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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e bundle, free shipping, all brand new and still in the plastic. $115. Super Out of Print.

Core box
Creature Vault
Player Vault
Creature Guide

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Judge's Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition - Brand new and beautiful from the Kickstarter. This thing is incredible, but huge. Third picture is a size reference. I love this and would keep it if A) I could afford to, and B) had a big enough office for sweet books of this size. $170 shipped in the original boxes. One just sold on ebay for 225.

Also, prices lowered on:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e Core - $48

Children of the Horned Rat - $58
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+Dorian Knight​ has the good stuff!
I'm moving soon and tired of hauling Rubbermaid boxes full of RPG books that I don't have time to play. All books are in great condition unless noted. Books will ship from 01810 zip code and buyer pays shipping. I use PayPal for all transactions, and will ship the same day or the next. I can be contacted via email at twentysider at gmail dot com. Here we go:

Warhammer 40k Fantasy Flight Games -
$30 Deathwatch (small ding on front left cover) I will include all supplements I have for an addtional $20 (5 addtional books)
SOLD $30 Only War
$30 Black Crusade

Cthulutech - All books $20 but all 5 for $80
Cthulutech core book
Ancient Enemies
Burning Horizon
Unveiled Threats
Vade Mecum

4th Edition D&D - 17 books including: entire lot $150
All PHBs (3), all MM (3), DMG, plus...
Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Darksun, and Neverwinter campaign guides
Shadowfell, Feywild, and Elemental Chaos Player Options
Secrets of the Astral Sea

End of the World: Zombie Apocapypse $20

D20 Modern & D20 Future (small ding back right cover) both for $40

The gem of my collection -

Dune RPG $200 obo

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hopefully you can find a home for these excellent games!

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Vampire Dark Ages Transylvania Chronicles #1 & #4. Some highlighting in TC #1 (see picture).

Both for free with the cost of $6 shipping.
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Just got back in town and opened a package from +Jay Hassan​. In addition to the usual impeccable packaging, he also included a free item of the highest quality. 10/10 would warhammer again. 

I'm looking to rebuild my collection of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition from Fantasy Flight games. I'm regretting that I sold my stash several months ago. I've managed to get the core set, Edge of night, Player's vault, GM Vault, Monster Vault all at pretty good prices off Amazon. I'd like to get my hands on all the core boxes : Lure of Power, Faiths, Omens of War, etc as well as the Adventurer's toolkit and GM toolkit (with screen). The hardbacks wouldn't be bad either! I'm looking to purchase or trade over time as I can't afford a huge lot buy right now so if any of you folks have 1 or 2 of the items I'm looking for?

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+Gilbert Isla​ has come through with a monstrous stack of Horrors! Well packed Horrors! 
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Decipher Star Trek

Player's Guide $30
Narrator's Screen (in shrink wrap) $30
Narrator's Guide $60
Starships $60 (sale pending)

+US Media Shipping.

All in like new condition. Never played. Non-smoking household.


Thanks to +Dan Domme​for the quick delivery and solid packing job!

Thanks to +Jay Hassan for another delivery of cool stuff. The books arrived in pristine condition and faster than I expected. Cheers, Jay!
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