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Try out MULTI SCAN feature on OfficeLens Beta app
Step 1 : Join this community
Step 2 : Enroll as beta user here
Step 3 : Install app from Play store

My app doesnt even open anymore. It keeps crashing. For som reason I get the message about it crashing every time I open my hotmail too?
Really annoying since it is a great and useful app when it works. Have tried to reinstall it a couple of times but it makes no difference.

The ability to scan multi-page documents is a big step forward. It's only taken two years to achieve what other apps have been able to do for ages.

Saving scans is unacceptably clunky and not straightforward. Why isn't it easier to choose the location to save to? Surely this is basic!

Also, why should I be limited to OneDrive as a cloud storage location (this with Office360 subscription)? In common with many other people I use Dropbox daily for business and it should be possible to save direct to Dropbox and Google Drive without having to go through intermediate steps.

This still only merits 3 stars at the moment, but well done for finally responding to what the market demands. Unfortunately other apps still do it better.

I'd like to be able to select which folder I want to save scanned documents to

Hi folks, do you need any image edit options on the app?

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Errors during save is reported by 3-5 users. Did you also face any issues while saving or uploading images? Please use comments for any detailed responses.
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Yes, with paid business account
Yes, with free Microsoft account
No, with paid business account
No, with free Microsoft account

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The Hong Kong ID card is made of plastic. The surface is reflective. I turned on the torch mode at the flashlight button. I have got a reflection covering the words on the card. How could I remove the reflection to show the words?

I was turning on the flashlight to avoid the shadow of my hand showing up in the photo. One solution would be relocating the card for better lighting. But I would like to take this photo on my desk for privacy.

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How satisfied are you with the scan quality of Office Lens ?
Kindly explain in detail if needed in the comments.
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Very satisified
Less than satisfied
Not satisfied

After last update the camera of this app got dark and so the documents that I shoot how to fix it?

Hi Folks,

Office Lens has been updated !

In this release, we have improved our sign in experience, fixed bugs and improved reliability of the app.

Now, you do not have to go through manual sign in process on Office Lens. If you are signed in on any of the Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote), you should be automatically signed into Office Lens.

Please reach out to us if you face any sign in issues or other bugs.
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