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Hi everyone!

We have updated #OfficeLens Beta app with some new features:
1. Annotate photos with text of different text styles and colors (Rolling feature)
2. Bug fixes and performance improvements

Please update your app now to try and let us know your feedback.

To get the latest build:
Step 1 : Join this community
Step 2 : Enroll as beta user here
Step 3 : Install app from Play store

Aplicativo para digitalizar fotos

Why when scanning business cards can't we store VCFs on OneDrive - the only options we get are OneNote or Gallery... This would enable us to set up a Flow which would then open up a whole host of opportunities for us to import the information in to Outlook and Dynamics or Dynamics via Outlook. A lot of people have been asking for this functionality - lots of people still use business cards out there.

If I remember correctly there used to be an adaptive icon, why was this removed and when will it return?

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+Office Lens Android You asked me to create a video of the heavy delay between <My Files> and [File Picker presentation]. This video shows me hitting <My Files> at 0:18 and the picker showing up at 0:35.

I'm using OL4A V 16.0.10928.20005

Can you please add the feature for the flash mode to remain in torch mode across multiple document scans?

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Thats how my scans look after uploading to OneDrive, also upload is very weird and slow, every next update app is getting worse.
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I have a terrible rating on the play store. Copypaste:
This app simply doesn't LET YOU SAVE. you can only share links that LET YOU VIEW , NO SAVING. @microsoft, please , use data science to weed out those incompetent workers.

MS asked and post here. The app is so bad that I will not put in a single unincentivized second of work into helping a billion dollar corp build software that doesn't pass the simplest user story / behaviour driven test.

The app keeps on relaunching itself. It was fine earlier but the latest version is not working.
I have a Nokia 8 with Android 8.1

Bonjour depuis quelques semaines suite à une mise à jour d'Android sur mon Sony Xperia XM Premium la prise de photo et son découpage se passent bien, mais ensuite l'enregistrement prend un temps fou (plusieurs minutes !!!) le blocage se produit au moment où je demande la sauvegarde... Le passage à l'écran où sont listés les fichiers récents ne se fait pas avant une ou deux minutes... Vraiment très gênant ! Merci de votre retour
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