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Hello, and welcome to Pokemon Conquest RP: The Omoui Region! I am Drew, the founder of this roleplay community.

This community is based on the Pokemon Conquest games, in which you rule over a kingdom and try to take over other kingdoms. By conquering every kingdom, you summon the creator of the region.

For this, the region has changed to the fan-made Omoui region, which is in the shape of Jirachi. As such, all kingdoms are also made by the roleplayers, but are still divided by type, with 18 at the beginning.

Will your kingdom be able to conquer the Omoui region and summon Jirachi, the wish maker? Or will you falter in the attempt? It all depends on the battles you choose, the time you spend preparing, and the bonds you make!

Helpful Links
Don't know where to start? Check out these links! If you have any questions, you can always ask me or one of the mods!

General RP Rules:

Conquest Guidelines (Basically, more rules):

Omoui Region Lore:

Kingdom and Warlord List:

Character Profile Template:

Kingdom Profile Template:

Character Profile Collection:

Kingdom Profile Collection:


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Mega Pokemon and Legendary/Mythical Pokemon are banned until after the first time the region is conquered, but what about Shiny Pokemon?
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Also banned
1 per person
1 per any kingdom
Only the starter
Other (Comment)

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[QUOTES:] None
[NAME:] Shiro
[KINGDOM:] Patenvira
[RANK:] Warrior (Serves Warlord in battle)
[AGE:] 17
[GENDER:] Male
[HEIGHT:] 6'
[WEIGHT:] 180-185
[PERSONALITY:] Shiro is an intelligent albeit mischevious and somewhat lazy man. He is a capable warrior with and without is partner Pokemon, Anubis. Shiro is very loyal to his kingdom and warlord however he will refuse to serve others if it goes against his own goals or morals. Shiro is also very close with Anubis treating him much more like a friend rather than a pet.
[HISTORY:] Shiro was gifted Anubis as an infant. When he became of age Shiro left home to try and make a path for himself however he was unable to stay out of trouble and eventually became a thief. One day following one of his "jobs" he was found by a warrior and defeated. However, the warrior saw potential in Shoro and decided to train him to work for the kingdom. Shiro endured years of hard training alongside Anubis and his master before finally becoming a full-fledged warrior himself.
Species: Riolu
Type: Fighting
Ability: Inner Focus
Quick Attack
Hidden Power
Brick Break
PhotoAnimated Photo
Animated Photo
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+Aяιєттє Lєχαѕ-Ɛηιтαη​​

**[QUOTES:]** "Nothing wrong with a boy in a skirt, right?"
**[NAME:]** Ken'ichi "Ichi" Takeo
**[KINGDOM:]** Insentium
**[RANK:]** Warlord.
**[AGE:]** 16
**[GENDER:]** Male
His sexuality could be described by the best Pokemon Showdown gamemode.
"Anything Goes"
**[HEIGHT:]** 5'7, whatever that makes in cm
**[WEIGHT:]** 145 pounds
**[APPEARANCE:]** Not visible to be seen in the picture, he wears his hair in a ponytail.
**[PERSONALITY:]** Calm, quiet, yet can be aggressive on a few matters and dislikes rude people.
Larvesta (more like Larbesta)
Ability: Flame Body
-Flame Wheel
-String Shot
- -
**[HISTORY:]** Ichi was born to a royal family. He lived in a castle where men became warriors and warlords or scientists. Women naturally ended up with jobs to help Pokemon. All of Ichi's fate was planned for him as he grew up. He was meant to be a scientist whether he liked it or not. His brother was destined for the status of warlord and his sister, a Pokemon day care helper. However, one day, a new threat had arisen. Bug Pokemon suddenly became a lot more hostile, infected by some unknown illness. People and Pokemon started to battle it out. The royal family helped protect peasants and keep safe the Pokemon not infected by this new virus.

A few months into the whole ordeal, suddenly, during one of Ichi's trainings, a barrage of Pokemon started attacking the castle of his family. He and his mother hid. His brother, father and sister protected the castle, as well as peasants and knights did too.

