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Name: Longtail
Gender: Male
Rank: Thunderkid
Personality: Brave, Flirty, Sarcastic, Capricious 
Room: 484
Roommate: Open ( RP FIRST. )
Floor: 3rd floor 
Appearance: A pale cream/brown pelted cat with black stripes, a long tail and icy blue eyes. / A boy with dirty blonde hair, and scars above his blue eyes.
Sexuality: Straight 
Relationship Status: Single ;)
Crush/Crushes: Open ( RP FIRST. )
Bf/Gf: Open ( RP FIRST. )
Friends: Open ( RP FIRST. )
Enemies: Open
Colour: Red
Food: Pork
Place: His dorm
Song: Studio Killers - All Men Are Pigs
Subject: Music
Thing to do: Talk to others
Bio: He will only tell the ones he's close to.

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"I'm not in the mood for a relationship, ok?"
Name: Leafpool
Gender: Girl
Rank: Thunderkid
Personality: Quiet, Shy, Independent
Room: 477
Roommate: Squirrelflight and Cinderheart
Floor: 3rd floor
Appearance: Tanned skin. Wavy brown hair with darker streaks. Brown eyes. Likes to wear floral designs.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: Crowfeather
Bf/Gf: Crowfeather (Formerly)
Friends: Sorreltail, Feathertail, Squirrelflight, Cinderpelt
Enemies: None really
Colour: Green
Food: Salad
Place: Gardens
Song: Wolf ~ First Aid Kit (If you've seen the map, you know why XD)
Subject: Science
Smell: Mint
Thing to do: Go outside
Bio: Leafpool and Squirrelflight shared a very close bond when they were little, even though they were complete opposites. Leafpool was much more quiet than her sister. One day she fell in love with a boy named Crowfeather. He was a Windkid. Although he was normally grumpy, he was always nice to Leafpool. But Leafpool began to think that she shouldn't even be dating him as it would cause too many consequences in her life. So she broke up with him. She still loved him though, very much...
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So here is an example of how to make your charecter
Floor:3rd floor
Looks:Boy with silver hair with blueish streaks and blue eyes partually blind

Dont include a human photo 

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Name: Crowfeather
Gender: Boy
Rank: Windkid
Personality: Grump, Independent
Room: 472
Roommate: Jayfeather and Lionblaze
Floor: 3rd floor
Appearance: Black hair. Blue eyes. So descriptive XD
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken
Crush/Crushes: Feathertail, Leafpool, Nightcloud
Bf/Gf: Leafpool (Formerly), Nightcloud
Friends: None really
Enemies: None really
Colour: Blue
Food: Steak
Place: His dorm
Song: Wolf ~ First Aid Kit (If you've seen the map, you know why XD)
Subject: Doesn't really like school
Thing to do: Stay inside
Bio: Crowfeather had a crush on a girl named Feathertail when on a school trip. Feathertail moved away which made Crowfeather extremely depressed. He fell in love with another girl, Leafpool. She was a Thunderkid but cared for him very much. One day, she broke up with him. Crowfeather surprisingly wasnt sad or happy. All his friends weren't being very supportive to him for dating a Thunderkid. So he got another girlfriend, Nightcloud. He doesn't socialize with her a lot, but they are together. 

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"Hurt my friends, and you have a load to deal with."

Name: Squirrelflight
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Rank: Thunderkid
Likes: Ice cream, Desserts
Personality: Bubbly, Loyal
Room: 477
Roommates: Cinderheart and Leafpool
Floor: 3rd floor
Appearance: Girl with orange hair and dark yellow streaks. She has green eyes.

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Name: Sandstorm
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Thunderkids
Personality: loyal,responsible,caring,and nice
Likes: swimming
Dislikes: jerks and annoying people
Looks: light yellow fur with idk what color is that so ima guess light darkish yellow stripes idk XD and green eyes
Crush: open
Roommate: Hollyleaf and Silverstream
Room number: 544
Floor: 3rd floor
Bf/Single: single
Sexuality: straight
Bio: Hi im Sandstorm. Im really loyal and responsible. I never lie to anyone. I can be a fighter sometimes. I really hate annoying people. I dont think u want to see me really mad. I dont think i have any parents. I never seen them. Im really lonely. I think i said to much bye. 

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"Don't be sad.. Smile!"

Name: Silverstream
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years
Rank: Riverkid
Likes: Frozen yogurt
Personality: Bubbly, Friendly
Room: 455
Roommates: Hollyleaf, Sandstorm
Floor: 3rd floor
Appearance: Girl with silver hair and blue-gray streaks. Her eyes are deep blue and she likes to wear light colored clothes.

Are we allowed to make dead cats? If yes, which ones aren't taken?
+Nameera :D 
Oh, and can we use OCs?

+Naziyah Muhith  Crowfeathers Schedule
1st period: Room 221-Homeroom-Teacher Foxleap
2nd period:Room 251-Science- Teacher  Dustpelt
3rd period:Room 225-History- Teacher Whitewing
4th period:Room275-Lunch- W/Stonefur
5th period:Room 91-music- Teacher Snowfur
6th period;Room221-Homeroom- Teacher Foxleap
7th period:-Gate 3-Dismissal- W/Foxleap

+Naziyah Muhith  Leafpool's Schedule
1st period: Room 274-Homeroom- Teacher Brackenfur
2nd period:Room 121-Health- Teacher Goosefeather
3rd period:Room 225-History- Teacher Whitewing
4th period:Room 275-Lunch- W/Stonefur
5th period:Room 232-Gym- Teacher Whitestorm
6th period:Room 274-Homeroom- Teacher Brackenfur
7th period:Gate 2-Dismissal- W/Brackenfur
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