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Self Portrait Challenge: Shadows
Submissions accepted through end of April 2017
click through below for details
Self Portrait Challenge: Shadows
submissions accepted through end of April 2017

Our theme this time is "Shadows." What this means is create an artistic self portrait that incorporates shadows in any way that you like. As usual... the more creative, the better. :)
Extended rules below.

Just post your entry to the “Challenge Submissions” Category in the Art of Self Portraiture Community (can be found here: If you’re not a member, you just have to join the Community to post, which is easy and we are happy to have you!
Art of Self Portraiture Community:

If you’d rather/additionally like to enter on Facebook, you can find the event posted on our page here:
FB Shadows Event: TBA

Tips & Inspiration

Check out this gallery of excellent shadow self portraits for inspiration:

Moderators of the Art of Self Portraiture Community are not eligible to win, but we will also be putting our photos into the Event in the hopes that you'll be inspired.

If you have questions or need help, please pop into the Community and ask away! We have a category for discussion and questions and are happy to help with anything. 

Thanks to community moderator +Annie Weibull for creating this image for us to use!


~1 Year +SmugMug Portfolio Account
(or comped value on current account)
~$150 Gift Certificate (restrictions apply*) for +BorrowLenses 
~+Think Tank Photo Turnstyle 10
~+Capturing Couture Gift Code in the amount of $42.95 

Please follow these sponsors - we love their products and services and it's great that they support our learning and growing together. Having them circled is a requirement to be a winner. :)

There will be 4 winners. 1st place winner selects choice of 4 prizes, and also has their image take the place of the current Avatar for The Art of Self Portraiture Community. 2nd place selects choice of 3 remaining prizes. 3rd place selects choice of 2 remaining prizes. 4th place receives the remaining prize. Winners must respond within 24 hours of being contacted or new winners will be chosen.

At the end of the month, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will vote on the submissions and choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place winners. Please note that this is subjective (art always is!) and so we'll be basing our votes purely on our own opinions. Everyone who enters a photo is already a winner, of course. :)

Please Remember These Rules:

~Enter Only Your Own Work
~Enter Only ONE Photo
~Must adhere to this month's theme.
~Photo Must Be Tasteful/Artistic
~No Graphic Nudity, Violence, Sexual Themes or Otherwise Offensive Content
~Photo Must Be Taken in March or April 2017 (composite elements can be taken at other times, but self portrait element must be current)
~Can Only Win Once Every 6 Months
~No More Than 3 Wins Total
~Employees of sponsors are encouraged to participate, but cannot win.
~Winners Must Respond Within 24 Hours of Contact
~Follow Our Prize Sponsors
~No Trickery or Spamming
~We Reserve The Right To Remove Entries/Participants
~Anything Outside Guidelines/Rules Disqualifies A Participant

*Borrow Lenses Gift certificate codes applicable only to orders placed before their expiration dates. Gift certificate codes are for rentals only, are not transferable, are not valid on “for sale” items. Gift certificate codes are not stackable with any other coupon unless you are a BL member. rental orders only ship to U.S. addresses and renters must possess a U.S. credit card.

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For Shadows

Man. I am always in the dark.......

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What’s left is only bittersweet
For the rest of my life, admitting the best is behind me
Now I’m drunk and afraid, wishing the world would go away
What’s the point of singing songs
If they’ll never even hear you?

Eugene - Surfjan Stevens

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One day ...
... all the time I told you,
that one day
will be my day
Well, this is it -
One day
it's my day
So turn around
walk away

This is my contribution to the "Shadows" Challenge here in the Art of Self Portraiture community. For details, click here

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In a puddle of Obscurity

Well at least it felt that way!

#oculusselfie #selfie

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you think this it the end
but I know
yes, I know

2017 Challenge Themes!

Based on your suggestions and votes as a community (total tally taken from here and our Facebook group) we have the themes you want lined up for 2017...

2017 "Mega" Challenge: "All About the Light"
runs April - November, sponsor prizes awarded to 3 winners

4 more 2-month long challenges in 2017 - each will have one winner who will complete a short interview and supply a few additional images from their portfolio to be featured on our website and social channels.

"Negative Space" May 1st - June 30th
"White on White or Black on Black" July 1st - August 31st
"Film Noir" September 1st - October 31st
"Reflections" November 1st - December 31st

Soon, I will be creating a post here in the "Important Info" Category with a list of these themes and dates that can be found behind the “files” tab any time you need to review it. Make sure that when the events are posted you read the rules and directions to make sure you understand the details.

In the comments of this post, I’ll share a public google calendar you can use that has dates for beginning and ending, as well as relevant links and info in the descriptions, for all our challenges throughout the year. (If you use Google Calendar, you can add this to your own calendar and view it, turn it on and off, add notifications to your liking, etc. Load the link and click on “google calendar” in the lower right.)

Any questions?

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Trying new photoshop skills for Self Portrait Sunday
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