a Gatling Blaster. A Hellstorm Cannon, detached from a long-destroyed Emperor Titan, can be seen lying on its side in near the city of Ironworks Bay (or Victory Bay, as it was later named by Lord-Militant Lukas Alexander) on the planet Kronus during the Dark Crusade. A trench large enough to move an armoured company through has been carved out of the earth in front of the cannon from its final firing.

Secondary: Up to six battle titan class weapons, over ten if warmonger class emperor titan.

Tertiary: Thousands upon thousands of the following weapons mounted all over the titan, especially the legs.

Barrage Missile - The Barrage Missile is a one-shot support weapon developed for Titans by the Divisio Investigatus. It has a multiple warhead configuration intended mainly for depleting void shields but also useful for an area effect against light targets.

Blind Missile - The Blind Missile is a one-shot support weapon. When it explodes, it scatters Blind Grenades over a wide area. Blind is a sophisticated smokescreen, combining dense smoke with broad-spectrum electromagnetic interference. None of Titan's detection and targeting systems will operate through a cloud of Blind.

Demolisher Missile - The Demolisher is a one-shot armour-piercing missile sometimes carried by Titans for dealing with heavily-armoured targets. It has an adamantium tip to carve through the target's armour before the melta warhead detonates to complete the act of destruction.

Harpoon Missile - A Harpoon Missile is actually a jury-rigged weapon, cobbled together from a device that allows the Mechanicus to override a Titan's MIU in the case a Princeps fails at controlling it. The mechanism inside the Harpoon will override the rebellious Machine Spirit, forcing it to shut down or to obey the Harpoon operator's commands. During the Horus Heresy, this system was turned into a missile weapon in a desperate effort to bring rebellious Titans under control without having to destroy the priceless machines. However, the Harpoon Missile's efficiency was low at best, and the weapon became completely ineffective once the Titan had been altered by Chaos or possessed by a daemon. Today, this weapon is never fielded, and is only kept in reserve in case one of the Titan Legion's machines dominates its Princeps and runs amok.

Havoc Missile Rack - A weapon commonly wielded by a Banelord Titan, the Havoc Missile Rack is loaded with six deadly Havoc Missiles. One or more missiles can be fired in a deadly salvo that roars towards the target at ground level to avoid enemy fire, exploding to cover a wide area in death and destruction. These missiles are fired individually, so it's up to the Banelord whether or not it fires all or none of its missiles.

Haywire Missile - A Haywire Missile is a one-shot weapon that releases a massive burst of electrostatic and radioactive pulse waves when they explode, designed to disrupt the target's electrical control system.

Mine Dispenser Missile - Mine Dispenser Missiles (MDMs) are one-shot weapons that scatter mines over a wide area.

Plasma Missile - The Stasis Missile is a one-shot weapon that carries a Stasis Field Generator (SFG) as its warhead. The SFG is a highly-sophisticated device which creates an area where time literally stands still. Anything caught within the stasis field is frozen in place and unable to do anything -- but Titans outside the field cannot fire into it.

Vortex Missile - Vortex Missiles are one-shot weapons, that when they explode, it creates a seething mass of energy known as a Vortex Field. This area is quite devastatingly destructive, even for a machine as tough as a Titan. The drawback of this weapon is that if the Vortex Missile is destroyed before it can be used, it explodes, creating a Vortex Field Centered on the unfortunate Titan that was carrying it.

Warp Missile - A Warp Missile is a one-shot weapon that travels through Warpspace, the strange chaotic universe used by starship to span immense distances in space. The missile enters the Immaterium when it is fired, and is programmed to re-enter normal space on the other side of the target's Void Shields. It may sometimes materialise inside the target itself.

Demolisher Cannon - Fires rocket assisted large calliber tank shells

And much Much more!
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[]~Titan Submission Template~[]

Princep: Aaron Alexander

Titan Class: Warhound Class

Titan Loadout: Vulcan Mega Bolter ~ The Vulcan Mega Bolter is a Titan-scale Bolter weapon, comprised of two large-calibre Gatling gun-style assemblies. Projecting a withering volley of firepower, it is able to tear through infantry and light vehicles with ease.

Turbo-Laser Destructor ~ A Titan-scale laser weapon, mainly used for anti-tank/anti-Titan support. Very destructive compared to most vehicle and infantry-level laser weapons. More powerful than the Plasma Blastgun, as well as having a moderately longer-range, this weapon is well suited for sublimating small or heavily armored infantry units just as easily as it can pierce the thick, iron hides of all types of armored tanks. In game terms, it is also the only Destroyer weapon that a Scout Titan may carry. Although it can be fitted on a Scout Titan, the Turbo-Laser Destructor is more commonly found on the larger Battle Titans, who are much better prepared to deal with the constant threat of armored vehicles.

Titan Defenses: Two small voidshields
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