That is, if there was much of a fight to be done at all. The Pokemon had an easy victory, mortally wounding, killing, or chasing off almost everyone in the whole area. Ichi, however, as well as a few others, stayed. He, over time, retrieved knowledge of fighting and science skills while scavenging the now empty castle. He knew, though, the outside, and even some parts of the castle were still swarmed with bug Pokemon. He found a way to get past this, though.

He learned the reason behind the "illness". The bug Pokemon's ruler, as in the Warlord, had been seen as a king or queen. However, Pokemon instincts kicked in and they started only listening to a real queen. Ichi learned this over the years. He took time to create a dress that attempted to convey a queenly aura. Alas, as he was the last person around, he had no other person to be the "queen", or newly Warlord, so he took it upon himself. Now, the wild Pokemon view him as a leader, protecting him. He was able to find an especially faithful newly born Pokemon after a while to call his partner. A Larvesta. However, as the walls were destroyed, merchants found their way into the kingdom, towns began to grow and such. Some sections of the area are closed off due to deadly toxins that require a mask similar to one of a plague doctor to traverse.

Ichi however, just likes traveling with his Larvesta.

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*「Theme Song:」*
>> Fakery Tale - Hatsune Miku []

>> "I hope the sun is shining tomorrow. That would be reason enough to smile."
>> "Mawile saved my life with a move I never knew she could learn. The hidden fangs of the Fairy type can be put to good use."

>> Shichika Ranbu [Meaning "Seven-flower Dance"]

>> Djinmintaqa, the Fairy Kingdom

>> Warlord

>> 21 years old

>> Female

*「Orientation/Relationship Status:」*
>> Pansexual [can't leave anyone out this year]; Single ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>> 5' 6"

>> 148 lb.

>> Shichika is a fairly tall woman, with straight-wavy, long hair. It's dyed pastel blue and pink, and flowers are woven into it, particularly seven large ones. She wears a headpiece that ends in a bow, similar to Sylveon's in design. Her bangs hang over her right eye and curl upward at the ends. She also always wears a lilac-colored bandanna.
>> Her raiment changes frequently as her wardrobe doesn't have the exact same articles of clothing; with a mild pastel-Gothic spin. However, she commonly wears a white/purple blazer, rolled up at the elbows. The Fairy type symbol is emblazoned on the back.

>> Shichika actually quite likes the outdoors and actively plays/trains with her Pokémon. Her personality is naturally mellow and caring, but she also reflects the personalities of her Pokémon, Mawile.
>> She knows how to survive in the wild on her own.
>> She tries to keep clean, as most fairy types are pale colors. She keeps above-average hygiene herself, and brushes her Pokémon when she can.

>> 1ST POKÉMON: Mawile; a cheeky Pokémon that tries their best. Normally focused on her training, but will let loose occasionally. Once they focus on something, Mawile will not stop until they have fulfilled their goal. They like it very much when Shichika brushes them and/or sings.
> Nature: Adamant
> Abilities: Intimidate
> Moveset:
- Fairy Wind [Fairy]
- Iron Head [Steel]
- Play Rough [Fairy]
- Fire Fang [Fire]

