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Name: Logan Henson

Age: 32

Gender: male

Species: human

Height: 6'1"

Eye color: brown

Hair color: brown

Weapons: cutlass sword- always uses melee

Family: mother and father are deceased, his sister is alive

Likes: being able to protect his sister, melee combat, expeditions, royalty

Dislikes: betrayal, disobedience, usual concepts of law

Looks: always has the expression of being stern with his hair thick and slicked back, his face pale and bony with a signature goatee on his chin, scars that lay upon his thin lips as if something had clawed him, and darkened, brown eyes with darkened circles around each eye.

Personality: serious, decisive, mature,caring (although may not show it), not very open, protective- can be stubborn and has his firm speeches towards his wants/needs

Biography: he is the tyrannical ruler of the Kingdom of Albion after the death of his parents, he is a tyrant due to the treatment of the kingdom and its people as he attempts to raise an army of Albion and is seen to value industry- over human suffering. For most of his rule, Logan continued to fuel the industrial revolution as a just ruler as his parents did before him; however, four years before the start, he travelled to the continent of Aurora and ended up passing through "Shadelight Cave", where he came in contact with The Crawler and his minions. In the ensuing battle, all of his men were quickly slain, and he would have been killed too were it not for Kalin, the new leader of the City of Aurora. As thanks, he promised the Aurorans that he would protect them from the Darkness, which had readily destroyed most civilization on Aurora. Upon his return home, a blind seer appeared to him telling him the furture of the return from The Crawler- causing destruction and no mercy. The revelation changed him, and he devoted everything to the creation of an army to defend his country from the invasion of the Darkness. He was forced to make cruel decisions to save the kingdom from certain destruction. He gained the scars upon his thin lips from The Crawler as well.

Fighting: It is implied that Logan is capable in battle, seeing how he survived a fight against the Crawler on one of his expeditions to Aurora, as well as surviving the final fight between Albion and the Crawler if the Hero chose to spare Logan's life.

Hand: appears to be left handed

Quote: 'Never tell me what I can't do'
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Name: Rei himeko
Age: 16
Race/Occupation: Vixen/Human Huntress
Gender: F
Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Red, Quiet places, Her village, friends and sweets
Dislikes: Betrayl and lairs
Love Interest: None

Abilities: Dark, Light, Levitation, Seduction, Hypnosis and heal
Special ability: Light Blast and Dark Arena
Weaponry: Scythe and Swords with small knives and a staff

Personality: Smart, Giving, Kind, Risky, Sneaky, Strong
Life story: find out in rp if it's allowed
Extra: Unknown 
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walks around in the stormy weather

Hmm.....looks at the sky

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Name : Leo


Gender: M

Species: Ice Dragon

Weapons: bo staff/sword (barely uses)

Likes: reading, music, fighting

Dislikes: suspicious people
Personality: Distant, somewhat emotionless but will protect people despite being treated horribly

Bio: Leo was orphaned after his parents were killed during the first war. He now rules the Ice dragon territory as its new young lord as he struggles to keep a happy face for his people but inside his heart and soul is cold as ice

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Name fade

Job spirit

Likes pretty much everyone that doesn't murder...
Hates others of his kind

Gender male

Personality silently wise help full and loyal looking for a good time. Shy at times but not afraid to fight.

Powers the soul blade and shape shift.

Bio he is older than most spirits who have cross this plane of existence. But he couldn't care less helping around here is better than anything he could ask for. He is guide a friend and a solider and he plans of sticking around.

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Name: Ayla

Gender: Female

Age: 42 but she looks 17 and her body functions as if its 17

Sexuality: Straight

Extra: She can turn people to stone, but she doesnt know how to control her power, she turned her parents to stone by accident and is looking for a way to change them back.


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Gender: female
Age: 14
Name: Michelle: girl Michael: boy
Nick Name: Mikey/Mike
Likes: Swords, and guns.
Favorite animal: Fox
Favorite colors: Red, black, sliver, white, and grey.
Personality: Quiet, nice, brave, smart, a little shy, has/Shows no emotions. (most of the time)

Her life story:
Read if you want too.
She had a older brother, he was 7 When she was born her older brothers name is Nathan, when she was 6 her father died in war, now she lived with her mother, but once she was 9, her mother had a baby boy, his name was Brandan, and Michell was starting to learn how to cook, clean, and other things, once she was 10, her mother was getting sick, she didn't know how to get money, so once she was 11, she got a little side job, once she got enough money to get medication for her mother, she stayed with her mother the rest of her life, and her big brother moved out, and her little brother moved out with Nathan, when Nathan got money for himself, he was a selfish psrson, but when her mother had passed, she started to work as a maid when she was 13, and that's where this RP begins!

Is part demon, red eyes, red hair, red dress, black pants, dark brown boots, and hair faces the right.

She says: I'm not a normal girl....

Father: Demon- demon powers / human.
Mother: human- powers of earth, water, and fire.

Leo walked the border of his Ice kingdom looking over the border of another as he finds an Ice pillar he jumped on top of it and sits down wondering what his life will show him today

Shad sat down with the humans enjoying himself at the party

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Likes: NEKO girls
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