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Name: Yanilo
Age: 16 human years almost 200 
Type: Fire Demon
Weapon: two swords i can make them burst into flames sometimes just my hands
Rank: not sure what you mean 
Powers: anything with fire

Walking around the town reading out of my book

fighting 3 demons at once i thought i was going to have a challenge

Walking around looking for something to do

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Name: Lilith
Age: Unknown
Type of demon: Fire/Shadow
Weapon: Black leathered whip, which also allows her to use her natural born dark energy against enemies.
Rank/status: Noble
Powers: Fire and Shadow magic. She also can two familiar made from her own magic, to serve and protect her when times call for it.
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name: Nikolai
 age: (unknown)
 job: paladin
weapons:tower shield and and a dual ended sword
 powers: holy sun (kills only ones with darkness in there hearts), banishing light ( a light that follows me) holy lighting (hurts anyone but does more damage to anyone with darkness in there hearts)
bio: was a paladin his whole life one day he saved a village from some demons so they gave him the power to not age he also took in a small child to train as a demon hunter

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Profile name: Unknown
age: 16
job: Demon hunter
weapons: Two straight swords blessed by a Holy Priest 
Powers:  Holy Shock Holy Fireball & Banishment (Can send a Demon back to the hellish world it came from but takes a few minutes to do) Extreme speed and agility can dodge most attacks  
bio: When i was young, About the age of 1 years old my village was attacked and my parents were killed by Demons... A stranger found me... He took me in and trained me how to fight and how to defend my self, I was never given a name so people have different names for me I have trained in duel welding fighting.

+masamune date I had a couple questions. Before I make a post, do I have to get my Character approved, and Second. I placed her as a Noble cause I didn't know what else rank to set her as, but if that wont work, can you assign me a rank, cause im lost normally at the rank part?

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so that you will know this is the lord of the demons

lance moves through the forest on his usual routine to make sure the perimeter is secure
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