>> Early Life [Years 0-3]
Shichika did not grow up as the successor to the warlord position; her father, the warlord at the time, devoted his attention to strengthening the image of Djinmintaqa. Shichika's mother, a songstress and former noble, opposed this and attempted to move his focus back to the actual kingdom, which started to suffer the effects of his neglect. The two's initial love for each other dwindled as their opinions kept driving apart.
This hit an all-time low when the latter publicly and directly criticized the former for failing to attend to the kingdom he was trained to take responsibility of. Though she gained the support of the entire kingdom this way, the warlord was angered by the offense. Considering it a betrayal, he banished his wife and Shichika to the island within the large lake of northeast Djinmintaqa. Shichika's older brother by 2 years, Togame, was kept as their father's successor.
>> Island Life [4-18]
Shichika lived on the island for 10 years, isolated with her mother from the rest of Djinmintaqa. Her mother taught her to read and write, for she hoped that Shichika would be able to go back and save Djinmintaqa from descending into kingdomwide destruction. Shichika was taught her mother's ideals and songs, but died the day Shichika turned 14 due to a severe case of depression that arose as time went on in the island. Shichika knew how to survive on her own by then, and buried her mother behind the small cave they had taken refuge in.
Shichika would then continue to live on the island for another 4 years, singing the songs her mother taught her to cope with the new veil of loneliness the fell on her, and making up new ones as well. She had inherited her mother's soft voice and Shichika started to attract Pokémon whenever she sang. One Pokémon that stayed especially to hear her songs was a Mawile that started to follow her constantly; first behind trees, then inching closer and closer by the week until Shichika could directly speak to them and play with them. Mawile was considered her Pokémon from then on; Mawile slept in the bed that was once the place for Shichika's mother, ate the same berries and vegetation during mealtime. Shichika's mother emphasized etiquette in all of her basic life skill lessons.
>> Back to the Mainland [19]
A few months after Shichika turned 19, she saw her father clearly for the first time; when he traveled to the island to search for her and her mother. Forgetting momentarily who he was, Shichika mistook him for a hunter and ran off with Mawile when one of his crewmen spotted her. This pursuit continued for almost a week until she was finally cornered into a cave near the shore. The stone of the small cave was weak near the water; with the sailors piling in after her, the cave quickly gave way and started to collapse. Mawile, knowing the region well, led her out as safe as they could, with the sailors following as well as they could after they explained their intentions and who her father was. However, stalactites still fell, and as one almost hit and killed Shichika, Mawile thought fast and used Fire Fang to shatter the stalactite. Shichika has not forgotten this.
After exiting the cave, her father recounted what had happened after sending Shichika and her mother to the island. As the kingdom plummeted into poverty, they started to turn against the government. Togame, her brother, had been attacked once during his solitary training, but the warlord-in-coming did not think too much about it, using the same mindset as his father. The second time he was attacked was during the ceremony in which the current warlord - Shichika's father - would step down and Togame would rise to power; unfortunately, he was killed this time; the rebels had hidden as performers and got close enough to slit his throat. Shichika's mother had been right from the start.
However, Shichika had to break the news to him that he was too late if he had wanted to see his wife; she had died half a decade before. The real reason for his arrival to the island was to lift the ban from Shichika and her mother; the entire kingdom was excited for the latter to return especially.
When Shichika was re-dressed and returned to the mainland of Djinmintaqa, she became the next heir. The kingdom was heartbroken to hear that Shichika's mother had died during her time on the island.
>> Recent Events [20-21]
Shichika did not get the detailed training that Togame had gotten, as she needed to become warlord by the time she became an adult at 21; 2 years after coming back to the mainland. However, she had already learned much from her mother, and the plans she formed to bring Djinmintaqa back up as a kingdom were put into place by her father while he still had the power to issue such orders.
The ceremony for Shichika's stepping-up was similar to Togame's stepping-up; once again with performers who could easily kill the successor is they chose. Her father opposed this at first, but Shichika reasoned that the rebels would not attack if the government was willing to trust their people even after Togame's assassination. The ceremony went smoothly ads she had thought, and Shichika became the next warlord of Djinmintaqa.
Shichika and her father went back to the island twice to pay respects to her mother. 2 weeks after the second visit, her father died peacefully in his sleep. In his will, he had asked to be buried next to Shichika's mother, on the island. Shichika dug the grave and buried him herself, as she had with her mother.

[+Drew Prentice]

When can we start actually rping?

>> Djinmintaqa [Djin(n): a genie or fairy] [-mintaqa: land, territory]

