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Welcome to a community to discuss the video game I am working on: Indie RPG Tycoon

At time of writing the game is still in the ideas stage. The game will be a tycoon-style game, in which the main character decides to set out on a path of fame and fortune by writing and publishing indie RPGs.

The game will cover their rise through the ranks of the RPG publishing world, and will involve such things as writing and designing games, finding play-testers, promotion, dealing with freelancers, and anything else I can come up with.

Like I said, this is still very early days, so I have not decided on the platforms yet (although PC desktop will be one of them, and probably mobile as well). This also means that I am very open to ideas/suggestions/feedback.

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5 subs from 40 WOOOO lets get 40 by the end of the week

I'm not generally speaking a videogamer, but I love the idea of this game. Let's make it happen folks!
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