Please add an option to disable the app returning to the recently played list after picking a song or a playlist. Makes it frustrating to test songs.

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Hey, dunno if thats my phone or firetube but I have those problems:
1) repeat button constantly forgets it's state and is switched off
2) After song ends, if phones screen is off, very often firetube doesn't start playing next song, all I have to do is wake screen up (don't even unlock) and next song starts playing. Was not happening last summer! Now with bluetooth speaker firetube is pretty useless for me because of this! :(
I have oneplus 3t with latest oficial updates (Android 8.0.0)

No carga los videos se queda trabado

No carga la música desde hace unos días 18/02/2018

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For over a year Hebrew is no longer supported in the app. I added screenshots of the issue
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I just noticed that we can import our YouTube playlists, that's awesome!! It perfectly matches my usage, thank you!

FireTube v1.4.7 is now available for download with support for the new YouTube APIs. Thank you to everyone who notified me about the outage and your continued support.

In addition to hosting the APK on, I'll also begin hosting the APK on Google Drive again.

Not loading any songs as of this morning!! Uk
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