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We are using video for administrators to practice evaluating teachers.  It certainly helps when we can't get in the classrooms together.

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Great strategies for using Google Hangout in a school as an administrator and for teachers.  Busy parents can connect without coming to the building and students might have more access to their teachers and administrators during the school day.

Hi all, are we all supposed to hangout by today as a group?  I haven't been able to connect with anyone at this point.  Sorry I missed Laura and Barbara yesterday.  Anyone hanging out today?

Anyone up for a hangout tonight or any night this week?

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With the rapid change in education, this is something all districts need to note. Administrators must keep teachers motivated and encourage so that they can continue to weather the storm of educational reform. 
Teachers get discouraged when there is not a chance that they can achieve what they are being asked to do, writes retired teacher Laurie Barnoski in today's Commentary. She provides six suggestions for administrators to help them encourage teachers.

What other suggestions would you add to her list? 

Hey does anyone want to hangout today? I am available whenever. 

This is a very important concept that we should all be mindful of as we direct teachers in this current teacher-bashing culture of educational reform.  Thank you Laura.

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Like the title...I have to disagree with one point-- technology is not changing on a daily basis, it is changing by the hour!

I am very interested in the number of people in the Cohort who have met with technology resistance ias they try to institute Web Literacy n their schools and am wondering if a mini-session or a break-out on this topic would be beneficial for us as a "closure" activity to Cybernetic Research.  Perhaps we could shorten our presentations by a minute or two each and use the extra time to investigate why this is happening and brainstorm what we might do to respond proactively towards breaking down barriers.  Thoughts?

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Really like and agree with all six-- thought this was good info.
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