I am inworld now 2/26 10 slt. Voice is working. 3 here, Dieter and Isis and me

Thank you everyone today for you help in testing the updated /changed voice system. I was able to analyze the problems and to find a workaround.
If the connection with the others is (partially) lost, simply mute/unmute (microphone icon) in the viewer and lost connections will be restored automagically.
I am looking forward to further testing and talking the next days.

Thanks again!

Dieter reports that voice is working again. I have been there and see that the mic controls are now active. Since I was alone, I could not test voice -- will test in tomorrow (4/;25)

Still no voice in our web-world, but Dieter is installing a server that he will run-- may have it working later today --Meanwhile I will be in from 10:-10:30 today (4/24) in case someone drops by. 

Voice was working at our meeting, but with problems -- Dieter is working on it.

4/25 I am inworld now. voice working now

4/22 -no voice today - external host of voice is down. Dieter is on it. Ignore strike through in some text. This is provided by G+ as one of its improvements.

4/23 -- The Voice service is not back yet, but I am in web-world just in case someone drops by -- 

Today (4/21) Isis came by in the NPC web-world, but voice was apparently not working. Neither of use could get the green indicator that is supposed to indicate we have voice on. We tried relogging several times without success 

Fim Fischer dropped by today (4/20) and we had a chat about the IMA meeting yesterday. If nobody else comes by, I will leave about 10:30 SLT.
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