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Check it! Breach Creature Folio #3 is live. This updates and expands the 12 original Breach Creatures from the core RPG.

Breach Creatures+ is done. Gonna sleep on it, then do the PDF printing/conversion and upload to DriveThru in the morning.

All-in, Breach Creature Folio #3: Breach Creatures+, comes in at 41 pages. Every creature has updated stat blocks with additional skills called out (generally Search, Track, Courage, and Intimidate as applicable), plus additional/refined creature information. It brings the original 12 Breach Creatures up to the same standard of detail as the two previous BCFs.

As far as things that are new and/or extra, there are additional stat blocks for various creature types for the Orange Imp and Prowler Beast (Cub). There is also an adventure hook for Leechers and some adventure lead-ins for the Prowler Beast.

Maybe my favorite addition that I'm still wrapping up is the inclusion of some technical notes/facts about the real-life allosaurus from Breachworld friend and fan and paleobotonist, +Ezequiel Vera. He's also a researcher for the National Council of Scientific Research in Argentina and (obviously) know LOTS about dinosaurs. You may have seen some of his dino art here on the G+ page. Neat, huh?

I'll be away from the home computer for a couple of days for work, so the final edit and cleanup of this probably gets done... Thursdayish. Certainly no later than Friday. In the meantime I'll be hotel laptop writing the rest of the text for Smoky, which will follow very soon after BCF #3.

Then we may finally get to talk about the secret project as early as next week.

Lots going on!

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A character stat / bio for Breachworld and a little more information about the "Drowned Region".

Guys, I've written the Breachworld theme song in my head. And it's amazing.

Maybe if I just spill the beans, my agony of highs and lows, optimism and pessimism will even out.

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Good Monday, everyone. I'm in the middle of planning something for Breachworld, but need your help. If you could take a minute and answer three quick survey questions, I'd appreciate it.

Let's talk about Intimidate and Courage as they relate to Breach Creatures, specifically.

One of the key upgrades the creatures from the core RPG are getting in Breach Creatures+ is to be brought up to the somewhat more detailed standards of the previous two Breach Creature Folios. In those supplements, Intimidate and/or Courage skills are spelled out for each creature.

This has a mechanical purpose as well as a narrative one, which is to indicate on a scale how easy it is to bluster your way out of a confrontation with a monster, and how daring the monster is in attacking. It also establishes some hierarchy among the creatures.

One rule that I run that I'm thinking of incorporating is that Scale matters in resolving Courage and Intimidate. That means that big creatures are more likely to intimidate, and more likely to stand ground against, small creatures. And vice versa.

As with all rules, it would be optional. Just thought it made sense when assigning these various "skills" to the 12 original Breach Creatures. Thoughts?

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Booyah. Let me know what y'all think, because conversation on this topic carries much larger implications.

JRP proposed upcoming schedule:

7/14: Publish Player Race Folio 3: Player Races+
7/15: Start on Breach Creature Folio 3: Breach Creatures+
7/17: A certain secret team member returns from holiday
7/22: Publish Breach Creature Folio 3: Breach Creatures+
7/23: Begin final writing on Location Folio 1: Smoky
7/25: FINALLY explode the Breachworld-loving Internet with new awesomeness
8/12: Publish Location Folio 1: Smoky
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