>> Fairy-type, hard-to-pronounce-name-type

*「Location Number:」*
>> 8

>> Shichika Ranbu

*「Kingdom Description:」*
> Smack in the middle of the Omoui region, the kingdom's great plains allow for excellent agricultural advancement and showcase open fields of wildflower and tall grass. Crop rotation was a plan that Shichika had issued in order to further the agricultural quality; so fewer people would go hungry.
> The river that runs to the oversized lake [the one that appears to look like Jirachi's right eye] is actually a fjord, making the lake a large tarn. Mining was considered a common job if one lived near the mountains.
> The island within the tarn is uninhabited. An abandoned citadel lies on the island, and it is said to be the original palace of Djinmintaqa, before the capital was moved to the mainland.
> The entrance to Djinmintaqa by the river is up the river and to the right side of the lake. There, a north gate and a south gate are visible; the south gate is for tourism and returning travelers, and the north gate is for business and land travel.
> Speaking of land travel, as Djinmintaqa is in the dead center of the Omoui region, another chunk of its economy relies on interkingdom trade, as well as supply transportation. In populated cities like Balsam and Ocris Luen [the capital], their commercial areas are quite expansive. Interkingdom trade was not considered an option until Shichika had come back.

*「Arena Description:」*
>> Ocris Luen is not only the name of the capital, it is also the name of the new citadel. Within the heart of the citadel grounds, Ocris Luen encircles, but does not actually take up space in a larger circular area. This area is the garden; it serves as a walkway to each wing within Ocris Luen. There is a polished statue of one of the Tapus at each wing entrance.
>> Within the garden, there is a large spherical greenhouse. It sports a polished statue of Xerneas and Diancie in the middle, but the greenhouse also serves the purpose of the actual arena. Warlords directing their Pokémon are to stay on the outside; for Fairy-type attacks can rebound if they if they miss their target and hit the glasslike walls of the greenhouse, or the surface of Xerneas' statue. Moves using other types will not do damage or rebound off of the statues, however.

[+Drew Prentice]

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Thank you so much I hope to have fun roleplaying here. I don't know a whole lot about the updates of Pokémon due to my lack of 3ds and such so expect me to ask a ton of questions.


I'll delete this when I post my profile

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“If I don’t have the strength to rule over my people, I don’t deserve to be the one ruling them.”

Due to his Stoneborn nationality, he lacks a surname.


Warlord; or “Suzerain”, according to Stoneborn culture.

A meager 16 years of age.
Nowhere near

Male, though he can pass for a female should he try.



Approximately 123lbs.
A satisfying value.

With soft features, and a thin build, Serreno is quite androgynous; until he opens his mouth or takes off his shirt. Like his features, his voice is soft, but undoubtedly male. Due to Stoneborn lifestyle being a more laborious one, Serreno has a well toned, but not chiseled build; comparable to that of a dancer or runner.
Long locks of dishevelled, muddy brown hair adorn his head. The spikes on his head start around the top right side of his head, due to him sleeping on his right side; and he never bothers to brush it, instead running his hands through it on rare occasion. Even when he does, he parts it in a manner that simply exaggerates the spikes.
He tends to go shirtless, due to Nascalithis' heat. Whenever he does bother with clothing, he usually wears a loose-fitting tanktop, with a hooded rawhide vest, and harem pants.

Serreno has low self-esteem, and a bad habit of looking at things from the worst-case scenario, meaning he is not optimistic in the slightest sense; though he tries to compensate for it with a tough facade. He holds his Aron dear, though he isn’t a very strong trainer, nor the best fighter. As a result, he deems himself unfit to be Warlord; believing he’ll need at least another “lifetime” of training to even be close to ready. In spite of this outlook, he is a quick learner, readily adapting to circumstances. While he doesn’t see himself fit to be Suzerain, he still tries.
Due to childhood trauma, he is pyrophobic to the point where he’s become mostly vegetarian; and he requests any cooking to be done away from him, and one of his first requests as Warlord was to have an electric stove imported for himself. He also wears a single feather earring, a symbol that represents Suzerain status in Nascalithis.

Type: Steel/Rock
Ability: Sturdy
Hidden Ability: Heavy Metal
⠐Rock Smash
⠐Rock Climb
⠐[To be chosen at a later level.]
⠐[To be chosen at a later level.]

