I have advertised this community around some ace sites.  Hopefully some people will be joining us soon

Hey everyone feel free to introduce yourselves and what type of relationship you are looking for and such.  I am Stacie.... I turned 36 in Dec and I live in SW missouri.  I have never been married.. I am of course asexual (I dont have sex and not interested in it).  I am looking for a Man.. Age is not extremely important.  I am looking for someone who does not drink or smoke and who does not use drugs... very important.  Also I need a man who was never married and who does not have kids.   As of now I am living with my folks in a small type town.  I lost my job awhile back and I am currently unemployed and looking so please be understanding.  I also have a thyroid disorder (underactive).  My life is anything but what is considered normal but I bet we can all say that
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