Strange playing MW3 campaign, Battlefield 4 seems better, as I felt restricted to follow down a narrow corridor, to the end, however spec ops and survival will always be the highlight, dlc is a rip off tho at £9.99 each collection

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Xbox has released the releas date for Watchdogs a few hours early along with a new trailer.

Personally I'm not too excited about this game but as always will be happy to be proved wrong. 

Looks like they have stop them deals we had for a week last week, bought Batman Arkham City which is turning into a good game especially for £3.74

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Live Store Deals

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We had some great submissions for our latest #CaptionThis, but Gavin S. takes the top spot!

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New Transformers Game?

Missing everyone, it would be good to get back into the wonderful world of xboxfriends again

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Just try and watch this without laughing.

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The Walking Dead - Season Two

So is every one who got an Xbone happy with it? What games did you get? Anyone having troubles? I'm still holding out untill first half of next year? I'm hearing very mixed things.
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