Serreno never expected to become Suzerain. While he was part of the family, his Uncle was Suzerain, and his cousin, Cerotto, was the next in line to rule. Neither Serreno nor Cerotto had any siblings, and they were the only two children of the family’s current generation. As a result, they played together often as children, and were best friends. Serreno never felt very close to his parents, however, nor anyone else, really; until he and Cerotto began aiding with underground labor. The two found an Aron while searching for water, eating iron from a nearby vein. The pair worked together to appeal to the Pokemon, mining for extra iron, and then feeding the Aron. This continued for a bit less than a week, before it finally began to follow them around. The Aron preferred Cerotto; so it usually went home with him after the friends parted ways, though it occasionally snuck into Serreno’s house during the night.
When Serreno was 11, he woke up in the dark hours of the morning after hearing some kind of ruckus. He assumed it was the Aron, and went to investigate, only to find his mother on the floor, unconscious, and his father standing next to her. He claimed it was the work of a home intruder, but such people were rare in Nascalithis, as it was easy to figure out who was responsible for crimes within Tūn; and Serreno knew better. The next day, his mother was taken away to be hospitalized, and his father was no longer allowed to go near their home; even having to end up moving to another Tūn. It didn’t bother Serreno, however, as he was now under his uncle, the Suzerain’s care; and he was now living with Cerotto and the Aron.
However, Serreno was now 14, and Cerotto 18. While Cerotto was learning to become a leader throughout his childhood, he now had to prioritize his education. Due to this, Cerotto was short on free time, as he had to get serious about his position as heir to Suzerainty. During this time, Cerotto decided it would be best for Aron to learn Rock-Smash and Rock-Climb, due to the two moves being quite useful in the Stoneborn Arena. While Serreno was now lonely, as his two comrades were now busy learning, and training, his solidarity simply encouraged him to treasure the time he had with his friends even more.
A year passed, and Cerotto’s father was finally considering stepping down, and allowing Cerotto to rise to the position of Suzerain. A festival was held to commemorate Cerotto’s coming of age, and during it, he and Serreno ran off, down into the mines where they first found Cerotto’s Aron; for old-time’s sake. The mine had gone much deeper over the past few years, and the duo intended to relive their childhood adventures in the new, deeper levels. While their eyes were used to low-light, they eventually had to use a torch to continue, as the electric lights did not run the full way down. While they reminisced about their previous underground adventures, and compared them to their current one, they couldn’t help but notice a strange smell. They were very deep underground, so they were expecting to find something strange; and shrugged it off. Before the scent could get any stronger, they eventually decided that they should start heading back to the surface, as they had been travelling down for what felt like nearly two hours.
Their decision was supported by the roar of an angry Pokemon, whose territory they had likely trespassed on. As the duo and their Pokemon ran for the surface, they reached a three-way fork in the tunnels. On the far right was the tunnel they used to get down, and it now had an angry Golem blocking it, and so Cerotto darted down the furthest tunnel to the left. Serenno followed, but Aron went for the middle path; separating the duo from the only thing they had that could defend them.
The Pokemon did not pursue, however; and the duo found themselves in a dark clearing that smelled strongly of whatever it was they smelled earlier. Serreno dropped their torchlight during their escape, so he worked to light another, while Cerotto looked around. There was a splash, and a curse, as Cerotto fell into some kind of puddle. Serreno laughed, but was interrupted by Cerotto yelling; and so he lit the torch hastily, dropping it; thus birthing his pyrophobia. Cerotto didn’t yell in pain, or to warn Serreno of an incoming angry Pokemon. He yelled because the smell, and the puddle he was in, were both raw oil; and Serreno just dropped an open, dancing flame into it. Everything after that was a hot flash, and Serreno found himself waking up in his Tūn. There wasn’t enough left of Cerotto to rescue, let alone become Suzerain.
And it was Serreno’s fault.
While the current Suzerain was horrified, and mourning the loss of his son and heir, Serreno was devastated. Not only did he lose his best friend, but his kingdom lost their next Suzerain; and it was his own mistake that caused it. An heir was still needed though, as the current Suzerain was old, and weary; even suspected of succumbing to senility. As a result, Serreno was obligated to take up Cerotto’s position; however, Cerotto had years of preparation. Serreno had less than a month, as the current Suzerain succumbed to a heart attack around a week after the death of his son. Due to the timeframe, and the fact that his son died the day before he was to become Suzerain, it was likely stress-induced.
The only people left in the bloodline were Serreno and his parents. His mother was unfit to rule, due to “drinking” issues, and his father was nowhere to be found; and so the responsibility fell upon Serreno. He had no experience with anything related to leadership, as he always assumed he would be Cerotto’s right-hand man, and as a result Nascalithis received their youngest Suzerain, as well as their worst.
Serreno knew nothing about leading, or managing a kingdom. While this initially was not a problem, as the Tūns are autonomous, Serreno still had much to learn; and when his duties as ruler were finally needed to solve issues between Tūns, manage the mines and land, and address other social problems, he was at a loss. So far, under Serreno’s rule, two entire Tūns were lost to resource depletion; which could have been avoided if Serreno came to their aid, not necessarily in person, but at least through acts that would have supplied them with more, or charters for expansion. Many other minor issues have arisen under Serreno, and he has yet to address any of them, draining his confidence, as well as support from his people; with no one willing to stand by him aside from Cerotto’s Aron.
Due to this, Serreno is on the hunt for a successor to take his place; or at least someone capable of aiding him in learning how to become the leader Nascalithis needs.

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I can't tag anyone send help
kind of a wip but she's a complete character, I just might change the design
"Be patient. If we do not prepare ourselves, we will surely lose. I won't allow that to happen."
"I pray that the odds will be in our favor."
"We have nothing to fear. They are merely stronger than us, but we are by far smarter."
"I hate surprises..."
**[NAME:]** Mieko Amai
**[KINGDOM:]** Divinus
**[RANK:]** Warlord
**[AGE:]** 18 years old (Birthday: August 13th)
**[GENDER:]** Female
**[HEIGHT:]** 5'5"
**[WEIGHT:]** 119 pounds
**[APPEARANCE:]** (I might change this later, and I'm DEFINITELY changing the outfit btw)
Mieko has very messy hair just a little past shoulder length, dark purple in color. Her eyes are a soft lavender. She has pale skin, due to how she was never outside much, and a pretty face. She has a teardrop shaped birthmark on her face. Though her chest is on the small side, she has very wide hips.
Mieko has a stoic nature, and is a born leader. She seems fearless. She is an expert at strategizing and analyzing. She plans out her every move, and is extremely organized. She has big dreams for her kingdom, and will stop at nothing to achieve them. However, because she is a perfectionist, she accomplishes things at a slow rate because she feels the need to be much more prepared than she actually needs to be. She is easily swayed by the feelings of others and is socially awkward when she isn't talking about things related to her kingdom. She refuses to take orders from anyone, and will not allow anyone to make her decisions for her. She has very high standards due to how she's been treated for her entire life.
Despite how it is nicknamed "Ume", which is a feminine name, it is male.
He is almost the polar opposite of Mieko. Ume is a mischievous and impulsive little pokemon, who often gets himself into trouble. However, he does know when to quit... Just doesn't know how to get himself out of all the trouble he's caused. He is very independent and hates being told what to do, so he doesn't always listen to commands.  He has that in common with Mieko.
They are surprisingly close despite their differences.
Ability: Own Tempo
Moves: Calm mind (tm), covet, confusion, light screen
Mieko was born to the former warlord of Divinus, a kind but very strict man, and an often sickly woman. The people of Divinus all seemed to love her, declaring that she has some sort of hidden supernatural power, and that she is destined for greatness. They say this was "proven" by how she managed to befriend an Espurr when she was just a little girl. Espurr are apparently incredibly rare, and actually befriending one is said to be near impossible. After seeing this, Mieko's father decided that she would make a better leader than he ever was. He then spent the rest of his time as warlord training his daughter to become the best leader their kingdom will ever have. He had extremely high standards for her, and would often expect too much from her. She felt like she was letting her father and her kingdom down when she didn't meet his expectations, so she spent almost all of her time working to meet them. She never saw this treatment as unfair, as she was willing to do the work if it meant she'd make her people proud.
It did all pay off, though. On her eighteenth birthday, her father stepped down from his position as warlord. Mieko has been doing very well as warlord so far, and has big plans for her kingdom. Her people seem to worship her, and she loves them more than anything.
Mieko is determined to become the best leader the Omoui region has ever seen. 
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